Thursday, September 10, 2009

Another beautiful morning.

I´m sick! Or I´m sick now and again really. Suddenly I have a high fever, but an hour later I haven´t. I wish it could decide what it wants because it´s a bit tiring now :-) :-) My throat is a bit soar too. Yesterday evening the fever was so high that I was certain that I was going to be awfully sick this morning, but I had no fever at all. All day at work has gone well, but now the fever is back. I hope this is the svine flu so it´s over and done with. But my brother, who is on his way to the vernissage of his paintings somewhere north, said that we have two kinds of flu going around now. With my luck I´ll probably get them both :-) :-)

It was a wonderful day yesterday. So I and my dogs walked down to the creek. The comming pictures comes from that promenade.

In Brittain they have discovered that their most dangerous cookie is the double vanilla cookie. It´s the research company Mindlab International that has figured that out. 25 million britts has got injured in cookie related accidents! Some has got scalded when dipping the cookie in hot liquids, some has fallen of their chair when reaching for the cookie jar and, this is a bit surprising I think, some have poked their eyes with the cookie??!! :-) :-) :-) I think they might need glasses if they do the last thing :-) :-) :-) I just love those small news in the morning paper :-)

We met this little toad on our walk. It was very polite and stood still all tie time I tyried to take a picture of it. I think I took ten pictures until I got a good one :-)

This is a foot print from a wild hog. It´s probably from a sow because it´s long and thin. A boar has short but wide foot prints. This was taken just 100 meters (around 328 feet) from my home and only a couple of hours old. That it is a hog foot print one can see because it showes four toes. The two big in the front and two smaller a bit back.
The weather has been wonderful both today and yesterday. Almost summer temperatures in day time, but when I get up in the morning it´s anything but summer temperatures. Today it was as low as 3C (37F) The fog is here more often too. This morning I could just see fifty meters ahead when driving (about 164 feet). I really don´t like to drive then, especially since the mornings are the time at day when animals are moving around a lot. I have already hit a bird with my car and almost a couple of deers. Driving to work these days takes a long time in the fog.

The magpie is waiting for me to open my kitchen door so it can start to steal the cat food :-)

The last flowers on the honeysuckle.

The geranium "Madame Nonine".

A nameless geranium.
Well, I´m going to bed early today with a good book and a pot of tea. It´s no use to try to stay up when feeling bad I think. So have a great da You all!


Diane said...

I sure hope when you woke up this morning, that you were feeling much better.
You photos are so amazing...are you a photographer or think of displaying your photos somewhere?
Also thanks for stopping by my blog.
Good day to you!

jaz said...

oh no christer....the dreaded swine flu????? i hope you feel better fast. all one hears about these days on the news is the swine flu!!! have you had a frost yet? we can't seem to cool off here and i want cool weather so much!!! joyce

Roses and stuff said...

Jasså har vi två influensor på gång - då var det säkert den 'vanliga' jag hade i förra veckan och helgen...och svininfluensan lär jag väl heller inte slippa. Vad tröttsamt det är...
Men vilka fina, höstlika bilder du visar idag - den sista bilden t ex är fantastisk!
Krya på dej!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you are struggling with a virus. Swine flu isn't suppose to hit till winter but I guess it's getting winter like weather there. I love the pictures today. One of the creek could be old Florida. Looks just like what I remember. I'm with Diane on publishing some of these for people to buy and thumb through. Sell them worldwide to doctors offices. I'll be your U.S. rep. How's that? And Zoey is still waiting for that Nobel peace prize, I'm waiting on pictures of the pond. Just so ya know.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Diane!
Can´t say that I felt so much better to be honest, but it wasn´t any worse either and that´s something :-) :-)

No I´m not a photografer, neither have I ever thought of displaying them. I just likes to take photoes. But thanks! :-)

It´s always nice to read Your blog, so I´ll be comming back many more times!
Have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Joyce!
The swine flu is quite harmless compared to the common flus that we usually have, at least if one is over thirty years old. We who are is alreadu in some ways protected from it since that virus already has given us flu one time before. So I´m not especially worried. Better have it now thwn having to wait for it :-)

Here the media does it best to create panic amongst us, they sell more newspapers then :-)

We had our first frost this morning. It wasn´t fun to scrape the ice from the cars windows.
Have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Z&M!
The first wave of flu has hit Europe now and there will probably be one or two more waves comming after.

One thing I like about the area around the creek is all vegetation, the trees hanging down over the water. It gives a bit of a tropical feeling over it during summer :-)

I have no idea how to sell my pictures :-) I start laughing when thinking of it, because I can see myself going in a crowded street with a trench coat. Opening iot once in a while telling people: Hey, do You want to buy a picture! :-) :-) :-)

Was it the peace prise she wanted? Unfortunally it´s the Norwegians that gives that prise away, so I can´t affect that at all! So we can only wait and hope :-)
Have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Tjänare Katarina!
Ja så sade han. Liite tröttsamt att behöva få två varianter, men naturligtvis lär vi få bägge :-) :-)

hade rikti´gt kul med att ta de här bilderna. Vädret och skogen gör det lätt att ta bra bilder.
Ha det gott!