Sunday, September 20, 2009

I made this little video mostly because I wanted You all to hear what I hear almost every morning. I really must remember not to walk when filming, it looks like we´re having an earthquake when I´m walking around with the camera :-) :-) Unfortunally the cranes kept quiet when filming, but You can hear a woodpecker in the beginning.

This is the morning sky at seven am. The sun gets more and more lazy every day now :-)

It was surprisingly warm this morning, almost eight degrees celsius ( almost 46 degrees fahrenheit). Still the air felt cool and brisk. I could hear cranes and geese making a lot of noice and once in a while a woodpecker shreaked in the forest. I couldn´t see any deers today though.

Teodore has this idea that he will run ahead and then suddenly lay down on his back. He shouts a lot all the time too :-)

As You can see, he´s not the cleanest of cats :-)

The sun really helped to make the color on these raspberry leafs shine!

I´m having some troubles concentrating on this blog now. The kitchen door is already open and the magpies are flying in and out of my cottage to steal cat food :-) They don´t even care about me until I´m comming real close. I can´t but admire those birds :-) But I will have to do something about this and do it soon. I don´t want them to learn their whole family that there´s free food in my kitchen :-) I have a blog friend that writes in her blog "Keep The Coffee Coming" that also have an animal problem, but she is dealing with squirrels instead :-) Why don´t You all go and read her blog when You´re finished here! She writes a fantastic blog!

I really don´t mind the magpies stealing the cat food, of that I have plenty. But they do make a mess outside and inside my kitchen. They really don´t care about where they do their toilette buisness :-) and they can be kind of nasty towards my cats too. But they really don´t care about my dogs, they seemes to have understood that my dogs more or less letting them do as they pleases :-)

There´s a little pond hidden in this little copse.

My cup of tea on my kitchen stairs. The tea is "Earl Grey" a black tea with the taste of bergamotte, a citrus relative.

Well it´s time for my cup of tea on my kitchen stairs. It´s so nice sitting there in the sun early mornings. Just before the sun gets to hot (my kitchen stairs is towards south, so even if it´s not that warm outside it will get hot by my stairs). At the same time I´ll show the magpies that I´m on to them :-) They don´t care to be honest. They land on the ground just out of reach staring at me, accusing me for hinder them on their way too the food :-)
Have a great day now!


Anonymous said...

The sounds of Sweden, right in both ears this morning, now that's technology at its' best. I did hear the Cranes and could barely make out the Woodpecker. And I'm thinking Kat should ship you her squirrels; you should ship her the Magpies; then everyone would be happy. Love the photos this morning and I'm shopping today for some of that tea. Thanks.

jaz said...

what a wonderful video christer! there was music playing in the background that accompanied the video perfectly and i was just about to ask you what it was when i realized it was from my blog!!! i usually have the sound off on my computer so i don't even know what music is playing on my own blog!!!! i could hear the cranes very clearly. i have a woodpecker in my backyard right now. good thing there are no cars on your road because teodore looks like a speed bump! you truly live in a beautiful place!!!! joyce

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Z&M!
I had to listen one more time to the video, but there´s no cranes to be heard. Lots of geese sounds however. I´ll try to catch the cranes some morning too.

Yes! I can take her squirrels if she takes my magpies :-) Then I think we both would be rather happy :-)

I love Earl Grey and even if I quite often buys other kinds of tea, I always comes back to Earl Grey!
Have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Joyce!
I too almost always have the sound of on my computor, so I would peobably have made the same misstake :-) :-)

Sorry, but it´s geese You can hear. I will try to capture som cranes too one morning. It´s a totally different sound, sort of sad in all its loudness.

I´m very happy that we have very few cars here and those few driving here all knows that they, with big possibilty, will meet several cats and perhaps my dogs too :-) :-)
Have a great day now!

Diane said...

LOVED the video. I also am a fan of Keep The Coffee Coming blog, she does a good job.
Earl Grey eh? I am a Irish tea girl.
Guess its the Irish blood that flows in me along with my Native American blood...and YES it does make an odd couple, but I like the way I turned out. :-)
As always Christer you again out done yourself with this post.
Have a super fantastic awesome day eh?

Aussiemade said...

I will have to wait till I am on a work computer to look at your video Christer. We only have dial up at home. The photographs were so beautiful(as I find they always are). Theodore looks like a great cat, and your magpies.. We have magpies in Australia, and here in Tasmania. Unfortunately we do not get them down as far south as I live. I love their songs and their cheeky personalities. I do miss them. We get cockatoos that fly over head and sometimes stop in the trees for a rest.

We dont have squirrels, but in exchange for magpies, and squirrels I could send some bandicoots, and a possum or two. lol

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Diane!
Glad You liked it :-) Not the best quality but it´s sure fun to make them :-)

I´ve heard about Irish tea, but I know no sorts of it! I always tries new sorts, but always comes back to Earl Grey :-)
You have a fantastic day too!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Aussimade!
I had dial up before and it drove me mad sometimes :-)

So You have magpies too?! Who came up with that idea to bring them to Tasmania :-) :-) Well they are wonderful, intelligent and funny birds, but that You have a lot of as it is down there!

Cockatoos and all other great parrots and parakeets You have is fantastic!And it would be fun to have a possums or two :-) But a bandicoot would be fantastic to have here :-)
Have a great day now!

Kat said...

I so loved that video. The crunching of your footsteps made me feel as if I were there with you. The sounds were just wonderful.

I'll trade!!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Kat!
Nice to see You here again!
Glad You liked the video! Yes lets trade :-) Your squirrels and my magpies :-)
have a great day now!