Monday, July 20, 2009

Not what most people would call a perfect summer weather, but I like it as long as the wind blows. Otherwise the flies are terrible.

It has been a rather cool day soo far. Sometimes the sun shows it self and sometimes it rains. We have a kind of flie here that we call forestfly. They doesn´t bite or anything like that, but they comes in thousands. It doesn´t bother me as long as they just fly around me or just walks around on my arms or so. But they have a nasty tendensy to try to get into ones nose or ears and that I really hate. So this morning I brought my mosquitoe hat with me :-) I had black clouds around my head but that didn´t bother me since my ears and nose were protected :-)

I have three goldfishes in my pond now. I really didn´t want that, I wanted smaller fishes but they didn´t have that at the petshop right now. These goldfishes have these long fins and can´t make it outside during winter, so they´ll have to spend winter in my aquarium.

Just before I was going on my trip north I got two books from my friend Joyce that has the blog 'Octoberfarm'. She thought I might like them and how right she was! Thanks Joyce!
The first book that You can see pictures from here is about hoses from many places in the world. The first place it´s showing is the home of our most loved painter, Carl Larsson. Most sweeds could kill to have a home like that :-) I´ll tell You more about this book later, but I can tell You already now that it is wonderful!

This is one of the books I got from Joyce. It´s filled with wonderful pictures. Text too ofcourse :-)

The second book was about no so common perennials. Since it´s written by an american it´s interesting to see how americans looks on perennials we have over here. Like the Wood anemone. We love it since it´s one of the first to flower here and it covers the ground like a carpet. But we who knows it well warns people to plant it in a garden (even if we do have it our selves :-) :-) ). It spreads like mad and can in that way kill other plants we like. The author warns about that in this book, he knows what he´s talking about.

The second book I got is about perennials that isn´t to common in gardens. Since it´s written from an american perspective it´s really interesting to see how they look upon some of our wild flowers.

Pictures of our Wood anemone. They are usually white with only one row of petals, but one can usually find lots of mutations of them in the wild. Everything from red to totally green.

This one however can´t be found in the swedish nature, but I wish they could :-)

The great thing with this book is that it actully describes plants that all can live around my home. That´s a rare thing in swedish garden books. They usually only describes plants that only survives in the best zones here. Swedish authors seemes to think that we all live along the coast line in sothern Sweden, most of us doesn´t. I´ll tell You more about this book later on too.

Can You see that I got plants in my pond :-) I planted them in pond pots filled with pond plant soil this morning. Some I´ve bought and some I got from my friends up north. I could have gotten how much plants as I wanted from them, but my pond is small and these plants will grow and spread fast.

Now the sun shines again and who knows for how long? :-) So have a great day now! I will!


Anonymous said...

Joyce was so kind to send the books to you Christer. I see why you are enjoying them. The pond is now a nice place to relax. But I don't like how you describe the flies. Yuk on them. I would hate them flying in my ears and up my nose. Maybe I'll take Sweden off my list to visit in retirement. Too many bugs.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Z&M!
Yes I´m really happy about these books!

I just have to dig down the last piece of rubber carpet and then I can start hiding the pond edges. Have an idea I think will work.

Well it´s just on places near a bog we have these flies and this area is full of bogs and marsh areas. That´s why we have so many birds here, there´s always a lot of food for them here. Otherwise I don´t think there are more flies in this country than in other places :-)
Have a great day now!

jaz said...

hi christer...glad you liked the books. it is fun seeing them all the way over there in your place in sweden. they are well traveled books!!!! your pond sure is looking good and you are right! those pond plants spread fast! fly swatter, bug spray, mosquito hat!!!!!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Joyce!
Thanks again for the books! I really enjoys them. I think they have travveled more than I have :-)

I´m not quite happy with the rubbercarpet, how it is in the pond I mean. But I think I can get rid og most problems with the help of some big stones and the edges will be covered with the help of peat blocks.

The water in the pond got greyish as soon as I put the pots with soil in them, so I just ordered a pump and filter from the firm I bought the rubber carpet. That´ll help good I think.
Have a great day now!

NinaH said...

Waooo! What great books! Congratulations to those!
And to your pond! Lovely! With fishes and all!;-)

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Nina!
Yes, really great books! In the first book there´s also pictures from Linnés Hammarby.

I have now dug down the rest of the pond carpet, but I´m a bit displeased how it turned out with the folding. Have to fix it somehow and now when the pots with soil is in the pond the water is grey, so a pump and filter is ordered.
Have a great day now!