Monday, August 31, 2009

Back again.

I´ll start this blog by showing the early morning sky a couple of days ago. Can it be much more beautiful? All pictures gets bigger if You click on them.
It hasn´t happened especially much these last days. The weather has been very mixed all the time. Rather windy and some times rain and some times sun. But my cats tactics by running between my two doore, to see if the weather is better on the other side has payed of sometimes. A couple of times it has been sunny on one side of my little cottage and rain on the other :-) :-)

I´ve been so happy now since almost all flies are gone, especially those biting ones. So guess if I got surprised today when I and my dogs took a walk on the roads beside the forest. I was going to pick up something on the road and exaktly when I was bending forwards something stung me on my left buttock!!!
It did hurt so much that I at first thought it was a wasp stinging me. But I saw a big black fly, that might be a deer fly of some kind, a Chrysops, fly away from me. It did try to bite me one more time, but I think I might have hit it by swinging the leashes in the air. Even now,an hour after the bite it hurts :-) :-) :-)

The trees are now slowly getting autumn colors.

I found this mushroom in my garden. I think it´s deadly poisonous but isn´t it beautiful?

We had the classical "Finn struggle" this weekend. It´s a competition in athletics between Sweden and Finland that has been held since 1925 (well not every year since then, WW2 did stopp it). For us this is more important than any world cup. We might be useless compared to the rest of the world, that doesn´t matter as long as we beat the Finns :-) :-) They of course feels the same :-) :-) This competition is never about world records, it´s all about tactics. I can now proudly tell You that we whiped the floor with the Finns! :-) We won all four groups! Boys, girls, women and men (but the men competition was a close call). They will be difficult next year, thats for sure :-) :-)

Unfortunally this pictures didn´t become especially sharp, but I wanted to show one of our most poisonos spiders, The Cross Spider. A bite from it is much the same like a sting from a wasp. But to be honest, I´ve never heard anyone get bitten from one.
I hear that there are big fires in California now and the hurricane season has started around Florida. Before I followed this with some interest, but nowdays I follow it with consern for those I know are living in those places. Even if I haven´t met any of You living there I sort of feel I know You by Your blogs, so please take care and try too get away from danger as early as possible if danger approaches!
Have a great day now!


Visiting Voyeur said...

Nice photos again. I especially like the last one. Sorry to hear about your fly mishap. Maybe while walking you should limit your bending over :). We are having a bit cooler weather here. It was 78 here yesterday. In a way I look forward to the cooler weather this year but in a way I don't becuase I know it will limit what I get to do outside. Oh before I forget my morning glories bloomed. There is quite a few. :) Hopefully there are more of your photos tomorrow.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Chelle and thanks!
I didn´t sow any morning glories this year, but I must remember to do so next year! They are so beautiful. Over here they are called "The flower of the day". Will You post some pictures in Your blog? I´ll check it out later if You have!

We only reached 64F here today, but tomorrow it might be up to 77, but only tomorrow.

In a way it´s nice that autumn is comming, but as You say there will be limits of what to do outside the colder it gets.

Now when I know there still are some nasty flies outside I will for sure not bend over until frost comes :-) :-) :-)
Have a great day now!

jaz said...

hi christer...yeah, you are back and showed some more mushrooms!!! and very good looking mushrooms i might add. every day when i turned on my computer i would think of how many more days until christer is back. i so enjoy reading your blog and seeing your pictures. i loved all the morning sky pics today. bummer about the butt. i would hate those flies. we are having very nice cool weather. i sure hope it stays this way. all of my candy won't be touched. no one around here eats it. i guess it is more for show than anything. way to go sweden!!! kicked some finn butt!!!! joyce

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Joyce!
Yes we did kick som finn butts :-) :-)

I wish I didn´t eat candy either :-) As I said, it wouldnt last long here :-) :-)

I did find some new mushrooms to photograph :-) The last rains helped me with that :-)

You should see the sky now, very evenly grey and not much to take pictures of. But that will at least make the night fairly warm. I must have some more days for my tomatoes to ripe :-) But now I at least have a recipe for fried green tomatoes, so I will try that if my tomatoes stays green :-)
Have a great day now!

HelenJ said...

Läckra svampbilder! Vilka skönheter de egentligen är, bara man tittar lite närmare på dem...
Smarta katter du har =). Men det är kanske ren tur - vädret är verkligen ombytligt nu. När man jobbar ute som jag är det ett evigt av- och påklädande hela tiden. Först fryser man i fleecetröja, sen tar man av sig till kortärmat, och sen är det regnställ på. Och så börjar det om igen. Ibland hinner jag med flera ombyten i timmen! =)
Det är ena förskräckliga flugor du har där uppe hos dig. Själv har jag klarat mig med en hästfluga och två fästingar på hela sommaren. Hoppas du inte har så ont längre. Nåja, de lär ju försvinna när det blir kallt och ruggigt, iaf nåt positivt med vintern...

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Tjänare Helen!
Ja svampar är egentligen otroligt vackra. Jag har ju kommit dem nära nu när jag fotat dem :-)

Måste vara ett elände med kläderna nu när vädret är som det är. Men har jag fattat det hela rätt lär du ju slippa sånt i morgon i alla fall :-)

Kan dessutom meddela att det bara känns lite obekvämt där flugan bet mig :-)Fast jag nöjer mig med två nätter med frost, då har de flesta flugorna gått åt och jag blir då nöjd :-) :-)
Ha det gott!

Diane said...

Great pics and I too am glad the flies are getting less here least we do not have biting flies :-)
As for the fires so far around here we are OK but we are just as dry and if a fire did occur we would suffer much. As a matter of fact there is a fire going on now where I used to leave in Auburn, CA. It is the foothills of the Sierras east of Sacramento the state capital. So far I have not heard of anyone that I personally know has any loss from that fire...but many have lost everything.
Have a great Monday...blessings from CA.

Anonymous said...

I got hooked on your daily photos. Gosh. Now I feel much better, thanks. And I agree. The last picture is the best. I'm not too excited that the mushrooms are poisonous. I stopped picking them in the woods as a child because a friend got violently ill and almost died. The parents told us it was that he ate the mushrooms we picked. His older sister made a salad. I always wondered why then she didn't get sick too.

We are nearing the time when the Hurricane season comes to a close, even though they say it runs till November. Once we start pulling out of 100 degree weather, the waters will start to cool and make it bad for Hurricanes to sustain their winds. We are hoping that takes place soon as we are now down to about 103 degrees and yesterday 99. It's been a humid summer. Many are blaming it on Global Warming. Florida was never this bad. Welcome back and have a great week.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Diane!
I hate those flies and now my left buttock itches a lot :-) :-)

These fires are terrible! They eat forests and homes like hungry monsters! I hope that You´ll stay clear of them!
Have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Z&M!
Some mushrooms look so much alike that they are dangerous to pick even if one knows the small differenses in apperense. I always avoid picking those look alikes even if I know the difference, one day I might be a bit tired and do that fatal misstake! But they are all beautiful :-)

I´m so glad that we never get those strong hurricanes as You get, even if our storms can be bad enough. But our storms comes later in autumn instead unless one of Your hurricanes blows all the way over here. The last two really bad ones came in the middle of the winter. So at least our storms can´t be blaimed on the global warming I think.
Have a great day now!

Visiting Voyeur said...

Hey Christer. If I can I will get a picture posted on my blog tomorrow of the morning glories.


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I stepped outside and faintly smelled smoke. I called to my husband..."I smell smoke out here!" and then I remembered. And I saw in the distance...smoke.

You have the strangest growths in Sweden! The mushrooms are like none I have ever seen in my life! Amazing. It must be the dampness.

I miss your posts and would forget and come by ..and then remember.. :)

Sports. I know nothing about any of them except baseball. Sounds very competitive! :) And..when it's like's exciting!
So glad you are back!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Chelle!
I´ll check it out then!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Mona!
I really hope that You don´t live near the fires! Terrible wats happening now!

I think You´re right with that it´s the dampnes that helps all these different mushrooms. But now it´s getting so dry that they are drying up. Only a few can make it now when there is so little water in the ground.

Our Finnstruggle is very competitive, so that´s why it´s so fun. To be honest, I don´t know a lot about sports either :-)

I loved playing baseball in school, but otherwise baseball is a very little sport here, unfortunally.
Have a great day now!

womanwisdom said...

hi christer! thanks for your beautiful pictures! they are wonder-full! we don't get to see much of inner europe out here in the islands. i just hope i can get a good camera so i can share lots of beautiful scenes here too.

be back soon. sending you warm sunshine from the islands...


The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi W.W!
I have almost never seen anything from Your part of the world, exept of some they showed in a travellars program on tv! It looked so beautiful to me!
Have a great day now!