Friday, August 7, 2009

A new lawn mower.

The cranes are comming back again on their way down south.

I had troubles sleeping this last night. Every time I felt close to fall asleep my brain sort of jump started again :-) I don´t think I got many hours of sleep, but still I´m not especially tired. When i got up I heard something sounding like cannons out on the fields. The cranes we love so in spring is not as loved now by our farmers. The are returning south now and rests here by the lake eating all crops they can. So now they use some sort of cannons to scare them away from the fields.

The grass has grown so much lately because of all rain that has come, so today I had decided to buy a engine powered lawn mower. I drove down to Falköping quite early thinking I would take some pictures of houses that can be found there. I can say that it´s not easy to take pictures while driving. Most of them got so bad I had to erase them. But on the bottom of this blog is those pictures good enough to show.

I drove down to a store called Granngården. They aren´t exactly known for being cheap, but they have good quality on the things they sell. They had sold the one I´ve been looking at for a couple of days now, so I had to pick another one and found exactly what I wanted. The problem was that they had two sorts that had almost the same name. The only difference between them was that one had to be pushed, the cheaper one, on the more expensive one the wheels rolled by them selves. So i decided to buy the more expensive, why pushing a heavy machine when one doesn´t have to?

So the young man selling the machine brought and loaded the pakage with the lawn mower in to my car. That is very unusual here. As soon as one paid the thing they usually don´t care any more. So I drove home and started unpacking and put it together. When I looked at it I saw that it was the wrong machine :-) So I had to pack it again and drive back to the store to change. Fortunally for me they had one machine left of the sort I wanted. To my surprise he then gave me a liter of oil (a quarter of an US gallon) and an oil changing kit because I´ve had to come back and he gave it to me without looking as if he would die doing it :-) Normally one has to say that don´t You think I would get something for my troubles, otherwise they usually don´t care about something like that. We sweeds aren´t especially seviceminded to be honest.

I think these appartement buildings were made around 1950, the stile looks like that.

So now I have mowed my lawn with my new lawnmower. The grass was so thick and wet that the lawnmowers engine died a couple of times :-) If I would have used my old lawnmower it would probably have taken all day to do this, now it took almost one hour. Okey, I don´t like the sound and fumes but I really don´t like to do this a whole day. Especially since it´s my last day of vacation. The sun is shining and the propellers on the wind power plants doesn´t move at all. Finally my fly traps are working so theflies didn´t bother me at all while mowing today.

This and the comming pictures shows different villas that are in Falköping. They comes all from different times but showes somewhat how it looks in Falköping.

Now I´ll look at the final in The American Idol show. I already knows who won, I couldn´t wait so I looked it up on the internet :-) I must say that I´m surprised that Adam Lambert didn´t win?! The other guy is good to, but Adam Lambert is really good. I wonder if it´s because it came out that he is gay? Over here it would probably have helped him to win instead :-) The swedish Idol isn´t as good as the American. Here they have made it a competition for kids it feels. Nothing wrong with that perhaps, but I would rather have it like it is in the American show with people of wider age frame. To be honest, our Idol competetors aren´t that good either. A funny thing here is that the one winning usually dissaperes from the stage. But those that came from second to fith place usually gets very famous :-) Only one of our winners are still around, the rest is forgotten totally :-)
So have a great day now, I will!


Kat said...

Thanks for the tour, Christer

I always love it when you take us with you. It is really interesting to see the houses so different from the ones where I live.

Enjoy the last of your vacation!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Kat!
I only wish that more photoes had come out better. I had to delete over twenty. It´s not easy to drive and take pictures at the same time, especially when there are a lot of bumps in the road :-)

I can imagine that our houses looks different from Yours, I love to check out houses for sale over in the US :-) Ilook at the ads in New Yourk times webb site :-) I promise to take more photoes from our houses in towns and here on the country side.
have a great day now!

jaz said...

hi christer...i loved seeing the pictures of your trip. i am sure you are happy with the new lawnmower too. we are going to get very hot weather starting tomrrow...ugh! i can't wait for fall! have a good last day of vacation. joyce

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Joyce!
Strange summer this year. First warm and dry, then cold and wet(we´ve got more that double the amount of rain this month than we usually gets), now warm again. But it´ll sooin change again. Already on Monday bad weather is comming in. I too have started to long for autumn strangly enough.
Have a great day now!

Anonymous said...

I like these photos too, a trip to town. How nice. I keep thinking of how the architecture is similar to the salt boxes we have here in the Northeast, up where Kat lives in New England. Although I saw plenty of that style in northern Virginia and Maryland too. Have a great last day of Vacation! Let us know about your first day back to work.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Z&M!
I think You´re right, the architecture is rather similar to saltboxes, but our houses are much smaller though I think.
I´ll let You know how my first day back was!
Have a great day now!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I agree with you, Christer. Adam should have won. Christians in America have a huge not too surprised at the outcome..but I think Adam should have won!
I have a very precious gay son, and I adore him. He is loving, kind and caring. He was married and has a son of his own...who now has a son. :) Did you follow that? I worry for him...but he seems happier now. Life can get so difficult. is sometimes hard for me to take when I hear the hatred people spew over something they do not understand. They are Christians and I believe the bible says "judge not" about such things...but it happens anyway.
I was delighted to see Adams face when he lost to the other man! I was proud of him. I am sorry for mankind if Adam lost for such a thing and was not judged on his talent. But...such is life.
Perhaps I should not talk about such things to you? I apologize if I have offended.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I'm sorry. I meant to tell you that I enjoyed seeing the pictures of the different homes. Very much!
Now...can you go inside and take some pictures for me? :):)

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Mona!
Whu shouldn´t You talk about such thing with me? Of course You should!!

I´m glad that Your son follows his nature. I have a friend that unfortunally doesn´t do that and he´s miserable all the time to be honest. I´m also gald that You loves Your son as much as ever! Thank God that Young homosexuals has it so much easier today to come out and live as they want :-) They still get beaten down unfortunally, but I hope that this will change soon.

Those who treat others like those calling them selves christians is anything but! They have missed the whole point with what Jesus has said! They know nothing about God to be honest. Love Your neighbour means love, not threaten in any way! Unfortunally they are loud and knows how to be seen. I just feel sorry for them.

I too got happy when I saw Adams face, just a big smile :-) But he will be a big star anyway, no doubt abot that :-)

I wonder if any one would let me take pictures in their homes to put in my blog? :-) My home is to messy to show anyway :-) :-) :-)
Have a great day now!