Thursday, July 2, 2009

Yesterday morning. There were a thin layer of fog just before the sun started to shine.

It´s still really hot over here and it´ll continue for a couple of days more. But after this heat wawe rather cold weather will come. That´s whats happens when living so far north on this little plante of ours.

Suddenly the whole sky turned orange. The picture lies a bit, it wasn´t that orange but close and it lasted for a couple of minutes.

This bug is called "Bumble bee bug". Birds avoid to eat it just because of the likeness and it´s one of my favourites.

They say that we woun´t have any thunderstorm here today, but I can´t remember that they said anything about the one we had yesterday either. It hit the little town Skara and created caos. The power went out, the highway had to be closed and over 20 000 flashes of lightning was recorded during the thunderstorm. During the storm costumers in the most popular store we have there noticed that water was dripping down from the roof. Thanks to that no one got injured when 1089 square feet of roof fell down in a second.

This is what we call 'Day lilie'. The flowers only opens for one day but there are many buds just waiting to open afterwards.

The sun´s just about to go down for the day.

This morning started out just the same as yesterday, but without the orange sky.

I can´t understand why they insists on making the roof totally flat on big buildings like that. They only create problems and has done so since they started to make them like that. Especially in winter if there´s a lot of snow. They just have to lift the roof a little bit in the middle and most of those problems would be gone.

Teodor enjoys the cooler soil on the pondspot.

It´s already to hot to do anything outside today, so my pond has to wait a bit more to be finished. Even if they say that we woun´t have any thunderstorm here today I doubt that. We can notice that on the flies outside. Normally they are just irritating and annoying, but when thunder is near they become agressive. There´s no chance to get rid of them then. They crawl over us then. They were agressive alredy six o klock this morning. So If You bloggers doesn´t get a comment from me today You´ll know why :-)
Have a great day now!
P.S. To cope with the heat at work I shaved of all my hair on my head this morning. If hot I just put my head under cold water and life is great again :-) D.S.
Despite the fact that Bertil is much smaller, he shased away his brother so he could be alone on the same place :-)


Anonymous said...

Chased away the pond keeper. Bet you all are really not used to the heat. We are having a heat wave too. Our daily thunder shower is now packing high winds of 35 mph. Time then to retreat indoors. You try to make it a good day Christer.

Tara said...

The cats are too funny!

It's hot out here too. Even worse as our air conditioner quit working. HOT HOT HOT!


The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Z&M!
No, no one of us are used to this. But it comes more often so perhaps in some years this is normal :-)
With thuder strong winds usually comes and thw wind is more stronger by the hour here now. The thunderclouds are there but it looks as if they will miss my little village this time too :-) but we sure do need the rain now.

I´m going to make this a good day even if it kills me :-) :-)
have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Tara!
Yes they are :-) There´s plenty of room for them both, but no :-)

Airconditions aren´t especially common in homes over here, but today I sure would like one :-) Hope You can fix Yours soon!
Have a great day now!

jaz said... theodre and bertl know that little fishies will be swimming around in there soon????? smart kitties! it is cool and raining like crazy right favorite weather!!! tomorrow it starts to warm up and we are supposed to have great weather for th 4th so i will go into hiding. this place will be crazy with tourists and fireworks and revelers...ugh!!! this is when i wish i lived out in the country and not right in a city. joyce

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi joyce!
At the moment both Bertil and teodor thinks it´s a great toilette :-) But they´ll soon find out about water and possible dinner from it :-) :-)
Our national day celebration is so lame that I have difficulties to understand how it can be over at Yours at 4th of July.
But how does Your dog react to the fireworks? My dogs doesn´t care at all, but I know people that has to flee to the country side to get away from fireworks just because of their poor dogs.

Anonymous said...

While you suffer with the heat here in Maine we are waterlogged with constant rain Every day a new record is set.Hope your new haircut helps to deal with the heat. I am slowing down with the blog for a bit 4th of July is our wedding anniversary so I will take a break.
But will still read and comment .

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Woody!
So You got married 4th of Juli! Congratulations are in order then I feel!

Well now in the beginning the scull heats up easy :-) But I only have to splash some water on it and all of me gets cooler :-)

Yes take a break, You have to much to think of now anyway!

NinaH said...

Noone can work in this heat! Except my husband!;-) He loves it & is getting even more activ!;-)
well- SAturday to Tuesday we will have some rain here (the prognose)... Let´s see if...!;-)
Good noone got hurt in Skara! Flat roofs is not for our climate! We had one before. Grr.... So glad we made a new one!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Nina!
But Your husband came from the desert didn´t he :-) :-)

Yes, already tomorrow there will be a little bit coller and after that much cooler, but if we´re getting some rain it´s worth it!

These flat roofs! As You say, not for our climate!