Monday, October 26, 2009

We changed to winter time (or normal time as the right name on it is), so now it´s almost dark when I get home. I had to adjust the settings on the camre for dark dawn pictures to get these first pictures.

I don´t know whay but I always a bit late on mondays. It started already when I got up this morning. I was wondering if I had gotten any new comments here on my blog, so I started the computor just to take a check. For some reason the internet connection didn´t work and I tried all ways I know to make it work. Finally it started and then I realised that I really should have been on my way to work a long time ago. So it had to be a fast breakfast and I hate that.

Now the Portal is wide open again.
At work I realised to late that I hadn´t ordered any lunch, we do that every morning from a restaurant close to the factory. So then I had to drive to the closest grocery store on my lunchbreak. I came back a bit late so I had to throw down the food to finish in time.
When it didn´t help to adjust the settings any more on the camrea I tried to use the flash. Well that didn´t go to well :-) :-)

Since we just changed to normal time again it´s already almost dark when I come home from work. Since it is so dark I feel a bit late again, even if I´m not. After a couple of minutes it´s impossible too see my dogs, black as they are :-) But I heard that one of them said hello to a neighbour that was out with her dogs too :-) I´m glad they all know my dogs are harmless, it can´t be fun meeting a big black dog in the middle of nowhere when it´s pitch black outside :-) Naturally we copuldn´t see any animals but I could hear some deers jumping away in to the forest.

This picture might look absolutly black, but it isn´t. Click on it to make it bigger and You´ll see something. I do hope it´s one of my dogs, because if it isn´t I have no idea what followed us on the walk :-) :-)

These two pictures is taken on my entrance.

Now I feel a bit late with this blog too. But I did pay my bills before starting here so that´s not so strange. Most people over here that has a computor pays their bills via the internet banks. Especially those living far out in the countrie side does it. Post offices and bank offices has been taken away from us out here, so this is our best option to be honest. Some bak offices we do have here doesn´t handle money any more either??!! They don´t want to be robbed You see. So it´s impossible to pay our bills there too :-)
Well it´s time to read all Your blogs now and after that I´ll be reading my first copy of National Geographic. I just started to subscribe on that paper and will get a digital weather station when I´ve payed that bill and that I did just minutes ago. I would have started a subscription anyway, but it doesn´t hurt to get something for doing so :-)
Have a great day now! I will!


jaz said...

hi christer..the picture of the eyes is a perfect halloween photo! i bet it was one of the cats. we change time at 2:00 am sunday. i hate daylight savings time. now it will be dark very early in the day. i love that! we are having another warm day. i think i am heading back north to that little town i blogged about next week. we are going to check out real estate and maybe find a vacation home. i am watching the weather because i would like to go up there when it is snowing. joyce

Vittran said...

Jägarna omkring dig verkar vara lata. Skyltar om jakt finns att köpa i jaktbutiker eller också kan man göra en egen.
Det är tråkigt när det blir mörkt tidigt på eftermiddagen. Tänkte inte på hur snabbt det blir mörkt så jag fick ta med ficklampan när jag la ut åtel till vildsvinen en bit in i skogen. Som tur var såg jag inga grisar.
Den mörka bilden var häftig. Hund eller katt?
Hoppas att din kväll blir bättre än din dag har varit.
Trevlig kväll!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Joyce!
No of my cats was with us on this walk. I made sure of that when we started. So if that not is dog eyes I´m not sure of what they belong to :-) :-)

When it´s as worst here we only have daylight for eight hours on the day. Further north they doesn´t have daylight at all.

Sounds great to have a vacation home! And I´m pretty sure Yopu would like it real much close to that little town :-)
have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Tjänare Vittran!
ja hur svårt är det att sätta upp en liten skylt eller kon? Men nu fick jag reda på att de bara kommer att vara ute på helgerna, alla andra dagar är lugna :-)

Jag är inget fan av sommartid, men det var skönt att ha lite dagsljus när man kom hem. Det händer ju inte på länge igen tyvärr.

Om det inte är någon av mina hundars ögon har jag inte en susning om vad det kan vara :-) :-) :-)
Kvällen är redan bättre än dagen :-)
Ha det gott nu!

Anonymous said...

The entrance to your cottage looks eerie because of the darkness and stream of lighting. But those are interesting shots. I can barely make out a dog so I think it was hobgobblin that followed you home. You'll find out on Halloween night. Just tell them they are in the wrong country. Not that it will do any good. Have a great week!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Z&M!
Light and shadow can really cgange an inmage :-)

Hobgobblings are very common here so it must have been one of those :-) :-)

I think I´ll stay indoors on Halloween. One never knows what crawls out of the bog that night :-) :-)
Have a great day now!

Renee said...

That sounds like some of the days I have sometimes. I start work at 3:00pm and if forget my lunch am hungry by 11:00..then could eat a horse.;) I wish I could give you some donuts...they are pumpkin ones..had quite a few left over from Bible Study this morning.
That portal entry is open and very interesting to watch its angle.
And THAT Black photo with the eyes...does your dog have green eyes that glow in the dark????
I'll be thinking of you on Halloween!!
Thanks for your time and photos in your blog, enjoy it immensely!

Khim said...

Hello! your night pictures is a bit creepy I actually get goose bumps in my spine when I think how dark is it.

It´s somehow I connect it with some perfect place for know?

Well it´s halloween.

Ha det gott så länge och god natt :)

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Renee!
It´s always Mondays for me :-)
Thankfully there´s a grocery store near by so I can always get something to eat, even if it is in a hurry :-)

I can´t remember ever seeing that any of my dogs have green eyes glowing in the dark :-) :-) But if that isn´t one of them, what can it be :-) I live next door to a bog so one never knows :-) :-) :-)
Thanks for stopping by!
have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Khim!
Welcome to my blog!
Äh, jag fortsätter väl på svenska då :-) :-)

Du skulle se hur mörkt det är nu :-)Visst har alla hus minst en lampa tänd annars är det bara månen och stjärnorna som lyser upp här.
Ha det gott och välkommen tillbaka!