Friday, August 14, 2009

The fog was thik when I woke up this morning.
But it dissapered just before the sun got up. It has been a slightly warm day with the sun shining all the time :-)

One advantage with working on my ordinary scedule at work is that I once again has short fridays. We stop working at 12:30. But we were finished an hour earlier so I didn´t think that it was any use to stay and do nothing. I went to Skara and fetched the hoses I need for the pond. So I´ll plug it in tomorrow morning. I wonder how long it´ll take for the water to clear up

I also bought some fluorescent lamps with a light sensor built in to them. They start when dark enough and stops when daylight comes. They are perfect to have outside beside my entrance and by the dog yard. It´ll be so dark here when winter comes so I like if there are some lights on when comming home from work. I also bought an immersion heater to my aquarium. I try not to use the electric radiators if not needed during winter but have a fire in my stove instead. So it can be a bit chilly inside when I´m not at home. Since common light bulbs soon will be forbidden over here and the only thing we can buy is fluorescent lamps that doesn´t give any heat to the aquarium, the poor fishes will be cold too.

Toadstools are popping up of the ground now. Almost all toadstools are poisounes, some deadly some almost deadly :-) Usually they are white spotted, but the spots can fall of in heavy rains like the ones we had late yesterday.

This mushroom however is edible and quite tasteful. It´s a Björksopp, Birch soup. It´s called that because it lives together with birches.

Tomorrow it´ll rain again they say, so I had to mowe my lawn today when I came home. I don´t especially like doing that, but it has to be done. When i moved some flower pots that were in the way I found loads of ants eggs. If You have fishes in ponds or aquariums ants eggs is one of the best things You can give them. They are filled with nutrients and fat, so one shouldn´t give it to often. So i picked up a lot of them and throw them into my pond. They were all eaten within a minute :-) I normally wouldn´t go out and dig in ant stacks to get those eggs, but when they are so easy to reach as they were today I never miss the chanse to give some to my fish.

In some places the moss is so thick that only the top of the mushrooms can be seen.

Now it´s weekend and since mornings are so cold now (around 5C, 41F) I woun´t be bothered by flies on our morning walk. So You´ll probably see some pictures from the big creek in tomorows blog. I haven´t been there all summer so I´m not sure the little path is walkable any longer or if there is any water in the creek either. But now i´ll get out into my garden and enjoy the last of the sunshine :-)
Have a great day now!

This is a bit strange. This lily was white with dark spots before. Now there are no spots and it´s not white, but it smelles as wonderful as ever.

I will get some tomatoes after all and they are striped :-) Now I have to save some seeds to next year and start earlier with them.


Anonymous said...

Hooray for the tomatoes. Them lookin good! I Love that flower. It looks like an Asian painting. Looks like someone put those black marks on the petals. How clever. Bet it was one of your cats. They love it when you mow the lawn. Well, did they catch the fish yet? Guess No, if you are feeding them ant eggs. Yuk. Never heard of such a thing but then I was just about to ask you about the restriction to use only flourescent light bulbs in Sweden. What kind of law is that? I wonder if they are the ones with the tiny, twisted, tubing. We just bought a few of those but are more expensive than regular bulbs.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Z&M!
Yes that lily is truly beautiful even if it has changed how it looks. But it´s a shame I can´t send the scent from it, it fills the whole garden!

No, the cats still gets wet when trying to walk on water :-) So my fishes are still safe :-)

Ants eggs was something they used when the hobby with aquariums started to be popular here in the western world. That was before they had those great fish foods we have nowdays. But one should never give to much of a good thing, the fishes actully gets fat from ants eggs :-)

Well the thing with the lightbulbs happens all over the EU I belive. Lightbulbs use to much energy they think and is soon forbidden to sell. Soon we´ll only have those twisted tub things to buy. The problems with those, and I think that they actully is a bigger problem, is that they contain mercury. If one breaks one of those, mercury will be spread and one must use a brush to get the glass and the small amount of mercury from the floor. To use the vacum cleaner is then dangerous because the mercury then will be spread into the air. To get that into the lungs and then into the blood system can give sever problems with the nervous system. The amount of mercury in a single lamp is small, but drop a couple and it will be dangerous.

Unfortunally they have been very bad informing about the danger breaking them. They are not allowed to be put into the ordinary garbage either, but few semes to know that.

It´s insane not to use the old light bulbs if You ask me!
Have a great day now!