Monday, July 27, 2009

The sun did at least try to shine through the clouds this morning.

The morning started out as rather cold and nice. No sun but one can´t get it all as they say :-) But it was so cold that the flies had decided to sleep for some hours more, I had no need for my mosquitoe hat at all :-) It´s berry season and the forest is filled with black currant, gooseberries (I found a bush with really big berries, they tasted magnificent), strawberries and raspberries. Who needs breakfast then :-)

We walked through the forest on our morning walk. I really must buy new rubber boots, it had rained all night and I was soaking wet after going through all that high grass.

The forest is filled with raspberry bushes and all of them is filled with raspberries. Since we have the law 'All mans right' we can pick them where ever we want to, as long it isn´t a garden of course (doesn´t matter who owns it, no one is allowed to stop us.

This whole area is filled with raspberry bushes.

The mushrooms has started to grow now too.

I got a note last friday that the pond pump and pond filter had arrived, but not to where. So I assumed it was at the busstation like it was the last time I ordered from that firm. But no, they had used another company this time. Every one looked at the paper I´ve gotten, no one understood anything :-) Finally we found out that our post service had something to do with it.

Cows are curious :-) As soon as we came close they ran towards us to see who we were. My dogs aren´t to happy to meet cows :-) :-)

This is one of the blood sucking flies we have here. This one I found dead in my bathroom. The thing that shows under the head is what it uses to do a hole in our flesh to get the blood. It is as painful as one can imagine!

So I drove to the postoffice in Skara and they were as puzzled as every one else :-) I phoned to the person that was signed as contact person for this. He had no idea where the package was. I had a shipping number on this paper, but it was written wrong so that was no help either. So I drove home again to phone the firm that I bought the things from.

Behind the delphiniums there is a plant I think that You from northern america knows. It´s an aralia of some kind, A cordata perhaps. It isn´t what it said on the seed pakage anyway.

Guess if he was surprised too :-) He couldn´t understand why the swedish post should have the packages at all. So now I had several people looking for these packages :-) and no one understood anything :-)

This is a relative to the aralia. The small thorns You can see wount stay that small :-) The name is so complicated that I have to look at the note to write it here and the note is still outside.

The Japanese primula has a lot of seeds and I´m thinking of letting it self sow where it stands instead of collecting the seeds. But if anyone is interested of seeds from it, just let me know and I´ll collect (this is the one I´ve shown You here before with a red center and apricot petals).

This little weed is adorable, a Veronica of some kind.

Another weed. Oxalis of some kind and it spreads like crazy :-) But I allow it to stay since it doesn´t push away anything else. And to be honest, I love the red leafs :-)

The buisness that had taken my pakages had done everything wrong :-) For some reason they had delivered my pakages to the swedish post service and then forgotten to give them the right papers. Since I had gotten the wrong shipping numbers the postoffice couldn´t track my pakages down and the firm I bought everything from had forgotten to send me the right numbers as they usually does.

Balkanmalva, Kitaibelia vitifolia. A mallow relative and has amongst other english names the names Cedar Cup/ Chalice Flower.

But I have a great mail man! He found some packages with my name on and since he knows where I live he took the pakages in his car. So he phoned me and delivered my pakages with the ordinary mail :-) Thank god for our mailmen :-)

A lilly I once got from someone and I have no idae what it´s called.

Delphinium grandiflorum, Blue Butterfly Larkspur. In swedish the name is Chinese larkspur. A short lived perennial.

Lavandula angustifolia, the only species of lavandula that is hardy in Sweden.

So now I have everything but the hoses to the pump and filter. That I have to buy separate. But it´s no hurry, I have the rest of my life to fix that. Now it rains outside, a gentle kind rain that sort of makes one feel good. Well now I think I´m going to make a pot of tea or perhaps coffee, look at the world cup in swimming and just enjoy life.
Have a great day now!

A wild geranium that also is a weed :-) If one breaks the stems it smells awful :-)

Potentilla nepalensis if I´m not totally wrong.


Kat said...

My mouth waters at the sight of those luscious berries!

jaz said...

hi are so lucky to have so many good berries to pick. i went to look at my blueberries this morning to see if they were ready to be picked and they were all gone!!! something ate almost all of them and before they even turned blue. i am so disappointed because i had tons of them and was really counting on eating them. you seem to really be enjoying your vacation! those flies are really scary. joyce

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Kat!
And the forest is full of them :-)
Have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Joyce!
We do have a lot of berries here, we have cloudberries out on the bog too they say. But those I leave to those who knows theri way out there.

I´m so sorry about Your blue berries! What can have eaten them? Birds? Here they eat all the cherries before they ripe and it´s so annoying! I hope they don´t do that next year!

That flie comes from hell I think :-) It saws its way in to our bodies and it really hurts!
have a great day despite the loss of Your blue berries!

jaz said...

mmmmmm...brussel sprouts!!! wouldn't you even eat them my favorite way? i shred them and saute' them with bacon. if you don't like brussel sprouts then does that mean you don't like cabbage either? joyce

Roses and stuff said...

Du verkar vara en tålmodig man, Christer - de flesta skulle nog blivit helgalna om inte paketen hade funnits på posten...
Ha det gott i bärskogarna!

Anonymous said...

I think that's a Tiger Lilly you have in that one picture Christer. We have them in our garden here in Florida. Also I am amazed. I thought I was first looking at a small car when I first looked at that picture of the fly. My God. It's a fly, I said in amazement. They look like the size of those old VW Bugs. How funny. Look at the size of that snout! Good luck having them things around. I would think one bite would put the average person in the hospital. Well put a little rum in that coffee. You deserve it what with chasing that package all over Europe.

Barb and Steve said...

Hi Christer!
Beautiful pictures as alway. I'm glad you got your packages now. Those berries look really good!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Joyce!
Sorry, there´s no way I can like brussel sprouts :-) :-) But I do like cabbage and most other sorts of cabbage plants, exept for cauliflower. It goes down, but it tastes awful :-)
Have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Tjänare Katarina!
Ingen idé att stressa, förr eller senare kommer det ju fram :-) Det var faktiskt lite lustigt när precis alla var lika förvirrade :-) :-)
Ha det gott nu!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Z&M!
I don´t know if we call this lilly different. The ones we call Tiger lilly is bright orange and sort of plastic in its look. My tigerlillies will soon blomm and than I´ll show You pictures of them here.

This flie isn´t the biggest of those blood sucking monsters, the biggest ones is at least dubbel that size, but their bite doesn´t hurt as much as this ones does.

I´ve never tried rum in coffee, so it tastes good? Must try that I think, rum does taste rather good otherwise :-)
Have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Barb!
Nice to see You again!
I think all involved were happy when the pakages arrived :-) I´ve never spoken to so many confused persons at one day :-) :-)

The forest raspberries are soo sweet! No garden variety is even close to it! If one is lucky to find yellow berries one finds even sweeter berries. Usually we have raspberries long in to the autumn in the forest. It looks as we even can get ripe blackberries too this year. There are really much of those this year too :-)
Have a great day now!