Friday, July 10, 2009

The sky today looks much the same as it did yesterday, but today it rains a lot. At least now in the early morning.

It rains and it rains a lot now! Neither I nor my dogs wants to take a walk in this weather but we have all day to take our walks so there´s no hurry. But it´s almost two hundred meters to my mailbox so I haven´t read my morning paper yet. I´ll listening to the radio instead. During summers I only listens to the county radio. The commercial stations just plays the same popsongs all the time and having already heard the commercials over and over again makes me a bit tired of them. Our county radio, Radio Skaraborg, is non commercial and it´s all about just our county and what happens here. I listens to it often otherwise too, but mostly in summers.

They can play pop hits for the day too, but mostly it´s a bigger variation on the music. It can be anything from old stone cakes (do You call them that too? the old records that we played in 78 speed?) to jaz, blues and anything else. They also plays popsongs from countries we seldom here music from, like the countries in Asia (not often, but it happens). They also have little games when listeners can compete against each other. But one of my favourite shows during summers is "The daily summer host". It can be a star or a total stranger that gets one hour to talk and play their favourite music. Today it´s a soccer referee I´ve never heard of before. We have a similar show on one of the channels at this radio company too ((Swedish Radio) that program is called "Summer talker") and that is also commercial free. Then it´s almost only famous people that gets almost two hours to talk and play music. To be honoured to talk in that program is as close one can get to be knighted here in Sweden :-)

The natural little ponds we passes on our daily walks never got totally dried out, so perhaps we still going to have some dragonflies here. Isn´t it strange that there always is at least one old tire in the pond? Must have been one of us in the village throwing it there once upon a time.
A night butterfly. But I think they are called moths in english. Moths for us is those that destroyes our clothes and we have to use mothballs to get rid of.
Another one. This one is really missplaced here. It should ofcourse be on a birch tree, there it would be totally invisible, here it sort of screams that it wants to be eaten :-)

I decided to start with the pond yesterday. The sky only spitted out som drops of rain now and again (in other places it rained so much that cellars got filled with water and traffic had to stopp for a long time) so I took the chance to level the edge and put out the carpets. The problem was that all heavy thundershowers hade made the soil and sand to run down to the bottom of my hole and evened the different levels in the pond. So first I had to re dig som parts of the hole. Another problem was that a whole lot of stones had come up to the surface and that´s no good. They can, even with the protection carpet on, damage the rubber carpet. So I had to pick a lot of small stones before also.

The protection carpet is on place. The white color seemes to call for all horseflies in the village to come and visit. It was a nightmare to put it out over the pond.

The protection carpet was easy to put in place. But it sort of called every single horse fly to join me when working. It was a nightmare to try to kill every flie at the same time I tried to lay out the carpet :-) So I was very quick to pull out the rubber carpet and place it over the whtie one. Most of the horse flies then dissapered :-)

So I was very quick to place the rubber carpet over it and most of the horseflies flew away. In all books I´ve read it says :"Be sure not to fold the pond carpet, because it will easily get damaged then". How drunk were they when they wrote that down? It´s totally impossible not to fold if in any way!!! Perhaps they laughed till tears came, seeing in their minds how people trying not to fold it? :-)

In all books I´ve read it says: " Be sure not to fold the carpet because it´ll easily be damaged then". Yeah! Sure! How? I think every one that wrote this must have been totally drunk or perhaps totally evil :-) It´s impossible to not fold it! So I got the brilliant idea to fill the pond with water, then the weight of the water should help me to strech the rubber carpet to avoid folding as much as possible. As You all know brilliance only has a thin line to insanity. I was on the wrong side of that yesterday :-)

So I folded it as good as I could and started to fill it with water.

With water in it, it was impossible to do anything :-) So I started to fold the rubber carpet so there was as few foldings as possible instead. The water was cold, it´s usually that if it comes from a deep drilled well :-) No problems though, after a while one can´t feel the feets anyway, not even if one hits it on the door on the way inside either. Not then at least, the pain comes later :-)

I hoped that You would be able to see the rain in the water here, but it doesn´t show especially good. I still have a lot to do with my pond, but I´m getting there :-)

Now the pond is almost filled to the top, the rain has helped with that all night. Now I have to dig down the rest of the rubbercarpet so it woun´t show to much. I was thinking of making some wetbeds. I can´t find the right english word for that, but a wet bed is done so thet the bottom of it always is wet. It can be maid with a bucket or as I will do with rubber carpet. One can say that i´s made like a pond. The water in the bottom must never get a chance to get away. I fill the wet bed wit soil and then water on that. Then I fill some more soil and more water until I reach the top of the rubber carpet. That water will now stay there. Then I put even more soil over all that and then plants what ever plants I want to have there. The top soil will mostly be very dry, but the roots will go down to the wet soil in the wet bed. By doing like this I can have plants that wants it reallly dry and the opposit too. They can get that much water they wants to. A wet bed only has to be watered in very dry periods. Our rainy autumns/winters/ springs will do it the rest of the time :-)
Well it looks like there´s less rain now, so perhaps I´ll get my morning paper.
Have a great day now!


Vittran said...

Jag har heller inte hämtat tidningen, har 600 meter till brevlådan. Det blir nog bilen i det här vädret. Fast man ska inte klaga, så torrt som det har varit här. Har till och med varit tvungen att vattna potatisen.
Kul att läsa om din damm. Hästflugor/fläckflugor är en förbannelse när dom kommer i flock.
Hoppas på lite dammbilder i fortsättningen, sonen babblar om damm så han ska få läsa ditt inlägg.
Trevlig helg!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Tjänare Vittran!
Det slutar ju inteatt regna, så jag tvingade med hundarna på en promenad trots allt :-) Vinterjacka var på, men det blev lite väl varmt efter ett tag :-)

Ja alla de där olika flugorna är en plåga när de väl upptäcker en. Fördelen med det här taskiga vädret är ett de mest håller sig lugna då, men hur det blir när solen visar sig igen vågar jag inte ens tänka på.

En damm i denna storleken behöver inte vara så hysteriskt dyr heller. Okey, dammduken kostar och så även pump och filter. Men man behöver ju inte skaffa allt på en gång :-)

Ha det gott nu!

Anonymous said...

The pond doesn't look deep enough to me. I think you need to empty it and dig some more. Go get that cat digger. I can tell you are enjoying your vacation. You can do what you, when you want. That's a good thing. Enjoy!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Z&M!
It´s actully much deeper than it looks like. I need 75cm (30 inches) to make it safe from freezing to the bottom cold winters and its slightly deeper than that. The picture doesn´t show that at all.

I´ll enjoy it, I promise :-)
have a great day now!

jaz said...

hi christer...the pond is really coming along! i hate horse flies. they sure do bite. i forgot to mention in my post but you can't taste the lemon in the jam. it just brings out the berry flavor.

Roses and stuff said...

Jag fnissade högt när jag läste om dina vedermödor med att släta ut dammduken! Tycker dammer ser finfin ut! Skall bli kul att följa fortsättningen.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Joyce!
Things happens when I get my thumbs out, as we say here in Sweden :-) Now I only have to cover the rubber carpet in a good way and the I can start putting plants around the pond :-)

Why does it have to hurt so much when the horse flies bite? Mosquits are at least gentle in that way :-)

I figured that one woukdn´t feel the lemon since it´s so littel of it in the jam. Perhaps it gives a freshness to the jam too?
Have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Tjänare Katarina!
Man kan omöjligt göra en damm utan att det blir veck i gummiduken! Inte ens om man gör en helt slät och cirkelrund damm. De kan bara aldrig ha gjort en damm själva helt enkelt :-) :-) :-)

Ja nu måste jag vika ned dammduken, tänkte ju göra blötbädd där jag har tillräckligt mycket dammduk över. Kanske det blir lite knepigt, men jag måste pröva i alla fall.
Ha det gott nu!

NinaVästerplana said...

Vilket jobb! Men det ser ut att bli snyggt när det blir klart....
Jag började provgräva i min nedre gräsmatta men där är knökfullt med björkrötter! Får väl göra en upphöjd sak istället, vill gärna ha en vattenspegel där....
Tack för rådet om busk/luktpionerna, ska dela på dem i höst, visste inte att de tar kål på varann.... men luktpionen har inte varit dår förut. Den måste varit en liten frösådd som inte synts förrän i år.....
Ha en skön semester

Anonymous said...

Good to see you are enjoying your vacation. Looks like the pond will be quite nice when it is all finished and the plants are in.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Tjänare Nina!
Att gräva damm bland björkrötter är nog i tuffaste laget :-) :-) Men upphöjda dammar brukar bli snygga tycker jag.

Har du en ympad pion så kan det ta något år innan underlaget växer upp. Enklast är då att inte dela på dem, utan att helt enkelt plantera buskpionen djupare. Luta den gärna då i 45 grader också. Då skaffar buskpionen egna rötter så att den inte längre är beroende av underlaget.

Att dela en ympad buskpion kan vara riktigt knepigt nämligen. Frösådder blommar nämligen inte så tidigt, så du borde sett de annorlunda bladen redan förra året och några år innan det om du haft den så länge.
Ha det gott nu!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Woody!
Even if the weather is anything but what one usually wants on the vacation I´ll enjoy it :-)

I hope that I can make the pond look like a little waterhole in the forest as I planned it to. I think it at least has started out the right way. But there´s still a lot to do until I´m even remotly close to get it that way. But I have the rest of my life to finish it :-)
Have a great day now!