Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Just snow.

I hade to try three times befor I was able to get out from the garage this morning. It has come two decimeters whith snow here and there was also half a meter of snow after scraping the road just outside my garage. Since I didn´t want to shovel snow that early in the morning, I had to back out as fast as I could. I almost went down into the cattle egret on the first two tries, two mwters below :-) I should probably not have driven into the garage today, because there will be freezing rain tonight. Well the worst thing that can happen is that they have to pull my car upp tomorrow whith a tractor :-)

It´s easy to locate bigger villages just by looking at the night sky. This is the light from the village "Gudhem" (Good home if You translate it) that shows in the night sky.

I got a really good picture of the last shred of daylight. It´s possible to take fun pictures whith a mobilephone.
My car will get its wintertires tomorrow, not a day to early i can say. The place I´m leaving my car at, lies just some hundred meters from work. So I just leave it there when I´m going to work and pick it up when I´m going home. It can´t be more practical than that. We are planning the winterleave at work now. We must get all vacationdays and comphours together. So now I´m just longing to almost three weeks when I wont do anything else than be lazy and enjoy my self. It´s nice to spoil my dogs whith more time too. Because if I´m going to be honest, we spend more time avake at the job than we do at home every week.

The different rhododendrons has different ways to cope whith the cold weather. This Yakusimanumhybrids leafs reallr curls.

But this Catawbiensehybrid dont curl it leafs espesially much. This one is hardier than the one above

Talking about my dogs. We took a walk in the dark a moment ago. Desoipte of all snow it was pitch dark outside. It wasn´t a good idea to walk thru the cattle egret when I have a leg that doesn´t work properly. Sometimes i went thru snowdrifts that were half a meter high :-) But I can´t say that I didn´t enjoy it, even if it took half an hour longer than ususal :-) Guess whos going to sleep like a log tonight :-)
Have a nice day!

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