Thursday, July 23, 2009

This was the last we would see the sun, at least for today, but they are not sure how this lowpressure will move at all. The weather man said that in the different computor programs they use to predict the weather this lowpressure jumped around like a billiard ball in a washing mashine :-) :-)

It´s very quiet in the village. Not a sound can be heard, not even the slightly crazy rooster thet lives not far away in the village. No dog, no bird, just the sound of rain falling down from the sky.

But the sky was really beautiful this morning anyway.
There is absolutly no wind either. So the rain just falls straight down on the ground. Not a window in the house is wet. But that will soon change. Gale is predicted so I guess that all windows will be wet in the end :-)

This is a species of Fuchsia, Fuchsia rosea. I bought it as a cutting this early spring. The flower is really really small, not even a centimeter (that would be something like 2/5 of an inch)

Eryngium giganteum, Gigant sea holly. I love this one. It´s biennal and dies after flowering. But one does never need to be afraid that it´ll dissapere from the garden, it self sows a lot. So much inmfakt many looks upon it as a weed :-)

I got the chance to mowe my lawn yesterday at least. It had grown rather much and it was still very wet, so it was tough to cut it down. So tough infact that I today have stiff muscles all over my body. Some I not even knew I had :-)

Sorry, have forgotten it´s name but I almost have it on the tip of my tounge.

Nicandra physalodes. We call it Balloon flower, I think it´s called the Apple of Peru in english. An annual that usually self sows richly. Like all plants from the potatoe family it´s poisounes.

A Veronica of some kind. A great cutting flower.

Pelargonium australe. A wild geranium from the pelargonium family. Grows in Australia and can behave like weed there I´ve heard. In the end of summer I do have a lot of small plants all over the garden but it´s too cold for them here to survive. It flowers at least as much as those geraniums we buy at the gardencenter and I think it deserve to be more common as a potplant.

So it´ll be another relaxing day inside, with lots of tea. Yesterday I read in the book I got from Joyce, Living in the countryside. Rather soon I realised that I read the same text again, but the english was sort of strange. They have written the book not only in english but in german and french too. So when I thought the english was a bit strange I was reading german :-) It´s like when I lived in Gothenburg. I got up one morning and was so tired I didn´t know my name. So I put on the tv and started to watch the morning program. I looked for a long time, not understanding a word of what that woman was saying thinking I was more tired than I understood my self. It must have passed over half an hour until I realised that I was looking at danish morning tv :-) :-) When I realised that there were no problems to understand her at all :-)
Have a great day now, I will!


Anonymous said...

That's funny, watching dane TV and wondering. Well, at least you speak other languages. I tried both Spanish and German and never was good at either. I love the flower photos today Christer. A real treat especially the one that looks like a weed. It's sooo pretty. Love that tea! Have a good one!

jaz said...

haha...that is funny. i was a german major in university and sometimes i would speak half english and half german and not even realize it. my kids still use some german words mixed in with their english. we got a lot of rain last night too! more is on the way. watering!!!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Z&M!
I was so tired that morning :-) Can´t remember why I had to go up though. I was just wondering why they let a person speakin so bad be on tv :-)

Can´t say I´m good in german, but I understand it better when reading than when someone speaks it.

Glad You like the flowers.
Have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Joyce!
Nowdays when I write my blog in english I have a tendensy to start thinking in english while working :-)How fun that Your kids still use some german words :-) :-)

It´s pouring outside now and the wind has gained strength so now my windows really are wet :-) But as You say, we really don´t need to ater our plants now :-) :-)
Have a great day now!

NinaH said...

Tihi- Perhaps Stånds- Ligularia...? (but I guess you´ve found the namne in your head by now...?;-)... And te Veronicas "second name" is spicata.... I think....
To be true: both Eryngium & Nicandra are gone here!... After many years just self-seeding them self they suddenly stopped! Not enough space for them perhaps...;-)
Pelargonium austr.- what a great P.!!!

Kat said...

I want you here in my garden sowing your wonderful flowers, telling me the names of the ones I have and making my world as colorful as yours!

Funny story with the TV and all!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Nina!
Yes! Ligularia Steno something I think it is :-)

Nicandra has been gone here foe some time now, but I got seeds from a friend so I could start all over again :-)

P. australe is really great!
Have a nice day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Kat!
Wish I could afford it :-) But who knows I might win the lottery one day :-) :-)
Have a nice day now!