Saturday, November 22, 2008

I really don´t like snow, but theres one advantage whith it. You can see the animaltracks so much better than usual. There weren´t a lot of them wondering around tonight, but I could see a few tracks anyway. Deer, hare, squirrel, black grouse (I think it was that anyway), some kind of mouse and fox was what I could discern. The fox had followed the haretracks in all its turns and jumps. Normally my dogs are blessed whtih joy when the first snow comes, but today it seemed like they didn´t care at all. My cats followed us on our walk and they didn´t like the snow either, but follow us on our walk, they would in any case.

An untouched layer of snow. The best place to see animaltracs.

Bertil had to come ofcourse, and his brother

Teodor too.

We went down to the river, that leads to the cranlake. When does a river becom a river and not beeing a creek? I would call this river a creek, because it´s not very big. Anyway, we went on the path that goes along with the river. It´s so peacefull in there and that path is a favourite in springtime. Anemones and violets bloom along the whole path. It also grows Solomons seal there nowdays. I discovered it last spring, wonder how it came there? Birddroppings perhaps?

But Teodor likes to sit on my shoukder and check the surroundings :-) Not to comfortable for me though :-)
The sun was shining and one could do nothing else than enjoy life. Once back I started a fire in the kitchen stove and brewed a pot of tea. Later in the afternoon came clouds and whith them a little more snow. Belive that we hade som plusdegrees in the afternoon as well.
Have a nice day.

The river, but You must agree whith me when I say it´s a creek?

The path isn´t big and sometimes it´s just centimeters from the river.

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