Saturday, August 22, 2009

I woke up a bit to late to see any colors on the morning sky today. It was probably beautiful because we had a lot of fog here in the morning.

Now beginns the time when suddenly some people thinks that the cute kittens they got in the beginning of summer, suddenly isn´t that cute any more. So either they take the cat in to the car and drives away for some length and then throws the kitten out of the door or they just leave it at the summer cottage when going home for autumn. If they find the cat next time they visit the cottage they tell them selves that this is what the cat wants and that it can take care of it self. If they don´t find it they tell themselves that the cat has walked to another home to get adopted there?? !! It´s easy to lie to one self isn´t it?

The clouds lay thick around mount Mösseberg.

But the sun won and the fog clouds was driven away. Now on the other hand new clouds are comming from west, but the sun shines through them now and again.

Most cats doesn´t find a new home by them selves, they die! Either they are taken by a fox or other big enough animal or they are starving to death. If not diseases take them first of course. In any way they die they do it painfully and I think that people that does such a thing to an animal they once took care of should be treated the same way!

We can still find wild raspberiies out on the fields and in the forest. They don´t taste that delicious though.

You´ve seen these finger mushrooms before. But the older they get, the less fiery the colors get. But they are still rather beautiful I think.
I´ve already seen ads from animal rescue centres that they need emerency cat homes because they have no more space for the found cats. They say that we have over 100 000 stray cats in Sweden, half of them lives in the three big cities. I can´t for my life understand people doing something like that with their animals! At the same time I wonder why people doesn´t kastrates their pets to start with, when they know what most probably will happen when they sell (cheap) or give away a kitten in spring.

The geranium "Blekingeflickan" (or the girl from Blekinge, a southern county in Sweden) has started to flower again. Rain will unfortunally destroy the flowers quickly.

Echinops bannaticus, Blue Glow . Originally from southern Europe but can nowdays be found growing wild in Sweden. It has become a rather popular plant in the garden.

We sweeds always talks about how awful it is for the dogs in southern countries that has no homes and are running around to find food all the time, perhaps bringing diseases to humans. We always tell our selves that we are so much better here at home tapping our selves on the shoulder. Unfortunally that is a big lie! I know a person that works at a animal shelter and she told me that people nowdays treat our dogs like we treats our cats. Drive far away and throw the poor dog out in to the wildernes. Normally it´s a mixed breed that they have bought cheap somewhere and they don´t want to pay anything to get rid of it. Fortunally nowdays the price of mixed breeds have gone up rather much. They are usually healthier than the others because the lack of inbreeding that has been so popular with pedigree dogs. Everything to keep the bloodline.

The clematis 'Propertius' flowers all summer and a long time in to autumn. It has a rather nice but weak scent. One of its parents is Clematis coreana.

Sunflowers pop up here and there after all seeds we´ve given to the birds during winter. Otherwise they don´t grow in Europe.

My leaf cactus has opened one of its buds! They are so fantasticly beautiful! This one has a rather nice scent too! If anyone wants to know its name, I think I have it in the pot.
Well nowdays the Swedish kennel club don´t allow inbreeding any more and pedigree dogs will be healthy dogs once again.
Nowdays it has become very popular to adopt dogs from countries like Spain, Rumania or Greece. Perhaps nothing wrong with that really, but we do have dogs here in Sweden that needs homes too, to many dogs infact. One problem with adopting a dog from those countries is that not all of them takes care of the vet examination properly. In fact some doesn´t even do one. So nowdays we´ve gotten some dangerous diseases here that we didn´t have before. Make one wonder doesn´t it? Why go throough all the troubles getting a dog from far away, risking getting in a disease when we have more that enough dogs to take care of here?

I wanted to take a close up picture of Teodor and Bertil, they didn´t :-) That´s whay they look a bit angry :-)

Every time I was close to get a good picture Bertil turned his head :-) He wasn´t to happy about the flash getting of either :-)
This summer there was this person that stole animals and killed and mutelated them. After he done that he posted what he had done in his blog. Fourteen cats and one dog in Sweden and another four cats in another country. He also wrote letters to the owners telling them how he had done it! Now he´s arrested! he´s menatlly ill and he even wrote in his blog that he probably was totally insane liking what he was doing. The good thing is that he went to the police admitting what he had done by himself. If he ever gets out of either prison or psykriatisk care he most probably will have to leave the country I think, he is already heavily protected during court hearings. They say that most serial killers starts out this way!
Well it rains at the moment so I better make myself a pot of tea and then go out and scare the magipes from flying into mu kitchen :-) Now they have also found out that my pond probably is their own bathtub :-) :-)
Have a great day now!


Anonymous said...

The Magpie Pond. There . . . we have a name for it. Great comments today Christer and as always wonderful photos. We volunteered here to trap ferral cats and a foundation up in Pennsylvania paid to have them neutered by a professional vet. The Vet who subscribed to the program, dropped her fees to accommodate more stray cats. We caught four on our large acreage. They come through here all the time. And if everybody who knows where these people drop cats and dogs, see them in their yards at end of summer, would trap them and have them neutered then it would be easier to find them a home. All of our cats found homes and I heard from other people they were successful too. None went on to the animal shelter. So start a program there. Find a foundation online in Sweden that cares for strays and get yourself a trap. Enjoy that pot of tea. Hi to Bertie and the Teddy.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Z&M!
Great name for the pond! That´s the official name from now on!
We have great organisations here that does just that and they cooperate with vets that lowers the price for nutering for all cat owners, not just those that has been taken care of. I would like to be an emergency home for cats, but stray cats has a tendensy not to like dogs :-) :-)

The stray cats that comes to my village is usually taken care of by farmers here, they rather have these cats than have to spread poison against rats and mice. To be honest, I don´t know a single person that uses poison in any way here in the village :-)

But I can help by giving money to these organisations and with that they can do a lot of good.

I´ll enjoy my tea :-)
Have a great day now!

jaz said...

magpie pond.....i love it!!! the cottage by the crane lake with the magpie pond. it sounds like a nancy drew mystery! we have awful problems with feral cats here too. i have caught a lot of them over the years and taken them to the "no kill" shelter. people take them to our city parks and release them. being cruel to animals is one of the most awful sins. they are so innocent. people really can lie to themselves. joyce

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Joyce!
I wonder what krime she would solve in that book :-) I liked the books about her, but for some reason she´s called Kitty Drew over here. I have no idea why though.

To lie to ourselves is one thing we´re good about unfortunally. To many does it too.

I especially remember one time when I visited my brother when he lived in Paris. We visited some cemeteries there and I could see lots of cats running around there. My brother then told me that they were all stray cats living there. Every day came some older women to the cemeteries and fed them. They had big bags filled with tins of catfood. In a way those cats had a better life than those we have here in Sweden.

What a good thing to do by You to catch them and place them in a no kill shelter!

Have a great day now!

Visiting Voyeur said...

Sad stories but important ones. We have similar issues here. We get strays as well. We end up feeding them but leave them outside where we have a little shelter for them incase it rains. There is a bigger chance they will be killed if we take them to the shelter and the other organizations want a donation to take them that we cannot afford. Great pictures once again. thanks for sharing.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Chelle!
I think that this problem exists all over the world I´m sorry to say. Thankfully we don´t have to pay to leave animals at shelters. Then it would be very expensive, so I think it´s great that You make places they can take cover at in bad weather!

Here they only kill the worst case animals, but if there is to many animals they might have to change that I think.
Have a great day now!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said... must go read the post of this young woman. You will feel better. Please do that ..ok? She touched my heart.
She just became one of my followers and her blog is pretty new. You will do that? :)
Thanks! :)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

The mushroom pictures are so interesting. I have never seen such growths as that. Amazing!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

The cactus is beautiful! Dan has one and it blooms once a year for one day..and dies that very night.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Mona!
I promise that I´ll check out her blog! Wasn´t family ties a sitcom once, with Michael J Fox :-)

Mushrooms can be incrediably beautiful sometimes, I really like the colors on thses finger mushrooms, but unfortunally they fade some when they get older. There will probably be a lot of pictures of mushrooms on my blog this autumn :-)

I don´t think that there are any flowers as beautiful as cactus flowers! These last for a couple of days, but some as You mention lasts only for one day or night. Those are usually the most scented ones too. It´s terrible when one misses that day when they flower :-)
have a great day now!