Monday, November 24, 2008

It wasn´t fun to drive home today. Not that I didnt want to, but it has been snowing so much today. At least ten centimeters had fallen down when I drove home and that since nine o clock this morning. But I drove home 45minutes earlier than normal, so that I could be in the middle of the road and have the same distans to both roadedges. When I looked at the weatherforcast early this morning, they said that only the eastcost should have snow today. Apparently Gothenburg (the biggest city on the westcoast) is located on the eastcoast nowdays, because I heard that it snowed there too :-) I will get my wintertires on Wednesday and then it will become warm again :-)

It´s white everywhere now. But on wednesday it will become warm again. Thats swedish winter.

I picked some seeds from my Lilium formosanum var. pricei this weekend. They were a little wet, so I sowed them immediately. I think their Swedish name is Little trombonelilly. It´s the only bulb I know that can bloom the same year that it´s sown. I will put them in my cold cellar so they dont germinate to soon, because they dont ned cold to germinate.

I have sown the seeds from the lilly and now I will put it in my cold cellar so it wont germinate to early. This link will show You how the lily looks:

The radiator in my bathroom is broken. If theres one place I really want it to be warm in, it´s in my bathroom, but not anymore. Sure theres plusdegrees in there and when it´s a fire in the stove it´s nice and comfortable. But I don´t long to take a shower there, after work, when it´s only thirteen degrees. So the first thing I have to do when I come home is to start a fire and then I write my blog so it can be nice and warm in there. Thank Good that the taxrefounds soon will come :-)
Have a nice day!

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