Monday, August 17, 2009

I bought the watchamacallit today, so that we can walk around on the lawn without risking our lives. Wish I knew what its called in english.

I finally have boughr the jiggamathing I needed to make it safe to walk on the lawn in wet weather now when I have an electric cable to the pond. What I understand it´s not nice to be electricuted, on the contrary. So now I can let my dogs and cats run out whenever they want without me pulling the electric cable every time. Now the pond pump and filter has been going on to clean the pond for almost three days, but I can honestly say that I can´t see any difference. I think I´ll go to the pest shop I falköping and buy some extra filter stuff to help cleaning the pond.

Not the best of weather today, but the sky is beautiful.

While I´m there I think I´ll look if they have mangrove roots big enough to cover the ponds edge. I could of cours go to a lake nearby and look for fallen trees there, but one never knows what kind of little animals one takes with those fallen tree branches. Not everything in a lake is good for the fishes living there.

Soon this old stump will be covered with finger mushrooms. This fingermushroom is not edible though, but beautiful.

I found a goos berry bush in the forest that gives big berries and they are delicious! I have to fight for them though, my dogs loves them too :-)

My plums starts to ripe now. This is called "Common Yellow plum. It´s not concidered to be a high quality plum because it gets bad very quick. But when it´s still good it´s soo good in taste :-)

It looks as if GM now will sell the swedish car Saab to another car maker we have here, Koenigsegg. They make luxury sports cars and has never given any profit what I know :-) But they have persons with a lot of money behind them so I hope this will work. They talk alot about a comming sale of Volvo too. Ford will still own a third of the company, but now a swedish group has made an offer. Otherwise they think it´ll be a Chinese firm that will buy it. As long as people can keep their jobs I don´t care who owns the buisness, because they now predict that almost one million people will be out of work next year, we are only nine million people in total.

My grape vine. I´m thinking of cutting down the Noney suckle that grows beside it and lead the vines from the grape there so it can get all sun possible. Our summer season is short so I think it´s a must if I want grapes that ripes.

Pelargonum zonale, one of the parents to our common popular geraniums. It has just started to flower now. many geraniums flower in thw winter period down in South Africa (where most of the wild geraniums comes from), because tye summer is too hot and dry. It seemes this can be one of those because I´ve never managed to make it flower in spring and early summer.
Erna is doing fine and is still happy as a pup :-) so I´m starting to realx now, but it´s not over yet. I think I can realx totally on friday. If nothing has happened until then I think she will be ok. Now it´s time for a cup of tea and later 'Two and a half men'. We are still waiting for the latest episodes here. They started to show them, but then we came to close to when they show it in the US, so now they only show reruns. But that´s ok, I haven´t seen all episodes so I hope that they show some that I haven´t seen yet.
Have a great day now!

A passiflora of some kind. Unfortunally the fruits, if one gest any, doesnt taste that good.


Anonymous said...

The last picture looks as if the flower is made of plastic. Weird looking. Glad you installed the fuse box for the pond. Have you thought about adding a chemical to the water? Is there one that would not affect the fish adversely? We helped a neighbor get his started years ago and it required three gallons of chlorene to get it nice and clear. Weeks later he added the fish.

That's a very reasonable price for the rent on that 4 bedroom you wrote me about. I'm surprised. Here it would be another $500 on top of that. Have a great week Christer.

NinaH said...

Good you´ve got that electric thing installed- so one doesn´t have to fear for your & your animals live!;-)
If you will lose L. coronaria- ask me for new ones!;-) Choose between Cerise, white or white with a pink centre (Angels Blush)!;-)
Have the garden kind of "Kärleksört" also changed family from Sedum to Allegheny ?
Great to have a org. Pelargonium zonale!
And hm... you keep finding this & that in the woods! Also great!
Good Erna seems to recover! Give her a big hug from me! (If she will let you!;-)...)

NinaH said...

PS Jordfelsbrytare heter tydligen "Residual Current Device" på engelska. DS

NinaVästerplana said...

Tålamod Christer..... så länge fiskarna klarar lervattnet kan väl du? Eller ;-)
Håller tummarna för Erna.
Ha´t himla gôtt

jaz said...

hi christer....i think that is called a circuit breaker. rather than electrocute something it just pops and turns the current off. that last flower is called a passion flower here. they look like they are from mars! i use to have them. they are annuals for us in our climate. hot hot hot here...ugh!!!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Oh dear..I lost my comment I guess. I just said how smart jaz was because that is exactly what it is called. A Circuit Breaker. Or breaker switch for short..:)
Anyway..I am glad you got it. I wanted to ask you something but now I forgot what it was! It's no wonder! Look at the time and I haven't been to bed yet. I hear old people don't need as much :)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Christer! It's a Circuit Breaker...yep..or breaker switch. jaz is exactly right! Circuit Breaker..:)
I'm glad you got it. I don't know if you get Readers Digest in Sweden, but once I read a horror story in that magazine about people who didn't have a breaker switch and the story haunts me to this day. I finally stopped taking that mag because it gave me nightmares. Ugg!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Oh I have three comments. It turned up...yep..I blame it on age!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Yes, passion fruit flowers looks like fake flowers :-)But some of them give delicious fruits. But I have one that gives fruits that tastes like burnt rubber smells :-) :-) :-)

Since it´s mud that makes the water so muddy no cemicals helps, if it had been algie it woule have been a different thing. Then there are cemicals that can help and that isn´t bad for the fishes in the pond. So I only have to wait for the fiter to do its thing I´m afraid :-)

I wonder what an appartement on the top floor, where one can see the whole of Gothenburg and the ocean, with a place for a boat to, would cost though. Think that woule be a lot more expensive.
have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Nina H!
Yes it feels nice to know that we can walk on the lawn wiyhout risking to die :-) :-)

Thanks for telling that the watchamacallit is called Residual Current Device! I think the name in swedish is much easier to remember :-) :-)

Perhaps I could get some of Your L. coronaria next spring? I really like them and here they don´t behave like weeds as they do on many places. Perhaps You then would like cuttings from my P. zonale? The flowers are really cute when opened properly.

It´s never any problems to give Erna a hug, I´ll give her one soon :-) She´s still like nothing ever happened :-)
have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Tjänare Nina!
Ja fiskarna klarar det allt. Finns nog inga tåligare fiskar när det gäller smutsigt vatten eller dåligt syresatt vatten! Så jag lovar att ha tålamod :-) :-)

Erna är lika pigg idag och åt till och med maten utan att jag lagt god´saker i den :-)
Ha det gott!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Joyce!
Now I have two names on the watchamacallit :-) Then I can use both when I have to write about it another time :-) It´s really nice to have one anyway, just don´t want to die because I made a pond in my garden :-) :-)

We have the same name on it here, but in swedish of course :-) There is one species that can survive outside here in Sweden (The most southern parts then) I think it´s P. caerulea. The others wqe have to have indoors wintertime. Beautiful but odd in apperensis.
have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Mona!
Blame it on blogger, not Your slef. It sometimes takes a long time until the comment shows on the blog.

It was a long time since I saw any add or commercial from Readres digest here (over here it´s called "The Best". But I have lots of old books from them here at home. I got the most of my grandmothers books when she was gone and there are many Readres digest amongst them :-) But the story You mention isn´t in any of my books though.

I love those scary stories, but I do get nightmares of them sometime. But I can´t se anything like that in a movie though, then I can´t sleep at all in days :-)

I´m glad that You´re getting better and better!
Have a great day now!