Thursday, July 30, 2009

I woke up real early this morning and since I wasn´t especially tired I might as well get up. After a while I and my dogs took our morning walk and I made a little video for You. Unfortunally the cranes were silent when I made it, otherwise they have started to shout here again. Autumn is slowly comming and so is the cranes.
I´ve started to try to fit the peat blocks around the pond edge. But there is still a lot to do. I have to get rid of a lot more of the lawn, fill up with more soil and put the pump and dig down the filter beside. But I´m on my way anyway.

It was rather cool yesterday morning, only 9,5c (48F) and the morning dew soaked tha whole area. We always has a lot of dew in the mornings when summer slowly comes to an end. It drips from roofs and tree branches everywhere. I hoped that it would dry up later that day, so I could finish the lawn mowing. It didn´t but I finished the mowing anyway. It´s not fun when one has a lawnmower without engine, It sort of slides over the wet grass just folding it nicly. So now when the engine lawn mowers comes on sale I´ll probably buy one. Just to have summers like this one when we set new records in rain.

This is a less thorny relative to the thorny one I showed a couple of days ago. The name on this one is Eleutherococcus sessiflorus. The thorny one is called Eleutherococcus setchuenensis (the swedish name for that is Sichuan thorn aralia). These names is nothing one says fast :-) :-) :-)

Lathyrus latifolius, Perennial pea. Once You´ve got this one to thrive You never have to be afraid it will dissapere. It doesn´t spread much but it survives most everything, even cows eating it :-)

Todays morning walk was rather nice. Even if it was much warmer outside the flies didn´t bother me at all. Every now and again I could hear cranes shouting to each other or small birds making a last singing session for this summer. In the distanse a car passed on the big road to Skara, many of us still have vacation but not all. Otherwise it was totally quiet. One or two drops of rain fell, but that was all the motion I could notice in the air.

Iberis umbellata, an annual that self sows nicly. I sowed this almost nine years ago and still I have some each year. Can come in many colors.

I think I´ve sown this :-) I´ve never seen anything like it here in Sweden. I think it might be something called Leather wood.

The poppys are still flowering.

And they are still rather beautiful after when the seed pods comes.
But all is soon to change. A lowpressure is comming in with all the rain it can carry. The winds are going to be strong and becuse of that there will be more motion in the air than most of us wants :-) I was thinking of going to an auktion this afternoon, but the wether isn´t inviting to that. Through my window I can see that the wind is stiring in the trees, so I better put the cettle on and make some tea.
Have a great day now, I will!
My first toamtoe! It´s a cheryy tomatoe and it should be striped when ripe. The seeds comes from some tomatoes I bought last winter and the tomatoes had a great taste.


Vittran said...

Jag vill inte att det ska bli höst men luften säger något annat. Det känns redan augusti.
Synd med allt regn. Hittills endast sex regnfria dagar här den här månaden.
Alla djur, växter och jag längtar efter sol.
Jasså tranorna väsnas på hösten också. Det som väsnas mest här är korpen, kanske finns det vildsvinskultingar i närheten. Korpen äter sådana.:(
Ha en bra dag och hitta på något kul, det verkar som du behöver det.

Mia said...

va?? äter korpen vildsvinskultingar?? jag lär mig alltid något nytt när jag tittar inom här hos dig.. dammen ser ju ut till att gå framåt, även om vattnet såg lite lerigt ut. hm, tomaten har väl hellre en lite tvivelsam tillvaro nu med allt regn :) vädret gör mig på dårligt humör så det är alltid kul att vara inom här, det låter ju som om du tar det som det kommer.. gott jobbat :)

Anonymous said...

Such a nice video, minus the Cranes cooperating. I would have loved to hear them chirp. And this tomato plant looks well fed. We are heading into Hurricane season so I've decided to put my T plants in my little yellow wagon. I'll take it out from the garage daily so the plants can sit in the sun. I'd hate to lose them as I plan on canning some this year. Love the flower photos too, Christer. You have a great day!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Tjänare Vittran!
Det kommer i och för sig att bli varmare nästa vecka igen, men visst går det mot höst. Det känns i luften som du säger.

På det hela taget har jag njutit hela denna semestern, även om det inte varit direkt toppväder. På semestern skall man ju ta det lugnt och slappna av och det har ju vädret tvingat oss till :-) :-)

Ja korpar kan vara otrevliga på det sättet. Här blir de dessutom allt kaxigare och oskyggare. Fler dessutom.
Ha det gott nu!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Tjänare Mia!
Jo korpar äter det mesta. De ger sif dessutom på kalvar och får. De är ju inga direkta rovfåglar så de dödar på ett grymt sätt dessutom. Här nere vill de börja skjuta av dem på grund av det.

Ja, lite framåt går det, men nu måste jag snart koppla in filtret :-) Det blev grumligt mycket snabbare än jag trodde när jag satt ner krukorna med växter i dammen. Nu skall jag bara köpa jordfelsbrytare och slangar i rätt propotioner så kommer det igång. Fördelen med det grumliga vattnet är att katterna har svårare att se fiskarna simma omkring där i :-) :-)
ja, ingen idé att stressa upp sig för något så fånigt som väder, det blir som det blir :-)
Ha det gott!

jaz said...

hi christer.....i love it when you make videos. your place is so beautiful and peaceful. i am always torn between living in the city or moving to the country. i am lucky to have so much land for a city dweller and it helps that i planted a forest so most times i don't really feel as though i live right in the city. we had rain and now everything is warm and damp here. i can smell autumn in the air. seattle had 103 degrees yesterday! crazy!!!! when my cherry tomatoes are ready i am going to have tons of them. i started them from seed and every one grew and i didn't have the heart to throw some out so now i have too many cherry tomato plants. when will it start to get cold at your place and when will the leaves change? joyce

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Z&M!
Well I shouldn´t have started walking when filming. It looks as if we had an earth quake :-) :-) If I wake early tomorrow I´ll make a new video with crane chirp :-) :-)
Great idea to have them on a wagon! Perhaps I should do something similar later on in autumn, then I can have them in my garage during the night and protect them from eventual frost!
Have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Joyce!
It´s almost to peaceful here sometimes :-) But I love it!
To buy a home like Yours would cost to much over here for me. Not even when I worked at Volvo my paycheck would be enough :-) :-) :-) If my cottage would have been somewhere in Gothenburg I would have to pay ten times more to get it :-)

I actully did throw away lots of tomatoe plants this year! I only kept the two best. Think that was the first time ever I´ve done like that :-)

We´ve had very warm autumns here in the last few years. But normally the first frost comes the first week in september. Then it can get a bit warmer again. Normally we can say that winter is here late november early december. But as I said, it has been different these last few years.
Have a great day now!

NinaVästerplana said...

Inte låtsas om hösten hörru..... jag har ju halva semestern kvar!
Snygg video! Om kvällen blir för lång så är det en alldeles gratis konsert med Mikael Wiehe i Lidköpings Stadsträdgård kl 19.00! spår uppehåll men stövlar kan rekomenderas, det har regnat tidigasre. Men nu har det slutat!
Ha´t himla gôtt

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Tjänare Nina!
Kan inte förneka något oundvikligt :-)

Här har det vräkt ned så mycket att sikten bara var något tiotal meter, nu skiner solen igen :-)
Ha det gott nu!

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Nice photos you got in here. Cool blog, too. :)

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Grace!
Welcome back!
Have a great day now!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I could not stand it another day. I had to see what you have been doing...and how the pond was going. My goodness...what a long way you have come. I am speaking of later posts of course.
This post of course, I thought was wonderful, because you know how I love the movies! I was delighted when I found this I go! :)

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Mona!
Nice to see You here again!
I thought You would like my littel video :-)
The pond is slowly getting finished now, the area around however will take some time to finish, but I have all ths time in the world to do that :-)
Have a great day now!