Saturday, September 5, 2009

I think that this is the closest we get to see the sun today.

There is still some warmth in my cottage from yesterdays fire in the kitchen stove. The heat from a fire is something special, I can´t describe it but it is sort of softer than the heat from ordinary radiators. I´m so lucky having my stove left in the kitchen. Most people that renovated their houses in the late 1900:s removed them, they were old fasioned and electricity was so cheap (electricity is nothing but cheap nowdays). Here however the woman in the hous refused to take it away for many reasons, amongst other reasons was that bread baked in fire heated stoves was so much tastier and how right she was :-) I´m so grateful to her and her unwillingness to get rid of that old stove!

No leafs gets better autumncolors than the maple.

Autumn aster.

Tiger lilies.

I think that You americans knows this one. It´s a sunflower or perhaps more known as an artichoke.
It´s not raining any more, not as long as I saty indoors at least. As soon as I put my head outside the rain starts pouring :-) It started to rain on our morning walk, a kind of drizzle that sort of got inside my clothes in an instance. So we wondered in to the forest and I found the rests of an old stone wall I´ve never seen before, not far from the old stone age toomb I found last week. I´ve been walking there since I moved here nine years ago and never seen these things before. It´s nice to know that I still have findings to look forward to in the future. This area was amongst the first places to understand how to use and melt metal and later on it became the cradle of what we now call Sweden. In some places there are so many historeical things to find in the grounds that people don´t dare digging in their gardens, just in case they find something :-) If they find anything they are quiet about it. All findings must be reported and perhaps if interesting, museums and arceologists start digging to find out more :-)

I don´t think I´ve ever seen a fungi like this before.
A couple of days ago a black grouse rooster flew in front of us on our walk. Unfortunally my camera wasn´t ready (that is one thing not good with these modern digital cameras) so I couldn´t get a picture of it. They thought for many years that we didn´t have them here any more, but these last years I´ve heard their courting in early springwinter mornings. They still have some places in the bog, that nowdays mostly is a nature reservation, to play in. Unfortunally they have good hearing, so it´s impossible to get out there to see them in action. If I want to do that I have to know the exact place they are at and go out the day before to hide behind a shelter. I don´t do that kind of thing any more :-) But it is nice to here them anyway.

This one is edible and perfect to mix with other more tasteful mushrooms.

I found this old stonewall not far away from that stonage toomb I found last week.
With this weather we´re having it will be a nice and calm day. A fire will be started in the kitchen stove and tea will be made. A book will most certanly be read and my farm at facebook will be attended :-) Perhaps I´ll shave today too, but I don´t want to strain myself :-) That can wait until tomorrow :-)
Have a great day now. I will!

The larkspur still gives some flowers.

Clematis vitalba. Most of it flowers in the top of my plum tree :-)

I still have to wait a couples of weeks until my apples are ripe, but I tested one yesterday and it was jummy :-)


Anonymous said...

The composition of these pictures is excellent. The first two are eerie but soooo interesting. All the photos today are exceptional. Thanks. And I would guess the old woman who left the stove was a gourmet cook. She knew a good thing when she had it. I can just imagine what she cooked on that stove. YAY apples. How 'bout the tomatoes? Are they red yet? You have a great weekend.

Roses and stuff said...

Lustigt hur det börjar regna så fort du stickar ut näsan utanför dörren... ; )
Här har solen just brutit igenom - försöker skicka upp lite sol till dej!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Z&M! Thanks for Your commentns on my pictures!
However she was a gourmet cook I don´t know, but I´m grateful to her that she demanded the stove to be left alone!

I doubt that my tomatoes will get red, it´s too cold during the days now and perhaps a little to little sunshine. But now I have a recip for fried green tomatoes :-)

A couple of more weeks and I´ll start making apple pies :-)
Have a great weekend too!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Tjänare Katarina!
Ja knepigt det där, men det blir ju en bra ursäkt för att inte göra något alls, utan bara njuta av livet och elda i spisen :-)

Solen tittade faktiskt fram i hela fem minuter nyss, så då satt jag på kökstrappan och njöt :-)
Ha en bra dag nu!

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are so beautiful. I agree with indoor stoves. The hubs and I are considering putting one in our cottage but have not decided yet. We'll look into fire codes and such before we decide. Love your pictures!! Tammy

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Good morning, Christer... :)
I am up for over an hour now and turned on the big air cooler and opened front and back door. This sweeps all the old stale air out and the new in. I LOVE it. Howard is usually the one to do it..but this morning I did.
We are off to do some garage saleing today and that is always an adventure.

I always love to see the different fungi and mushrooms you come across..and you still have lots of beautiful color. Mum's will be blooming here soon.
I would love to have one of your "jummy" apples fresh off your tree! My little lemon tree is working on about 6, it certainly takes things a long time to ripen when you are watching them.
I am not terribly far from wine country but not close enough to run up and get a barrel. I found three at a local nursury..and had been looking for awhile.

I am playing catch up on to your earlier post! :)

P.S. This house still has the old "retro" tiny over from the 50's. Your stove is wood?

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Another P.S. How I wish there were places like that to explore here. None..

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Mona!
I can say that an air cooler is the last thing we need now over here :-) But when it was as most hot I´d loved to have one :-)

Even I am amazed over how many duifferent forms of fungi I have found this year. Today I found yet another I´ve never seen before.

Those apples are so tasty and perfect to make pies with! Even thinking of them starts my moth to water :-) But it would really be fun to have a lemon tree! We can buy small ones with lemons on them, but they usually gets infected by different bugs all through winter.

I was thinking of driving close to my old home tomorrow, it´s a bit different there and there grows chanterelles the best mushrooms there is!
have a great day at the garage sales today!

Lotta 8`) said...

Mysigt med brasa, i går eldade vi i öppna spisen. Jag har av svärfar fått en liten kamin i gjutjärn och när vi någon gång gör i ordning köket, skall den kopplas på rökkanalen så jag kan elda lite i köket med :)
Mysiga skogsbilder :) Ha en skön kväll vid elden :)

Visiting Voyeur said...

I absolutely love the tiger lily photo and the clouds. The silvery fluff looks forbearing and full of menace. We are having an overcast and upper 80's F day here. I have never probably seen the type of stove you are talking about though I am sure it is interesting.

I love fried green tomatoes. You know you could always make a relish with it to put into beans or on top of meats this winter. Will you make any applesauce or applebutter too? thank for the pictures and escape.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Tjänare Lotta!
Ja det är stor mysfaktor med vedspis i köket :-) Vill jag förhöja mysfaktorn än mer slänger jag in en kotte i elden så att det sprakar rejält också :-) Fast inte för många, då beckar skorstenen igen och mysfaktorn försvinner :-) :-)

Modern min har en sådan kamin och den är perfekt att värma upp mat och annat på, plus mysfaktorn då :-)
Ha det gott nu!

NinaH said...

We have had! A great day that is!;-) But in a complete other way! On the music theme instead!;-)
Great picture from your neighbour hood nature!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Chelle!
Yes they are lovely those tiger lilies. The clouds looked dangerous when the sun shined through them, but the weather was quite nice later on today. Some rain and even some sunshine (well five minutes of it anyway :-) ).

My stove is the kind they had before electric stoves. I can cook food on it and there is an owen in it too. To use the owen is a bit difficult until one understands how to feed the fire. To much wood and the surface of the food gets burned, but thr inside uncooked, to little and it takes forever to get the food finished. IO´ve mastered this nowdays and baking bread in that owen makes it so good :-)

These apples isn´t good for applesauce, but I´m thinking of canning some of them instead. I know an old lady that knows exactly how to cann them perfect :-)
Thanks for stopping by, it´s always nice to see Your comments here!
Have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Nina!
I guess that I can read about Your day in Your blog later then :-)

I had a nice walk when taking these pictures :-)
Continue to have a great day now!

Anonymous said...

Hoppas din rumpa mår bättre, lät som allvarligt det där. Nåja imorrn ska du baka tårta till hundarna, DET får du inte glömma.
Kram LjusneLotta & Co

Aussiemade said...

Christer I love your photos and your words. I love that we are at either ends of the world and yet are experiencing similar weather. Both very thankful to have wood stove(in your case, of which I would love) and heater in our case. They do impart a different welcoming warmth. Ahhh I will think of you snug and warm in Sweden. I loved my short visit there in 1998. You live in a lovely part. Hope the wind is not too wild.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Tjänare Lotta!
Jodå, rumpan känns mycket bättre nu :-) :-) Kan inte minnas att det gjort så ont någon gång innan när jag blivit stungen av något djur :-)

Nj Tårta vet jag inte om det blir, men de skall allt få en hel del hundgodis idtället!
Ha det gott!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Aussimade!
Yes that stove is great to have since I can have it booth to cook at/in and keep my cottage warm.

So You´ve been here! I´ve never been outside Europe, but one of the places I really want to visit in life is Tasmania (and the rest of Australia and New Zealand).

At the moment the wind is calm and quiet, but that´ll change they say. So I´m off to have a walk with my dogs in a minute or two.
Have a great day now!