Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I love seing the sunrise in the morning. But now it´s a bit difficult because it goes up so late. I´m almost on my way to work then.

It feels like I´m showing the same mornings, trees and mushrooms every day now and there isn´t much happening either, so I think I´ll take a short blogg break until next monday. I will of course be reading Your blog and leave comments there every day. But I feel that I is comming down with a blog draught or somethinmg similar :-) :-)
So have some great days now and see You on Monday!

I showed You this old ruinn before and I can now tell You that it is an old barn. It also had place for four pigs.

But nowdays the inside is just a place to dump garbage. I don´t know why, but I would like to own this ruin :-) Clean up the mess and do something usefull with it.

Behind the ruin there used to be an old cottage. But this is all thats left from it.

A katydids I found beside the ruin. It´s about 6 cm (2 inches) long. If feeling threatened they can bite really hard.

A moth catepillar. It´s almost 9cm (3 inches) long.

It once stood a cottage here too. The only way to see that is because there grows a lot of Lilacs there (and my neighbour has told me that :-) ) I have walked around the village with my neighbour and she could point out over twenty places where there had been small cottages once.

They have started to cut down all treees and bushes along the ditches in the village. The ditches hasn´t really worked for a long time now, so it had to be done. But now birds will have problems finding new nesting places. More now than before since they have thinned out the forest so much.


Anonymous said...

No Nobel Peace Prize for my blog, eh? Well I guess you should take a few days off and think about it. After all, my Zoey could make some real traction with an award that big. She might even make the cover of Newsweek. Oh well, sorry you got a case of blog-oritis. Happens to me sometimes and I end up going into my cat bag and posting goofy cat photos. Works every time. But then Zoey's blog follows activity on the intrawebs, those tubes we can steal stuff from. I like the sunrise picture. Those lost to nature cottages must have been very old. Have a good day Christer!

NinaH said...

Yes, isn´t it, C?;-)... The same mushrooms etc?????;-)
It´s lovely in your country side. But now I think you need a trip somewhere...? Why not take one to Sofiero Castle Park this great coming week end with the big garden party there??;-) For example....;-)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Christer, I have to wonder why men feel so compelled to cut things down. I would love to turn this yard into an English Garden..and I will..in time. By the time it is finished I may not be around..but I am surely going to try! I have a start. :)
Yes, I guess you are right. I did just start getting my strength back..but I get so impatient when I get tired. It's getting better every day..so I should be grateful!
About your age. Sorry..but you must understand when I laugh. You had best start thinking of yourself as a YOUNG man in his prim because the day will soon come when you look back and wish you were 44 again. I had just turned 61 when Patrick died..and I thought I was old. I am fortunate that I had a window of opportunity to start a new life...and then once again...which I am still sort of stunned about. I never in a million years thought I would be married TWICE let alone THREE times. My children still cannot believe I did it.

I do hope Howard lives a very long time because I am afraid my window for starting over is gone. I am not a loner..so it would be difficult.

The cottages. I see exactly why you would want that piece of property. Just look at those stones! It is a beautiful area..but then every place I have seen on your blog is lovely.

I have never seen a katydid before!
I have heard of them..read of them ..but that is my first one. The moth looks like he could take a good chunk out of you if he wished. :)
Personally, I find the mushrooms very interesting. They are not something you see here. I think it might be the dampness...that gives such a variety of fungi. Right?
I can't believe it is getting so cool over there already! We are sweltering here! It cools down, we get excited and it warms up even hotter.
California is like that though... :)
One Christmas the heat burned up my evergreen wreath that I had on the front door. It was over a hundred degree's that day! Disgusting! :):)
Take care, Christer..and I will try not to be so impatient..:)

jaz said...

oh poop..i LOVE your blog and could read about mushrooms every day!!!! now i have to wait until monday to hear about them. that's ok...sometimes we all need breaks. unfortunately for my blog readers, i will probably never run out of things to write about. i am the same in person. it is tough to shut me up! i would buy that property with the stone foundation in a heart beat if it is affordable. think of how cool it would be to clean the inside out and build a pergola above and use it as an outdoor room. it cost me a fortune to build things that look like that wall!! enjoy your blog time off and i will look forward to monday! joyce

Diane from said...

Love the pics and I know what ya mean about "blog" block. I always have something to say...but I think to others it maybe a wee bit boring...but oh well, it's my life! *smile*

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Z&M!
Yes why not the peace prize :-)
I´m not sure how old thay actully are, the lost houses. The owner, earlier castle ownners, usually just let them fall appart when they didn´t find a new tenants. But my cottage is built 1911. I haven´t been thinking of it before, but my cottage will be 99 years old next year :-)
Have a great time now.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Nina!
They are more or less the same mushrooms photographed from different angles all the time :-) :-)

Unfortunally it´s to far to Sofiero, otherwise it would have been perfect. Have to find someting else I think.
Have a great time now.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Mona!
One can see the cutting of trees from different angles. For the farmers it is a must to cut down the trees so the ditches works properly. They haven´t done that for a long time. After winter and in spring the ground is so soft of water that it´s like walking on a thin crest over mud.

But for nature and all small birds and other animals this is a great loss. All those hiding and nestingplaces are now gone for several years. Personally I prefered the trees lft where they stood.

This katydid looks much like a really big grasshopper, but there are others that has a sort of alien look with red eyes. Those I don´t like :-) :-) The sound from them in the evening is fantastic. They sound like very loud grasshoppers.

Yes, it´s the dampness that gives different mushrooms the perfect enviroment. Most of them are unfortunally very poisouness, but they are really beautiful!

Now they say that we will have some heat again, at least during day time. Mornings and nights can still be rather cold. We do live very much more north than most americans. The southest place in Sweden is almost at the same latitude? as the most southern part of Alaska.

I can honestly say that we´ve never had it that warm during Christmas over here :-) :-) :-)
Take care now and take it easy!!
have a great time now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Joyce!
It´s just a short time of Blog draought, so the mushrooms and other things will surly be in my comming blog on Monday :-) :-)

Ja have the same idea about the ruin too, but I´m pretty sure that the owner wouldn´t sell. If for no other reason just because someone wants it :-) :-) :-)
Have a great time now and see You on Monday!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Diane!
Sometimes I feel like I say the same thing every day, here in the blog and to my friends around me. So when I feel like that I think it´s better to take a small break for a couple of days, so I can come up with some fresh ideas instead (hopefully :-) :-) ).
Have a great time now!

womanwisdom said...

hi Christer!

i'm a newcomer on your site, and it's wonder-full! i love your fotos, because i do love nature...and ruins! if you look closely at my picture, i'm standing by the ruins of a wall of a 16th century church in camiguin island, in the Philippines which was destroyed by a great volcanic eruption hundreds of years ago...

on your side of the earth, it's getting cooler...on this side, in the tropics, we're getting a good dose of rains...rains...and more rains. humidity is extremely high..

i do understand your blogblock! been having that and haven't posted for a month! good thing Diane (blackbird singing)visited and gave me the boost!

sending you some warm island sunshine!


The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi WW!
Thanks for the warm sunshine! The sun actully started to shine while I read this comment :-) :-)

It´s something special with old ruins, especially if they have a history like the one in Your picture. We actully has a church ruin in my village! I´ve never been there, but now I have to go and look what it´s like :-)

I think I rathet have Your rains and heat than our winters. They predict that they will get warmer and rainier here. We still have some cold periods with snow in winter, but they become shorter and shorter. I think I´d rather have Your heat with the rain then :-) :-)

Some days it´s just impossible to find something new to write about and even if others might find it interesting to read the same thing, but in other words, over and over again, I´m not one of those that likes to write like that :-) :-) :-)
Thanks for stopping by and welcome back!
Have a great day now!