Friday, September 18, 2009

I said yesterday that I would show more pictures from Kvänum today, but I had to work overtime and got fed up with Kvänum during that time :-) So today I´ll show You the way I drive home, exept for that I had to go to the store so I turned right before getting home. In this picture You can se another petrolstation that doesn´t exist any more in Kvänum. All pictures gets bigger if clicking on them.

My feet are killing me today. They told me already this morning that they would punish me for something as fast as they found any reason at all :-) and they did that rather fast :-) Well this is nothing a hot foot bath wount take care of.
For some reason I don´t understand I had to scrape the cars windows this morning too, even if the temperature was way over freezing point. It must have been the most local frost I´ve ever met, only over my car :-) :-) :-)

This is the one that will be closed down soon. As You can see on the prise board the petrol 95 oktane costs 12,20 swedish kronor/litre. That is something like 6,2 US dollars/US gallons.

Rush hour and the traffic is killing me :-) I actully met five cars later on this big road :-)

Turning in to the smaller road leading to my village. I didn´t meet any cars there though.

But since I was going to the store I turned left into a grovel raod. This house lies just beside the raod and I just love it. I don´t think anyone lives there and if I win all that money on the lottery I might buy it. I wouldn´t move there though since I love my home too :-)
I had to work overtime today. They had promised that we would paint ventilation pipes and send them on monday morning, but sort of forgotten that we quit work already 12:30 on Fridays :-) I could have gone to work tomorrow and done it, but that would probably have costed me more in petrol costs than I would make in extra pay :-) :-)

This little hobby store lies in the middle of nowere. It was open too. First time I´ve ever seen that :-)

Gudhems Church and beside it lies an old nunnery ruin.
We took our walk directly when I came home. They have cut down all grass on the fields yesterday and today they made hugh balls and then wrap plastic around them. This they do to make silage of the grass. Half way home I stopped and looked at the tractor that gathered the grass. I do miss the old way they made hay, it looked so much nicer. But anyway, the farmer came in anothet tractor and we had our annual talk.

It´s a bit funny really, we do say hi and how are you if we meet otherwise too, but once a year we really talks with each other. He told me his going to retire soon. He could have done so a couple of years ago, but like all farmers he loves his life and work. But being a rather small farmer is almost impossible today, he makes a loss every month nowdays and he doesn´t have any loans to pay. So now he´s closing down. He has tried to sell all his cows , but no one buys milking cows today. But he can´t stop totally, he will breed some calves every year and they will start going on the field outside my cottage :-) I love cows so that´s very welcome :-)

But I will sure miss all cows outside my garage every morning. I usually talks a couple of minutes with them before getting in to my car driving to work. That´s life i guess and I will still have those calves :-)
Have a great day now!


Anonymous said...

You can buy me the hobby shop when you hit the big money. I like that building and it fits so nicely into the Village ambience. That farm is as perfectly manicured as a Kentucky farm here in the states. That's where you find the people who breed race track winners. Horses that bring in a huge pay check once or twice a year. Those Petro prices are unbelievable. That cost per gallon would shut down the U.S. Have a great weekend.

Valerie said...

Beautiful pictures of your village. What a breathtaking view on your drive. Love the "rush hour" traffic...ha! What Californians wouldn't give for that!

Have a great weekend,

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Z&M!
Yes it is a nice building they have that hobby shop in. But I doubt they´d sell it. Well for the right price most things will be sold I guess :-)

Yes it is a really fine farm! It´s a shame that most opf them have to close down nowdays. The county I live in is one of those that have most racetracks horses in the country. Most horses of any kind actullly. I pass two of those places and each summer I can see new born foals and foals in the process of getting born :-)

We over here thinks that You get the gas for nothing :-) :-) We are very, very, very jealous of You!
Have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Valerie!
I think I was a bit lucky when driving home, there are usually more cars on the road. But to be honest, for anyone in California it would probably still look as the road was empty :-) :-) :-)
Have a great day now!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I cannot miss a day of your blog or I miss so much. You probably don't think so..but it's true. Your bee's are so fuzzy...different from our smooth bodied ones here. The the fly..also different. Ours are terrible. That church is just beautiful! I remember how I admire the ones in the New England states..and so MANY of them. It seemed every few blocks there was one.
I think you talk to your neighbors a LOT more than we do in California! :)
I waved to a neighbor the other day...and walked across the street to introduce myself...and I actually think she was frightened at first. She kept backing I approached. She just lives across the street and down two houses...and I KNOW she has to have seen me many times in the yard..although she acts as thought I am invisable.
I introduced myself and left quickly. At least she waves at me now when she sees me. I guess that is good. California...:) An interesting place to live.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Mona!
I´m so glad that You like my blog!
We do have lot of old churches over here :-) To many if one looks at how many goes to them on sundays. So nowdays they sell some every year and that is a bit sad I think. But whos I to talk, I almost bought one myself once :-)

We do say Hi when we meet and sometimes I drop in to someone for a cup of coffee, but otherwise we don´t meet so often. But here everyone is waving to each other when meeting on the roads, wether we know each other or not :-) So compared to Calofornia we almost talk to much :-) :-) :-)
Have a great day now!