Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A challange.

A couple of weeks ago I got a challenge from a bloggfriend. I should tell You seven things about myself. It can be ordinary, strange or funny things.
Lets see what I can tell You about me then:

1: They discovered me when my mother had a miscarrige whith my two-egg twin. Befor that she did not even know that she was pregnant :-)

2: When I did my military service, I was about nineteen years old, did I get a gigantic abcess just over the caudal vertebra. An interesting fakt in itselve. But what they took out in sergery was infakt the residues of what would have been my identical twin. Whith other words, I should really had become a triplet if everything had gone as it should. I dont know if the world could have managed that :-)

3: When I was young they wanted me to sing in the Cathedral boy´s choir. I can´t remember myself why I refused, but I´ve heard I did that because I wasent allowed to singing behind a pillar :-) Not the same personallity now as then. Nowdays I love to be seen and heard :-)

4: Swedish television followed me when I started my gardencenter. There were no problems being filmed, until I looked into the cameralens. Then it felt like I died inside. Suddenly I understood what I was doing :-) Two women followed me everywhere. They even succeded to get in to Volvo, despite filmingban (because a new motor was started to be built then). Rumers says that they even phoned the Vice president of Volvo to get permission. Everyone in Volvo Skövde new who I was after that :-)

5: I´m afraid of Stickinsects. I got one many years ago. It was only four centimeters long. It lived in a big empty aquarium. Suddenly it became over thirty centimeters long and got a millon kids. The whole appartement was filled by the little creatures. Thank Good for winter. Open windows for twentyfour houres killed everyone, including all pottplants. I have no problems to se them in a aquarium, but if they take them out I will leave :-)

6: Have a tendensy to fall of my bycicle when I´m out cykling. When I was young and cykled over 250 kilometers a week, did I fall of at least once a week. I have also a tendensy to tare of raer-view mirrors when I´m driving my car. Mostly when I revers :-)

7: I, like most of my family, am often lost when I´m driving. We have no sence of direktion. I can tell You that it doesn´t help that I have a roadmap printed 1963. There are villages in that map that doesn´t exist anymore. But I usually see a lot of Sweden while driving :-)
Have a nice day!

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