Sunday, July 26, 2009

We walked out on my favourite peninsula by the bog yesterday. I´m not stupid enough to go out on the bog during summer. One must know the safe roads to do that and I know only a few of them.

We took our walk in to the forest and out to the bog yesterday. The grass is so high there now that I don´t want to walk there after a rain. I and my dogs would be soaked going there then. I was surprised by how little flies there were by the bog, they are after all comming from it. But they way through the forest was filled with them. But with my mosquitoe hat on the walk was quite nice :-)

Odon (or Bog billberry) can be found everywhere around the bog. I´ve read that Bog billberry is common on the american continent too. I love the sort of greygreen leafs that it has.

But the berries are far from ripe yet. Strange they usually are when the blueberry is otherwise.

I love walking on the bog, wintertime. When I know that it´s deep frozen. Going there otherwise is dangerous, one really must know where one can walk safly. There are places where one can sink down where there´s deep water benieth the grass and bushes. One looses the sence of diredtion out there too. Bogs are mysterios places, in this bog they sacrificed slaves and enemies a long time ago, to their gods.

One can´t but love walking in places like this :-)
The first night I lived here I took a walk in the evening with my dogs. My neighbours saw that I went away towards the bog and hoped that I wouldn´t go out there especially since it would be dark in just a couple of hours. The problem was that they didn´t see me comming back.
I had been sleeping a couple of hours when I suddenly heard the door bell and loud knockings on my door. My neighbours had started to worry and couldn´t go to sleep, beliving that they had to start a search party to find me out on the bog :-) :-) Can one be more than happy that people care that much? So I promised there and then, they didn´t ask for it though, that I wouldn´t go out on the bog until I knew the area much, much better :-)

Now it has rained that much that there finally is water in the small creeks too.

On the old road the grass is so high that my dogs dissapere in it :-) I call this road 'the clean road'. All the grass makes sure that my dogs doesn´t have any sand in their fur when walking here.

After the heat and drought the butterflies returned with the rain again. This little orange one is quite common here, but only in the forest. I´ve never seen it on the open fields.

I would like to go down to the biggger creek to now, but that´s a place filled with ticks during rainy summers. Since it has been so dry all animals has gone down there to drink water and with them the ticks has come too. We still haven´t gotten the virus that gives meningitis but we can still get borellia from them so why test our luck. We now gotten an even worse variety of the meningitis in the far north of our country. Getting that and one doesn´t survive. So perhaps it´s time to vaccinate against it. The common sort is bad enough I think :-)
Have a great day now, I will!

I just have to have some firns by my pond.


jaz said...

hi christer....that bog is really neat and a bit scary! do you have lime disease there? i hate tics. we try to keep teddy away from areas that have them and we use frontline on her too. i hate using chemicals but i also hate risking her health by not using it. it's a tough decision. you never know what is worse, the disease or the medicine. it seems the storms missed us again so i will be watering today! joyce

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Joyce!
I just found out that Borrelioses and lyme disease is the same thing :-) The internet is fantastic! So yes we have. Living out here makes it impossible not to get ticks, I too get them sometimes, so I have to check my dogs and my self every day.

Doctors over here says thet if one gets the tick before it has been on You for, is it twelve or twenty four hours, they haven´t passed it on to the ones they drink blood from. I hate ticks even more than flies :-)

Some dogs can´t take frontline, they go mad. Frontline, like most of those chemicals are a nerve poison, most dogs don´t rect to it, but mine does. I don´t know if it is because they are inbreads. I got some from a neighbour that just lost her dog, fortunally for me her dog was very little. But I thought even if the doses was to small it would help something. Hector reacted directly. He was a nervous vreck for a long time after that. I´ve heard about dogs that never became right in their heads after that and had to be put down. But I´ve had frontline to all my other dogs without problems. It was so nice not to have to pick ticks all the time.

We got the rain last night instead of today, so now and again we can see the sun here. The lawn is growing like mad unfortunally :-)

Have a great day now!

Anonymous said...

I love ferns anywhere Christer. Put plenty around the pond and it will break up the flow of your other plants. I would love to check out that bog. It's mysterious, according to your photos, I love places like that and go through woods when I see they look untraveled. I'm not a person that enjoys hiking with a crowd. I like to be quiet and experience nature. How much vacation time is left? Have a great day!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Z&M!
Well You would probably be very alone on that bog. It´s one of the biggest in this county I´ve heard.

I love walking there. It once was a rather big lake and I usually imagines how it must have looked here then, when I´m out walking on it. There are lots of small islands in it so it would have been perfect to have a canoe and just paddling arund the lake, camp on some island beach and fishing in the evenings :-)

I´ve just started my third week on my vacation, so I have the rest of this week and the wholr next week left :-)
Have a great day now!