Thursday, August 20, 2009

It´s fantastic how the sky can look in the morning if it´s cloudy ouside. It looks as if there were a fire in the forest.

Well I can´t say that the start of this day was boring, on the contrary actully. The morning was faboulus with the colors on the clouds and it was fairly warm, but no sun as they said in the weather forcast. There were a rather strong wind blowing too. But the morning walk was really nice. Erna, walking in her own world, dissapered under some bushes and the two brothers ran around playing something looking like "Your it".

More and more moving birds comes to rest by the lake now. Here are two Trumpet swans on their way.

We all ate breakfast when we came home and everything was as it usually is. Just until Hector started to throw up his breakfast. Dogs does that so I wasn´t to concerned to be honest. Not until the drooling started. At first it was just the occational dripping. He never drools, so that was surprising in it self. Then suddenly it was like someone had opened a water tap! It just poured out of his mouth. If he stayed longer than two seconds at one place it became a big puddle benieth him.

Clematis vitalba is called Traveller´s joy in english. Flowers late in the year for a clematis. I planted it so it can climb in my old plum tree. The problem has been that it only have flowered in the top of the tree, so I havn´t had a chanse to see the flowers :-) But one of the vines has fallen down, so now I have flowers almost down to the ground. Can be over ten meters long!
I´m used to se my and others dogs behave strange sometimes :-) but I have never seen anything like this. I thought it would stop after a while, but it just became worse and worse. Where ever he was I came shortly after to whipe the sticky saliva from the floor :-) First I rang to the vet for consultation, but later decided it was best to drive to them instead. It could be something that got stuck in the stomac.

Unfortunally that meant having Hector in the car :-) It didn´t seeme to be anything else wrong with him though, he was as happy and energetic as ever. When we arrived to the vet he had his head outside the window and it just poored out of him. There were a couple of dog owners outside the vet station and they just laughed at his condition. To be honest, it looked rather strange when he drooled as much as he did :-) I looked inside the car before getting in and I can say that it woun´t be funny to clean up after him :-)

The berries from the Bitter sweet. Nothing to eat though, they are rather poisouness.

The Vet took a look at him and said: This is what happens when they try to eat a toad :-) :-) Toads all over the world are slightly poisouness and when an animal tries to eat them they start too drool enormously :-) :-) So he gave him a shot with cortisone so he would stop drooling. Now he only drips like an old leaking water tap :-) :-)
Have a great day now!


Visiting Voyeur said...

That is sad but funny about the Toad and Hector. Poor guy. Great picture of the sunrise.

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a close call. Glad you could see the vet that quickly. Love that fire in the sky photo.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Chelle!
Yes it´s both sad and funny :-) :-) But to be honest, I think it was worse for me being forced to whipe the floor all tha time :-) :-) :-)
have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Z&M!
Well it isn´t dangerous for the dog , only very uncomfortable :-) :-)

My vet is great. If one is worried it´s just to go there without calling to them first. But that usually does that if one have an appointment there and many others comes in, it might take some time before meeting the vet. But I´ll take that knowing we always can go there when in need.
Have a great day now!

jaz said...

tell hector he is supposed to KISS them and not EAt them!!!! silly doggie!!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Joyce!
I´ve tried but he doesn´t seeme to listen to me. When we came back he found what he had thrown up and ate it, so now he drools again!!!! The sad thing is that he´s the smart one of them :-) :-) :-)
Have a great day now!

NinaVästerplana said...

Jisses vilka rena golv du måste ha nu ;-)
Tur att det inte var en orm han försökte sluka.....
Skulle kanske försöka pressa mig upp tidigt en morgon, fantastiskt så mycket vackert jag missar. Tröstar mig med nedgångarna de kvällarna jag är ledig
Ha´t himla gôtt över helgen, själv åker jag till Knatten på bloggträff

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Tjänare Nina!
Man får vara glad för det lilla :-) :-)

Ja mrnarana kan vara riktigt vackra, framförallt nu på höstkanten. Jag får ju å andra sidan sällan se solnedgångarna på sommarhalvåret, fast skogen är i vägen även om jag skulle orka hålla mig uppe :-) :-)
Ha det got och hoppas ni får det jättekul hos Knatten!

Maria Berg said...


Kul att du hittade min nya blogg. Du jag skall ha ett TrädgårdsTema om just dammar framöver.

Är det en styvklematis, den vita finns det många sådana? MB

Valerie said...

Morning, Christer!

Yes, I knew that toads were poisonous (we always recommend to our 3rd graders that they wash hands after handling; they find them on the playground on rainy days), but I never knew what would happen if one liked a toad. Poor doggy! Hope he is on the road to recovery!!!

Yes, I have also heard lots of negative things about Windows Vista and not being a computer wizard, wasn't really sure about all of the fuss. Our friend that worked on my computer said that he thought I was missing several "drivers"?!!!

All I know is that I have been up in running for 5 days now and not one single crash!!!

BTW...Mary Catherine loves your very top picture. She is my nature lover and found the colors fascinating. Also, have your ever read "Trumpet of the Swan"? The author is E.B. White who wrote "Charlotte's Web". It is about a trumpeter swan who collects items that are helpful for him in communicating as he has no voice or loses his voice. (It's been a few years since I read it, but your post reminded me of that book!)

Valerie said...

Sorry...typo. I meant "licked" a toad, but I suppose one can "like" them as well!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Tjänare Maria!
Jag gillade din nya blogg, så den kommer jag att kika in i titt som tätt, speciellt om det blir en dammblog snart :-)

Nej det är ingen styvklematis, utan en som klättrar, Skogsklematis är dess svenska namn. Kan växa till mer än tio meters längd,så det gäller att den får utrymme redan från början.

Ha det gott!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Valrie!
As much as he drooled he must have chewed on one :-) He started to drool again later that day and I couldn´t understand why. Then I noticed that he had found his old food, now with toad poison in it and ate it again!! But the second time it wasn´t that much drooling :-)

I´m glad that Mary Catherine likes that picture! It was an amazing morning, it´s a shame it only lasts for a couple of minutes though. We had a fairly beautiful morning today too, but not as colorful as yesterdays morning.

No I havn´t read that book, but I´ll start looking for it! Since I love Charlottes web that much I probably will like this one too.
Have a great day now!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Perhaps that was what they were doing when you thought they were playing catch me with one another...cornering a froggie for a snack?

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Those sunsets are...amazing. You take such great pictures...and also. The coming of Fall...just hearing you say it makes it more true. :) I can't wait to see the colors of Sweden and watch Fall come to your country!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Mona!
No I don´t think so, they are to much concentrated on what the other one is doing then, so they have no chance to look for toads then :-)

I can´t see any sunsets from my cottage, the forest is in the way. But these sunrises are just as amazing I think. But it has to be somewhat cloudy to make the sky that colorful.

I´m hoping for a long and fairly warm autumn. We´ve had that for these last couples of years. I´m not much for winter, so I think we cpould have autumn all the time until spring came :-) :-)
Have a great day now!