Monday, August 3, 2009

This is the closest we´ll come to the sun today. Hevy rains and thunder is closing in now.

The whole country will get sunny and warm today, the whole country but that little part where I live :-) We will get rain and thunder. But they say that it´ll come to us on wednesday instead. More and more of us nowdays don´t belive what the swedish weather forcast is saying any more, they did promise sun and warmth already this saturday and that was really wrong :-) So now we all go on the net to see what the norwegian weather forcast say, they are usually right.

As You can see I really need the pump and filter to be going in my pond if I want clean water :-) I had to fill up with some soil because I had plants that weren´t to happy to stay in their pots. But the area around the pond will become much bigger when finished.

Now I´ll have to find bigger stones and perhaps buy some mangrove roots to cover the rubber carpet.

My dog Erna is doing fine! The swelling is slowly, slowy getting smaller. I don´t think that she got to much poison in her when the snake bit her and her back medicine probably helps with keeping the swelling down. But I do have troubles forcing her to stay at home when we´re taking our morning walk. She doesn´t understand why she can´t follow us.

This is one of those flies that I hate so much, we call it forest fly. They don´t bite though, just irritate as much as they can :-) I´ve never realised how hairy they actully are.

The Cinnamon rose still gives me a flower or two.

Scientist says the a big chunk of an glacier on Greenland will get loose and drift away into the ocean. If I understand things correct this part already is in the ocean and wount effect the water level when melting. But they say that they have found new cirkulations with warmer water benieth it and that these are melting the ice faster than usual. Wasn´t it the scientists that told us that the Gulf stream would dissapere,when all the cold melt water from Greenland started comming when the glaciers started melting faster?? Looks as though they weren´t that right then :-) and I that thought scientists always new what they were talking about :-) :-) :-)

And so does the Japanese rose (Rosa rugosa). This one will later give big and red fruits.

Sorbaria sorbifolia, False spirea. Don´t plant this if You don´t want it to spread everywhere. My neighbour has it and because of that so do I :-)

Now I only have four days left of my vacation, including today. After that we wount have any holidays until Christmas. The few holidays that there is are placed on sturdays and sundays, so if I still am working on weekends I´ll be one of the few that will be able to enjoy them. Next time we´ll celebrate anything will be at December thirteenth, Saint Lucias day. She is the only catholic saint we celebrate here in Sweden, since we mostly are Lutheran protestants here. But we have a growing population with catholics and muslims nowdays, so perhaps we can borrow some of their holidays? :-) We really need a holiday during our long, dark and cold autumn.

Colutea arborescens, Bladder senna. It has had big troubles surviving here, but the three last winters has been mild so now it´s really big.

I wount do anything special today, even if Erna is getting better I want to keepeye on her today too. But tomorrow I´ll x-ray my hips and my left knee again. Lets hope that they are bad enough to do something about them now. Well the kne can wait i think, I don´t know how long it´ll take for it too heal if they operate on that at the same time as my hip. After the x-ray I´ll go and check if they have any engine powered lawn mowers on sale yet, I´m going to need one later this autumn. Perhaps I´ll remeber to buy hoses for the pond pump and pond filters too :-)

Have a great day now, I will!

Astrantia major, Master wort.


Zoey and Me said...

Goodness. All of a sudden that pond looks like a pond. Teddy did a good job. Now get the pump so we can see the clear water. And how 'bout the fish? They are starting to get cold fins. Those flower photos are excellent this morning christer. Very nice! Thanks. And three cheers for Erna!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Z&M!
Yes You´re right, it does looke much more like a pond when the peat blocks are placed around it. Now I only have to do the rest of the digging, don´t think Teo will help with that (unless he´s planning touse the area as a toilett ofcourse :-) )

I´ll try to get what I need to start the pump tomorrow, it all depends on my memorie :-) :-)

The fishes will be able to stay out until the watertemperature drops down to below 10C (50F9, so they still thinks that they live in a big warm bathtub :-)

Yes, three cheers for Erna!
Have a great day now!

jaz said...

that is great news about erna. i told my whole family about her and we all felt so bad! i always wonder if they know something is wrong and that is why she can't go on walks. but it must be so hard for her to stay home. i always teach my dogs the word 'boo boo'. they know if they are sick or hurt it is called a boo boo. when i tell them that then they know something different is about to happen. my last chow would lay right down when i told her she had a boo boo because she knew i wanted to inspect her. this little pip teddy runs like the wind when i mention boo boo. i think she thinks she is avoiding getting one!! the pond really looks terrific. you did a good job. enjoy one of your last vacation days today! joyce

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Joyce!
What a smart thing to give such a situation a name! Must think of that for comming dogs.

Erna really doesn´t understand why she can´follow us, so I have to sneak out when she´s asleep. Then when I come back I walk a short distance with her alone too. It puzzles her why we´re doing like this, but I think she´s enjoying her time alone with me.

I´ll enjoy these few days despite the fact that the rain is pouring outside :-)
Have a great day now!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to hear Erna is getting better! The pond is looking good. I can't believe your vacation is almost over, it's seems like it just started.

Cheers to you having a great day!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Abby!
Yes it looks alright with Erna right now, but the crises can com in two weeks. But as it seemes as she didn´t get that much poison in her I´m not that worried.

Time has just flown away! Now all I have to look forward too is a long and dark autumn :-) :-)
Have a great day now!

jaz said...

hi again christer! tomato cages come in all shapes and sizes here. i have green metal ones for my plants. mine are 4 feet high and the plants are 6 feet this year. they work great because you tie the plant to them for support. why do you suppose there are no antique shows or flea markets around you? do you think people would be interested in going to them if someone had them? they are huge in the states. there are pages in the newspaper advertising garage sales and flea markets and auctions each week. maybe in sweden no one wants to part with their treasures. joyce

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Joyce!
I think I´ll make some tomatoe cages till next year, so much better tah the sticks I use for support!

I thik we sweeds like auktions much better. That we have almost everywhere in the country. I just found out that we have a weekly auktion not far away in Falköping.

We also have a lot of second hand stores here. That´s a place where one can find antiques if one knows what to look after.

Antique shows are mostly in the big cities and they are mostly for professionals so to speak. But I don´t think that we hold on to our old stuff more than others to be honest :-)
have a great day now!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

What on earth happened to my comment on this post yesterday!? Well shoot! Anyway..I did comment and ...well...I commented. :) I am wondering if I went to check on something and didn't complete it at the bottom...

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Mona!
I do so sometimes, sort of going away before I looked so that my text got saved by Blogger. But sometimes I´m quite sure that it is a problem by Blogger too.