Sunday, November 23, 2008

How You think before and after moving to the countryside.

Have You ever thought of how different You look at things at different times in life? Like before You move to the countryside and after? This is about how I see it, befor and after

A small "Japanese raisintree". I´m not shure it´s hardy here, so it has to spend winter in my cold cellar.

For example roads:
That hole in the road has been there a couple of years now, but they who lives in the countryside are used to it and knows best where to drive elsewhere. They don´t have the same stress to do things here.
Oh its like driving on a washingboard on this gravelroad, but that doesn´t matter. What does it doe if the suspension has to work a little?

You do look at it in a different way when You live here in the countryside:
haven´t they fixed that bloody hole yet? Theres not a road around here whithout big holes in it. What if I´m thinking of something else one day and the tire goes down in it? Probably the bloody tire will bee torn of then!
When will they ever scrape this bloody gravelroad, my car shakes to peaces. Cant have much suspension left now!

A small Cornus that has to do the same the first winter here in "Little Sibiria".

Isn´t it funny how tourists just stops at this highway, throw themselves out of the car just to se that Crane? They should just know that theres a couple of thousands of them just some hundre meters further away. Just luck that they don´t get hit by any cars!

Those bloody idiots! Stop in the middle of the road just to look at a bloody Crane! Theres millions of them further away. I really should hit one of them whith the car, just so they learn!

This Cydonia has alredy been planted in my garden. Just hope it will be a mild winter.

Yes it´s long to the busstop and the busses don´t go too often. But here on the countyside they all think about that, so they always have cars that works.

Bloody car that wont start! 45 minutes walk to the busstop also. It will probably take an hour after I get there before the bloody bus goes anyway. Just as well taje the day of then. I wonder if I have comphours to take from?

Wild geraniums are like weeds sometime. The seeds start to germinate everywhere it falls. In this pot the original Begonia has died and the geranium has taken its place.

Yeah, it's a long distans to the store, but people plan so much better when they live here, so that´s not a problem. Theres only the gasstation that has opend at night and thats twenty kilometers away. But thats no problem, it´s so nice to see the surroundings one more time.

Shit! I don´t have ketchup ore tomatoe sauce to my bolognaise. Five minutes untill they close the store ten kilometers away. Twenty to the gasstation, that is expensive ketchup that. Further more, I´ll probably hit that bloody hole and rips of the tire on my way there. After that I probably hit a bloody German tourist, that has to see the bloody Cranes, at the same time. Nah, I´ll make hamburgers instead.
Have a nice day!

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