Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The mist is slowly comming in on the field.

There were no clouds in the sky when I came home so it was a bit lighter than yesterday. Clear sky usually means frost at night in autumn and the grass already sounded like it broke under my feet. We could see and hear different kinds of deers jumping away from us, but it was to darl to get any pictures on them.

I had to adjust the camera for late evening pictures many times to be able to take any at all.

The fire in my stove is now slowly rising up to the upper floor making me a bit tired. I´ve been eating some ginger breads and I´ve been drinking a small bottle of Julmust. I was going to take a pictures on the bottle, but forgot it before I finished it :-) But it has much the same color as Cola. When seeing a swedish word amongst all these english ones I realise that it must look rather fun in Your eyes :-) It must look rather strange when I write those three lettres we have in our alphabet, that You don´t have, Å,Ä,Ö. I´m not even sure if You see those lettres or if strange symbols turns up instead.

When the mist comes in like this from the bog, old folks in the village says that it is the Bog women that has started fires to keep warm :-)

If You ever have heard swedish, how does it sound to You? I´ve heard that english speaking people thinks it sounds as if we were sort of singing when we speak :-) Perhaps I shold make a little video where I say swedish words and then translate them to english? Or perhaps You comming with suggestions to what it might have been saying :-) :-) Or maybee just wright some here on the blog?

Finally we´re home after our walk.
Well now it´s time to read all Your blogs and then of to bed.
Have a great day now!


jaz said...

i would love it if you made a video translating swedish into english. just basic words from your walk would be good. like the words for: cottage, dogs, cats, tea, bog, sky. it would be so exciting! i can see all of the letters you type but we don't have those keys on our keyboard. i would also like to know the names of those letters and punctuation marks. hmmmm...how does swedish sound? it is lilting. compared to german. german sounds like a lecture. i can understand how people would describe it as singing. swedish inflection goes up and down. it is subtle but it does have a lot of inflection. i love the way it sounds. the language is also not rushed. our american english is so fast it makes me tired sometimes just listening to it. i could go on and on. i find this so interesting!

Anonymous said...

I love how Swedish sounds and love the way Swedes talk with what we call a broken English. Very different from Asians speaking English. I like that picture of the half moon because it reminded me of the Nanny we left in Germany back in the early 1950's. My Dad later sponsored her to the U.S. but when we left she told me and my sister that we are never far away, that all we do each night is wave to the moon and she will wave back. I can remember waving to the moon for more than a year I missed her so much. I was amazed when we met 11 years later in Cleveland, Ohio.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Joyce!
I´ll see what I can do in video way, must think some before making such a video. But it´ll be fun :-)

German is a very hard language! My favourite word id schmetterling, butterfly. In most language the word for butterfly is very soft. Schmetterling sounds like a german aeroplane with a lot of bombs in it :-) :-) :-)

I agree with You that american english is a bit rushed, at least when hearing it on tv or in a movie. But then southern accents, like the texan, are on the other hand very slow :-)

I promise to make at least one video with swedish or perhaps two so I can tell You how Å,Ä,Ö sounds :-)
Have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Z&M!
We hate our broken english over here. So even if most people speaks rather good english they say that they don´t speak it if someone asks them something in english.

My english is more like tv people in brittain. I mimicked two people in BBC prime, breakfast tv, when I had that channel in Gothenburg. But I can always bring my broken english back if I would need it :-) :-)

What a sad but nice memorie! And how good of Your father to sponsor her to the US!

Have a great day now!