Friday, October 2, 2009

Wonderful weather today! Sunny and awfully cold :-)

I went away to Lidköping today after work. My plan was to take some pictures on my way there and some in the town. Unfortunally I forgot my brain at work so no pictures from that trip I´m afraid :-) I was going to check out the two Tattoo parlors they have there and to find out their prices.

An old fence pole, still with some barbed wire rolled around it.
The first place was easy to find, big signs and close to the street. The first thing that met me was the stinch from cigarette smoke. The place was empty at the moment and it took some minutes before anyone came to help me. So I went to the desk and the first thing I saw was a gigant, well dildo is probably the best name for it :-) :-) Perhaps they have it to show where they pierce people that like to get pierced there, but couldn´t they put it away between customers? :-) While waiting I turned around and looked straight at a nude picture, some kind of poster I think it was. Well the tattoos were great but I was thinking of sitting there for hours! I would start smell like the parlor and what would I look at during the procedure :-) :-)

The second place were a bit more difficult to find, even if it was placed close to other shops. I opened the door and met a fresh smell, much like the one You can meet at a hair dresser. The parlor were clean and the tattoo artist sat behind a semi high wall, so people that came in new that he was there but couldn´t see what he was doing. I went to the desk and a young woman came directly to ask if she could help me with anything. What a difference! Guess wich place I´ll choose :-) I´ve been thinking of having a dragon on my right upper arm, a western dragon. I looked at pictures of tattoos they had done, but they only had eastern dragons and the woman that does them was away and wouldn´t come back until december. I could of course try to find one myself, but then I wouldn´t know if it would look good as a tattoo.

Old Ena and Orvar waiting for me to be finished checking the oil in my car.

Hector too.
But I found a chinese dragon that the other tattoo artist might do on me, he worked at the moment so I´m going to call them on tuesday to see if he agrees to do it. If not I did find two great roosters that I could have one of instead. I wouldn´t be dissapointed if that´s what I get. The price? Well I haven´t given myself a treat since I almost got bankrupt three years ago, so this time I will. But after that I´ll have to wait for a couple of years until I treat myself again :-) :-)
It´s cold outside and now there´s a fire in the stove. It´ll be frost tonight again, but this time it doesn´t matter. Weekend has started so I don´t have to scrape the windows on my car tomorrow :-)
Have a great day now, I will!


Valerie said...

Here I am laughing so hard I nearly wet my pants (peed on I clear here?!!!).

You are the funniest. I, personally, have only stepped inside one tattoo parlor and it was a bit seedy.

I wanted to get a cute little sunflower done on my toe (my toe next to my pinkie toe) to remind me of where I had my kiddos, but the artist said NO. Something about the yellow die fading too fast and not enough fat on the toes to tattoo.

Who knows, maybe I'll still find an unscrupulous tattoo artist that will do it! LOL

Great pics as always,

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Valerie!
:-) :-) I understood :-)

It really was an awful place :-) I really couldn´t see myself sitting there staring at those things :-) You should have seen tha tattoo artist! It seemes the last hippie isn´t gone yet :-)

I´ve heard that about the yellow color too, but there are red and orange sunflowers too, why not use those colors? I´ve also heard that there is no more painful place to be tattood then on the foot! The needle goes straight into the bones there.

Have a great day now!

Barb and Steve said...

I wouldn't get a tatoo at the first place either :-)
Enjoy the fire, we are having one tonight when we get the farm.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Barb!
No it was a bit dodgy that place :-) :-) But I could see that he was a good tattooist by the pictures on the wall. I got e feeling there were a lot of bacteria there too :-)

I´m enjoying every second of that fire and I hope You will too!
have a great time at the farm!

Anonymous said...

You should stay away from those tattoo places. The needles are sure to be as clean as the place is which doesn't bode well for hygene. You'll be lucky if you're not left with lock jaw. No dragon will be worth that. Or blood poisoning. That would be a last treat for sure. Don't worry about having to treat yourself to something nice in a year or so. Yuk. Don't do it.

Aussiemade said...

Salutations from down under! Fires still burning at our home..
I would love a tattoo. Not brave enough, mind you I do think about all these young people having wonderful works of art on their bodies, and piercings, and I can only imagine what they will look like in 30+ years...:) Dragon sounds amazing. Go for the second..and I look forward to seeing your tattoo on here one day!

NinaVästerplana said...

Så du blev inspirerad av den gamla mannen..... trodde jag inte!
Nä, inte sjutton skulle jag utsätta mig för nån som sticks!
Köp en ny bil istället....
Ha´t himla gôtt

NinaH said...

Vilka bekymmer du dragit på dig!;-)
Äh- jag säger som den andra Nina ovan: Köp ny bild i stället!;-)
Eller varför inte ett antal växter!!;-)

Valerie said...

Hi Christer!

Needles into the bones of my toes...uh, no thanks. I'll never forget that they were born in Kansas. LOL beloved St. Louis Blues hockey team played my parents' beloved Detroit Red Wings in Sweden today. Did you catch the game? Are you a hockey fan or is that a silly question to ask a Swede?

Anyway, my Blues handed those Red Wings (an awesome team, I must admit) their first loss of the season! Sweet! ;)

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Z&M!
The first place really screamed out "UNHEALTHY" :-) But the second place was a totally different thing. Nowdays they have to change needles between every customer, both by law and common sence. They can´t afford a bad reputation if people get sick.

I´m afraid that it will be a tattoo in a couple of weeks :-) :-)
Have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Greetings from a cold Sweden Aussimade!
I just started a fire in the stove now when I got up at six am :-)
I and my boss sort of gave us both courage by telling every one that we were getting a tattoo :-) :-) We both now that we (and every body else) would heckle each other so much if we didn´t get that tattoo now :-) :-) :-)

I did talk a lot with the young woman how the tattoo would like in so many years and she told me that the colors they use today doesn´t move that much. The old onbes sort of grew out of proportions after many years. I really doesn´t want a color spot instead of a dragon when I´m 75 :-) :-)

No doubt about it, I´ll go to the second place :-) :-) and a picture will ofcourse be posted here!
Have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Tjänare NinaV!
Jooo, lite stick får man ta i livet :-) och jag föredrar dem jag kan välja själv istället för de enstaka i baken som flygfän gör :-) :-)

Nog för att tatueringen kommer att bli dyr, men det blir inte mycket till bil för de pengarna :-) :-) Dessutom gillar jag min Mazda alldeles för mycket :-)
Ha det gott!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Tjänare NinaH!
Nää, nu skall det bli av! Har ju velat ha en i över tjogo år :-) Växter köper jag nästan aldrig längre, är mer ororlig för mördarsniglar än en massa stick i armen :-) :-) Fröer är dessutom så billiga, så dem kommer jag ändå att ha råd med efteråt :-)
Ha det gott!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Valerie!
No needles into the bone isn´t something to wish for :-) :-)

I was working with my computor, but heard the game instead. But isn´t the rematch already today? That I´ll watch.
Not every one is a hockey fan over here (I have my favourite team and follows what happens to them, but never been to a game of theirs), but most looks if the world cup is going on. Especially when we meet Finland, we just have to beat them :-) :-)

Lets cross our fingers and hold our thumbs for the Blues this time too then!
Have a great day now!