Sunday, August 23, 2009

I have sown this clematis, so it has no name. It has a rather nice scent that comes from one of its parents, Clematis coreana.

They said that it would be sunny all over the southern part of Sweden in the weatherforcast this morning. Once again they were wrong, it rains rather heavily outside now :-) :-) :-) But the day started at least sunny and I´m glad that I at least got some sunshine then :-)

I needed some things today so I went away to the supermarket in Skara. Normally I would go to our lokal store but once in a while it´s nice to go to a bigger place too. I also wanted to see if the new Harry Potter movie or Ice age 3 had come on DVD yet, but they didn´t have them anyway. I had also promised my self that I wouldn´t go inte the plant sektion. I have enough plants as it is.

Normally the cattle keeps its distance when I and my dogs takes our morning walk, but this morning they were a bit to curious and thay all started to walk towards us.
But of course I went in to that sektion and of course I bought a plant, a dwarf rhododendron. It costed only 69swedsih kronor (that would be around 9,6 US dollars). They had an offer that if one bought three plants a third would be for free. Naturally they only had one dwarf rhododendron left. Now I only have to find a place for it until I can put it by the pond in the future.

We have very much morning dew here in beginning of autumn. To walk in grass like this would be like walking in a lake :-) So early in the morning I prefere to walk on the growel raods.
I think it´s tomorrow that our swedish austronaut will go up in space once again! I wish I could follow. Since I was really little I have always been fascinated by the universe and what ever can be out there. I would love to go out and explour our solarsystem and even other systems, just to see what´s to be found. But it would probably be totally impossible to visit other places with life even if we could. We would perhaps have diseases that they never had and visa versa. We would most likely kill each other in a very peaceful way :-) :-) But it would have been nice to be able to go out there where no man gone before :-) But hey, I would be happy if I ever got to Brazil to see the rainforest before it dissaperes totally :-) That is most probably impossible too, since they are cutting it down faster and faster. Soon Brazil will be a dead desert if they don´t stop.

Spiderwebbs is easily seen with all the dew on them.

My webbmail doesn´t work and hasn´t done that since yesterday. It´s amazing how irritating that is :-) But I get a mail every time someone is commenting on any of my blogs or commenting something on facebook. Even if it isn´t any problem just to check things out by going there directly, this problems still irritates me. Well it´s a rich worlds problem really, but annoying anyway :-) :-)
Have a great day now!

This is the dwarf rhododendron I bought at the supermarket this morning. It´s a shame that there only were one left now when they are so cheap.


NinaH said...

One can never trust the weather reports!;-)
Woops! What a bargain- that Rhododendron!
Our son was in Brazil two years ago. Half the time he & his friend worked at a rain forrest project deep in the rain forrests. Then they travelled around- in Brazil, down to Argentina & the big falls at the border B & A, then up to the north of B again where they went on a reptile safari & then into & around in Bolivia. Most of the time they travelled with buses. only a few flights. It was a great tour! We followed him at the Internet!;-)... (One of many journeys he´s been to. And he is living abroad now ( and last year). Great to be able to "follow" him on the trips on Internet.)

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Nina!
At least not the swedish one, nowdays it seemes the Norwegian is the one to look at if one wants to be certain of what weather we´re going to get :-)

I think I´m a bit yealous of Your son now :-) Sometimes I wish I was around twenty again and could do some other desisions than I did then. Nowdays I´m to comfortable and fat I think :-) ;
:-) :-)
have a great day now!

jaz said...

hi christer..i love the spiderwebs. i have so many here that when i walk through my forest i am covered in them. i hate to break them but sometimes i just can't see them. hurricane bill pasted by and didn't really bother us except for cloud cover. it is heading to newfoundland and nova scotia now. i am eating corn on the cob today. i am trying to eat as much of it as i can before the season is over. i am also smoking a ham outside and the whole neighborhood smells like ham. i am sure the dogs all must be having good dreams!!! i can't sew very well either. but i will get the machine out and play around with it soon. it's nice that you aren't working weekends! joyce

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Joyce!
The same here with spider webbs :-) I don´t know how many that got stuck on me when I took the walk in the forest this afternoon :-) But it´s impossible to avoid them.

I think Bill soon will come to us then, they usually do. But hopefulle in a weaker state.

Corn cobs tastes so good! Long time since I had that. The ones we can grow over here is mostly for animal food, we have a to short summer for the other ones. But they do import the others now and again. Frozen they have all the time of course.
I can imagine You´re giving lots of dogs and humans good dreams now :-) :-)

I avoid sewing if possible, even with my machines :-) I just love the old fascion look they have. I wonder if people will see our modern ones as beautiful? I doubt that :-)
have a great day now!

Roses and stuff said...

Vad söt din frösådda klematis är!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Javisst blev den lyckad! Den stackaren har blivit lite misshandlad under åren, men nu skall jag ta hand om den.
ha det gott!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Hi Christer...I came by this morning..something interupted me and I'm back all these hours later.
I used to have a couple of rhododendron and they were just beautiful when they bloomed. I should get a couple more.
I just wanted to tell you that the wicker furniture is no longer of wood. They are made for outdoors and take the weather well. The other used to rot after a bit..and really were not made for long periods of time in weather.
Anyway..these are comfy. I bought four chairs and two tables.
The first set I bought more than I wanted to spend..but...still a good price..NOW they are half off!
Yep..I should have just waited a couple weeks more for the Summers end sale.
You are already getting Fall in Sweden? Our Fall does not begin until the 22nd of Sept. I am already putting out my pumpkins. I figure I may as well start now. I have so much stuff to decorate with that if I don't start now..I will not have all that long to enjoy out came the first of the pumpkins. :)
I missed out on that is why I am anxious for Fall. My favorite time of year!
I have lots of sentimental reasons for loving Fall.
It just seemed the other day that you were posting about the melting snow! Now I get to see the changing colors... :):)
When is your surgery?

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Mona!
I really like those wicker furniture! But as You say, they don´t last long outside. I haven´t seen any this year though, perhaps they are out of fasion at the momen over here? Great that they nowdays are made from other materials though!

The weather hasn´t decided how it´s going to be yet :-) Yesterday morning we had only 4C ( 39F) and it has problrms reaching 20C (68F9 during the day. Normally we have our first frost in early september here. But then I live in a cold spot.

I can understand that You´re looking forward to autumn. I think it´s ok, but prefere spring. I hope we will get a long and warm autumn like we+ve had the last five years. It´s so wonderful taking long walks with my dogs early autumn mornings :-)

I´ve seen more and more trees with different colors on their leafs now, but that can depend on the dry grounds we have too, but when the first frost comes the colors comes too.
Have a great day now!