Friday, September 4, 2009

One of our most beautiful butterflies, according to me. We call it Peacock eye.

Autumn has arrived. The wind has reached the strength of gale, if not more (I wonder if it´s old Bill that has finally come here?). The rain is pouring and we have only 14C (57F) outside. The weather is so bad that neither I nor my dogs or cats wanted to take a walk in it :-) Inside however it´s warm and cosy. I have a fire in the kitchen stove and a cup of steaming hot tea beside me by my computor.

My dogs are sleeping on my bed, Bertil is sleeping in my favourite couch and Teodor in front of my aquarium downstairs. Overall it´s a rather nice afternoon :-) The only thing missing is a good book and a pair of slippers. Books I have many but I realised that I have no slippers. If I remember correctly my last ones was destroyed by my old cat :-)

Solidago canadensis, Canadian Goldenrod. Here in my neighbourhood it´s a terrible weed. But a beautiful one.

Our own little dung beetle, a Tordyvel.
I once was a big fan of Seinfeld and now one channel here is showing all episodes from the beginning, it´s like Christmas every day now :-) Every decade has had its big sitcome it seemes. I love Lucy, Mash, Cosby show, Rosanne, Seinfeld and Friends. But is there any big one now? The one I miss the most is Fiends, perhaps because it´s the most resent? I can see it when ever I want to, but its not the same thing then. So You in America, is any sitcom taking over after friends or will we have to wait even more?

Violettes are still popping up from the ground, but this is the first orange one I´ve ever had here.

Well we have Three and a half men ofcourse :-) A bit uneven in quality sometimes though. But I love their awful mother :-) :-) :-) It´s never boring when she´s with them.
I feel it´s time to put more logs in the stove and I think that my tee is getting a bit to cold now, so have a great day You all!


jaz said...

hi christer! there has been a big change in american television. we now have series that are on the pay stations like 'showtime' and 'hbo'. they are soooo much better than what we have on regular channels. they are not censored the way regular television is. the most popular ones are "dexter" about a serial murderer, "weeds" about a widow that starts selling pot to support her children, "true blood, about vampires, "nurse jackie", about a nurse who uses drugs and played by carmela from the sopranos. these are just a few ..oh, there is also one called "big love" about a mormon guy with three wives and a bunch of children. we are all hooked on true blood and the last episode of this season is this sunday so we don't know what we will do with ourselves until the next season starts!!!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Joyce!
Dexter, Weeds and Tru Blood goes on channels over here too, but usually to late for me to watch if I want to know what I´m doing at work the day after :-) :-)

I think it´s great that they don´t censor programs! I think that if one doesn´t like what one sees, don´t watch it then. There will surly be some kind of cliffhanger on the last episodes so You woun´t forget to look next season :-)
Have a great day now!

Visiting Voyeur said...

Nice photos. You must stockpile the beauty from over there and then only show a few each day to tease us into coming back. :) I think Joyce is right about how sitcoms have changed. More shows are going toward blood and drama. I think the sitcoms that I am hooked on right now are Drop Dead Diva, Monk and House! 2 of the three are eccentrics so to me it is like watching bits of myself or someone I know but to the extreme. Or they say what we all wish we could say but don't because it isn't allowed socially. I liked Dexter okay but once it moved to HBO I didn't really watch it much. I didn't find Weeds or Nurse Jackie very appealing to me. ON True Blood I have to say I don't understand what all the hype is about it. It watched it twice. The first time I watched it to see if I would like it(because I like that kind of stuff normally) and didn't. Then I watched it the second time and confirmed to myself that it has no real story line and my brain goes completely numb/asleep trying to enjoy it but that was my take on it. So do you all have any sitcoms that are just swedish?

Diane said...

Hi Christer...well sitcoms to me are "comedy" ones like seinfield & friends. My all time fav is MASH. As for "dramas' I like The Cleaner, Saving Grace, House, and NCIS. We are getting some new shows in a couple of weeks...well see how they hold up. But in general I watch whatever suits my mood...if it is based on a "true" story I will watch it.
Oh lovely pics...can you ship over a little of your home land for us to enjoy in person *sigh*.
Have a cozy night.

Renee said...

Christer..that first photo of the peacock butterfly is just gorgeous! I want to print it out and frame it. All of your photos are very interesting. In regard to the television shows...I like Nurse Jackie...will not be new shows till next summer. Where I work in a Veterans Home...I hear on the tv there...Mash...and they like Lawrence Welk show on Saturday nights...brings back memories of when I was at home. ..Take care.

Anonymous said...

I miss "Cheers" loved Seinfield but all the really creative sitcoms have dried up over here. I'm not hooked on any and too much news gives me chest pains. So I blog more than I watch TV although it's the NFL that starts next Sunday and YAY for that, I'm a huge Washington Redskins fan. Love my Skins. Unfortunately they lose more than they win but it gives me and my friends a full season of bitching about them. Here comes more lightening so GOODbye!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Diane!
I also menas comedu when I talk about sitcoms, but it´s interesting to know what else might be comming here too.

Lets hope that there will be some great new comedies then, we need them when times are bad like now.
I´ll watch anything in the sciencefiction gengre myself :-)

Well, I´ll see if I can find a big enough box to send some Sweden to You :-) :-)
Have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Chelle!
Something is wrong with Blogger this morning! My answer to You just dissapered after a while and Diane got three answers from me, despite the fact I only answered once :-)
Let´s try again then.

House is bg over here too, but I´m starting to loose interest now because it´s just the same thing every time. But I do love the things he says, normally we can´t say things like that :-) :-)I´ve never heard about the two others You mention.

We do have swedish ones too, but mostly they are crap. We do have a lot of brittish sitcoms too, my personal favourite is "Little Brittain".
Have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Renee!
The Peacock eye is so beautiful! It´s one of the few butterflies that spend winter sleeping through it. So they are usually the earliest we can see here too. Their catepillars eats a lot of nettles too, so they are very welcome here :-) :-)

Mash was a great show! It´s one of the few that always will be re runned at any channel I think. But I´ve never heard of Lawrence Welk.
Have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Z&M!
Cheers is showed here on weekends in one of the smaller channels and If I remember I usually looks at it.

American foot ball is a very small sport over here, but soon ice hockey will start. But I only watch it when the World Cup starts. The news is all about the svine flu now, so it has become a hysterical sitcom sometimes :-) :-) :-) Mostly I try to hear if our austronate has done something special otherwise I quit the news too. Blogging however takes up a lot of my time now :-)
Have a great day now, despite the lightning!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I am a huge fan of TV, at least for Three and a Half Men..Family Guy and the like. But since I married this sweet husband doesn't watch it...and I am missing out on things. His desk in next to the TV in the family I don't like to disturb him...and no cable in the bedroom. I MISS it!

The Peacock butterfly is exquisite. The moss and the fern and the suddenly a burst of color...I would be out walking every day too if I had all that to look at. Here is just houses..which I love...but not these. Very few care in our neighborhood. We have noticed a bit of interest in their yards since we begand fixing up our yard.
LOVE this blog!
And...good grief! Look at the followers you have now! YOU are becoming a ROCK STAR Christer! :):)
I just wanted to add that my son, Danny also has a farm on facebook.
If you see him, please say "hi"..

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Mona!
Three and a half men is so funny sometimes! I love the hous keeper too, she really knows how to say a line :-)

I think that the peacock eye is one of our most beautiful butterflies. Lately however I have only seen a few. I hope there will be more next year. I´ll get some more plants that atracts butterflies next year.

I feel lucky to have found a place here! Fantastic nature and good neighbours. But it´s only I that loves gardening. One neighbour do have a lot of great looking flower pots however. Her pot plants has been looking much better than mine this year.

We are a couple of people that have a farm on facebook :-) Hope he´s doing great there :-)
have a great day now!