Friday, July 31, 2009

It was actully sunny when I woke up rather late this morning. The garbage truck woke me up around seven am. I usually gets a head ace when I sleep so long in the morning, but the cup of tea I have beside me usually helps getting rid of it.
But when we started our morning walk the clouds came rapidly and with them the winds and rain. The wind is already at gale strength outside and it will get even harder they think.

I´ve become a rather good farmer latly. I have two cows, one chicken and lots of different fruit trees and grows anything from wheat to pumkins. As You surly understand this doesn´t happen in real life :-) No I have a little farm on Facebook :-) It´s rather fun but the crops grows a bit too fast I feel :-) So now it hurts a bit when I read that we are going to have to pay if we wants to keep on facebooking. Not especially much, only a couple of US dollars a month. This will happen already now in August, so I´ll say good bye to my farm and all my friends at facebook then. I think it´s fun with facebook, but not that fun.

In the old days they used what they had when they made fences. On this tree they didn´t even bother to remove all tree bark before attaching the barbed wire. Nowdays they don´t use barbed wire at all, only electric fences.

Bertil takes a nap on the entance stairs.

Clematis 'The President', my absolute favourite amongst clematises.

Well theré are a lot of other places we can meet our friends on the net and someone will surly start a new place much like facebook, it´s just a matter of time I think. Now I´ll have to leave You. I have some orange trees that I have to harvest oranges from and perhaps one of my cows is ready to be milked :-)
Have a great day now!

I´ve always thought that this is some kind of Aeonium, but I´m not sure any more. Since it´s hairy it probably grows on high hights to protect it from frost at night and hot sun during days. It´s a long lived plant that can be rather miss treated without complaining. But I noticed a rather cold winter (over freezing point though) is what it likes. Easy to take cuttings from too. I´ll take pictures when the flowers open up.

The first Holy hocks to flower. It´s an Alcea rugosa.


Anonymous said...

I'm on facebook with Kat from Coffee and a few others but really don't have time for it. I rarely go there, maybe once a week and surely wouldn't go at all if I had to pay for it. So far no one has told me I have to pay.

Looking at your opening photo someone is doing some nice mowing over there. That can't be you if you only have a push mower. Love the picture of Bertil. All the photos are good. Thanks. And have a great day!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Z&M!
A friend on facebook wrote that today, but it might just be a rumor? Like You I wouldn´t stay there if I had to pay for it. It´s not that fun :-)

That "lawn mower" is hughe! I would probably die trying to mowe that field with my lawn mower :-) :-)
That picture of Bertil got quite good.
Have a great day now!

jaz said...

my hollyhocks are about to bloom. mine are called dinner plate hollyhocks because they are the size of a plate. more rain for us today. poor teddy is not liking it much! bertyl looks so content. i love that clematis. it is much prittier than mine. i can't believe it is the first weekend of august. we are heading out to a big antique show tomorrow so i will post pics from it when i return! you are running out of vacation time right? joyce

jaz said...

oops...i said hollyhocks but i meant hibiscus!!!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Joyce!
I was wondering if Holyhocks had that name too :-) :-) I had one of those hibiscuses outdoor here too, but it seldom got the chance to flower here, our summers isn´t warm and sunny enough for most of the time. This winter it died.

So fun! Going to an antique show! I don´t think we even got any here where I live. Looking forward to those pictures then!
have a great day!

Lotta 8`) said...

Hej hopp :) Vilken härlig färg klematisen The President har! Jag tror faktiskt det var en sådan jag såg i en koloniträdgård i fjol och glömde av namnet... så tack för det :)
Fniss - jag har sett den där farmen på facebook men då jag är rätt så ny där, så har jag inte startat upp något än - lika bra det tror jag...... tiden är knapp som den är :) Men att betala? nä, det tror jag inte jag gör.
Önskar dig en trevlig helg och må solen lysa på oss :)
p,s du skall bara veta vad fin Daggrosen är! Växer och frodas och nästa år får jag säkert blommor, tack än en gång :)

jaz said... you not have tag slaes and garage sales either? can you imagine the treasures lurking in peoples attics and basements? maybe i should move to sweden and start them! oh, but i don't think so because i still have that blood sucking flies picture stuck in my head! no way. joyce

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Tjänare Lotta!
Javisst är The President vacker! Fast egentligen är det en som heter Multi blue, som är en mutation från presidenten. Men det händer väldigt ofta att de går tillbaka till ursprungsformen, min har bara visat fyllda blommor en gång. Så jag kallar den helt enkelt för President.

Det verkar inte som om någon annan hört att man skall betala för facebook, så det är nog fel då. Min farm går riktigt bra :-) Problemet är ju att jag måste kika in där rätt ofta så att jag kan skörda innan det blir för gammalt :-) :-)

Så roligt att daggrosen växer på! Hade två kvar i kruka tills i våras, en planterade jag här och en gav jag bort. Även min har satt fart denna sommaren kan jag säga :-)
Då håller vi tummarna för blom på din nästa år!
Ha det gott!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Joyce!
No those flies isn´t anything one plays with :-) First it hurts when they sort of saws in to ones flesh and after the itching comes. They say that one gets immune to the itching after a while, but that never happens to me :-)

I think I´ve only heard about one garage sail in all my life here in Sweden and that was somewhere in Stockholm I think. Flie markest are also very rare here. I think we´re more in to auktions. Those they have all over the country, mostly in summertime.
Have a great day now!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Ok..if the next one is not there...than I have been dreaming!!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Mona!
I think it probablöy is blogger that has gone somewhat mad this time :-) This is to many places where Your comments have gone lost.