Sunday, September 13, 2009

It wouldn´t have been my blog if there wasn´t a picture of the morning sky :-)

I was just about to make a fire in my kitchen stove when the sun broke through and spoiled it for me. It´s still enough warm outside during day time, when sun is shining, that it would have been terrible hot inside here tonight if I would fire in the stove. But it´s always nice to see the sun every day so I´ll forgive it :-)

It´s so easy to capture the autumn colors on the birches when all other trees around it is spruces.

The morning dew shows the spiderwebbs so perfectly now and in the middle of it all the webb master, or more probably, the webb mistress is waitning for new pray.

It was almost frost this night too, so it was quite nice to take the morning walk in the forest. Some birds were singing and I could once again hear the moose cow call for her calf, but this time she was further away so I didn´t feel the need to call my dogs back from where ever they were. But more than anything I could hear the cranes calling out loudly. It almost felt like spring again hearing them so loudly.

I´m not sure if You can see it, but on the leaf in the miffle a drop of the morning dew still lingers on.

It´s a bit windy this morning so my car has almost dried up from the morning dew already before eight am.

Just a name less geranium I brought in before the frost.

Raspberry leafs.
It seemes it´s a bad year for apples here, not in my garden though. Every year they start to feed the different deers, including the moose, with all our surplus apples we have no use for. They have just started to do this and now all apples are finished. So I told them that they could take all the apples in my garden too, as long as I had enough left to make at least one apple pie :-) I had an idea that I should cann some to winter, but I´m to lazy nowdays to be honest and these apples aren´t the right sorts to make apple sauce from.

This old tree stump will soon be covered by the ants stack just behind it.

So now there lies a bunch of apples in my kitchen just waiting to be pealed so I can make some apple pie :-) We always have custard with our apple pie and normally I make it myself, but as I said I´m lazy so I bought ready made instead :-) It woun´t be a fancy pie, the easiest to make with some cinnamon in it too. Most things tastes better with cinnamon I think :-)

My Nectarine tree. Unfortunally nectarine trees doesn´t get any autmn colors at all. They just drop the leafs when they still are green, if they drop them at all. Beside it stands a Dogrose just as high.

My sloe (or blackthorn) has produced five berries this year :-)This is a garden variety so it has slightly bigger berries. These are big as a thumb nail, the wild ones are much smaller. If they stay on the bush for two nights with frost, they will become perfect to make lemonade from or liqueur. Without the frost they are unedible. The sloe is one of the parents to the european plums they think.

It seemes that what ever I had, a cold or the flu, is gone now. But I´ll probably get something else soon :-)
Now the sun is heating up the air and it looks to be a wonderful autumn day. So I´ll make another pot of tea and drink it all up on my kitchen stairs, perhaps with a piece of apple pie too.
Have a great day now, I will!


womanwisdom said...

may i have a piece of that apple pie please, mr. christer?!:-) i just loooovvveee apple pie! it's so good with fresh brewed mountain coffee we have here. the apples we get here are from china or australia. and the apples we make for pies, are the canned ones from the US.

i have to thank you much, christer, because i feel happy whenever i visit your blog! it makes me feel like i can almost be in the places in the photos! it really is a rare treat and i can imagine a quiet retreat! i must say you have good pictures of the mushrooms in the previous blogs you had. a friend of mine traveled to the north, in the Cordillera Mountains (you can google this too if you want to visit), where mushrooms of all sorts abound! he has actually discovered a mushroom that's going to be named after him!

i hope you won't be getting sick of anything and that you be in the best of health for the coming seasons! do take care now...

go gently through life...

Anonymous said...

You made that pie in the time it took me to read your post. Must be a fast recipe. I like apple pie with vanilla ice cream and then the coffee. I like the colors of the raspberry leaves today. Good enough to frame. And what a day to see your season change there in pictures. Very nice. Thanks and have a great day! Glad you're feeling better.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi W.W!
If You pop over I´ll make a new pie for You, this one is almost finished by now :-) :-) :-) Newly brewed coffe too :-)

I´m glad that You get happy visiting my blog! Sometimes it feels like I´m living at the end of the world here, nothing much hapens to be honest. It was the best decision I ever made moving up here from Gotheburg, there it was so stressful!

Here there´s no use to stress at all, if they are letting out the cows and they have to pass the road I´m on, they have to. Everyone up here understands if one gest a bit late then :-) I´m a much nicer person nowdays because of that :-)

How interesting to get a mushroom named after oneself! I can imagine that there is still many things to be found in Your djungles. I`ll google the Cordillera Mountines later today!

I to hope I woun´t get sick again, but I think I will anyway :-) Wintertime is cold time :-)
Have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Z&M!
That pie is the easiest there is to make :-) Yes coffee together with that pie is perfect. I think that the hazelnut coffee I got from Woody and AliceMary wood have been perfect to this pie.

Those raspberry leafs looked great I think. One never knows if they will get colored or just fade to brown directly. This year it looks as if we are getting a lot of colors, I think the frost helped with that :-)
Have a great day now!

jaz said...

hi you actually ever see the moose? when teddy was about 6 months old, we drove ll the way to nova scotia with her. we rented a house right on the ocean and we were surrounded by woods. at night the moose would call to each other. chow chows were bred as hunters and the moose noises just drove teddy crazy. the walls of the house were glass and teddy ran around that house barking at every leave that moved in the breeze. i just noticed the leaves on top of the maple tree in my sons yard are turning red. mine have not changed yet. but when hey do they will turn scarlet! enjoy your apple pie!!! joyce

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Joyce!
Yes I see them too often I´m afraid :-) Usually just for a couple of seconds, but that´s enough I feel. Sweden have more mooses than any other place in the world I´ve read. They shoot a hundred thousands every year in this country.

My dogs doesn´t have much instinkt for hunting, they can stand beside a moose or a deer just looking at them. That I´m glad for, otherwise I would never be able to let them run around without leaches.

So autumncolors are comming to You too now! Well that´s the way it goes everywhere now I´m afraid. But it sure is beautiful :-)
The apple pie was delicious :-)
Have a great day now!

Anonymous said...

Now we are all humgry for some apple pie here the apples are in full season and I must soon visit the nearby orchard for some apple cider and perhaps coax Alice Mary to whip us up a pie or two. This is indeed a pleasant season.

Diane said...

Dear Christer now you've done it...we all what apple pie now. :-)
I agree with your readers it is a joy to visit your blog...thank you!
I hope your day has gone well and thanks also for all the beautiful pics.

NinaH said...

Oh please Christer- not frost yet!!! ...??????
Well... gladly.... still not in this area... yet... !;-) But I guess it wouldn´t be long now...:-(
Great you have had such nice weather during the day any way! (Rain here!)
A Garden variety of Sloe sounds interresting! Have to look for that!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Hi Christer,
Thanks for the morning picture... :) I always love those.
I am playing catch up tonight and I hate falling behind.
I love the Geranium. It's beautiful. The color is so delicate and it appears to be ruffled. So pretty.
What is the last picture you posted. I couldn't make out what it was. It sort of looked like one of the dogs..but not really. ?? S'plain. :)
Didja save me some pie?? :) Drop over and have a piece of chocolate. They are delicious. soft chocolate inside.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Woody!
I can tell You that the apple piue was delicious :-) I´ll have to make one next weekend too I think :-)

Making cider from own apples is bekomming a big thing here now. It seemes everyone has apple trees in their gardens, but few knows what to do with them. So they drive to places that helps them to do cider from their own apples for a small fee. Great idea I think!

As You say, this is indeed a pleasant season!
Have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Diane!
One can never get to much apple pie in life I think :-) :-)
I´m glad that You like my blog! I´ll try hard too keep the standard :-)
Have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Nina!
Yes, frost! But only for one night so far. But we had only three degrees C this morning. A clear night and frost will surly come again.

It´s so dry here now that I have to water my garden rather often now. The rains that comes this way is either small or misses us totally.

If You want I can try to take root shots from mine. I guess that it isn´t grafted. I can´t see any thorns from those either You see.
Have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Mona!
One can never get to many morning pictures :-)

I really like that geranium just because it´s a bit fuffled. It doesn´t become that big either so it´s easy to keep indoors if one wants to.

The last picture is on my yellow clematis, but both Orvar and Hector can be seen behind it :-)

I´ll make a new pie if I can have some of that chokolat :-)
Have a great day now!