Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Cattleya hybrid has two new flowers now.

I really doesn´t have that much to say today either to be honest. It has been raimning most of the day and my dogs has apparently been out all the time. The dogyard were once really good so they were always clean when I came home. But now they have dug up big holes in the ground so nowdays they are quite muddy when I come home :-) I have to put new and much grovel in there next year.

It´s been a gray and rainy day today. But since it´s warm I´m not complaining :-)

Here and there in the forest stands old fence poles since the time this was green fields. They just chopped down some trees that were in the right position for the fence. Still after over fourti years they stand.
We didn´t see a single animal on our walk and no bird sang. It was like the whole forest were empty. It´s easy to belive that there is no one else in the world any more because it´s so quiet. But I did meet two neighbours on my way home so I know that we are at least three persons left :-)

The more lichens there are in ones surroundins, the cleaner the air is. We have rather lots of lichens in our neighbourhood.

Teodor is sleeping in my favourite chair at the moment, and the others in my bed. A firte is burning in my stove and I have almost finished a pot of tea. I finally remembered to buy some tea today, I´ve been without for several days now. Perhaps that is why I´ve been so tired all the time? But I do drink a lot of coffee, so I doubt that´s the reason. Most likly I´m tired because the lack of daylight now when the winter months are approaching.
See You thursday and have a great day now, I will!
By the way! Joyce at Octoberfarm has a give away that looks delicious!


jaz said...

hi christer.....i never knew that about lichens. i have some here so i guess my air is not as bad as i thought it would be. i think it is so cute that the animals sleep on your bed. i wish teddy would sleep with me. she always feels the need to be guarding so she has to sleep outside my door. it's good to be home but i have lots of catching up to do now. joyce

jaz said...

hey christer.....what a lovely story about that little town! you are entered to win!!! it doesn't matter that you are across the ocean. i can ship to sweden!!! joyce

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Joyce!
Lichens usually are quite sencitive to air pollution, so the more there are the better the air.

My dogs has no feeling to protect as long as I´m home, it seemes they think that I should protect then :-) :-) But when I´m gone my neighbours says it´s a different story. Peoplke not knowing them has been really scared by them, despit the fact that they are behind high fences :-) :-)

OK, it´s your give away :-)
I love that little village as I remember it. I promise to take that way home when travelling to Gothenburg the next time. I´ve heard that they have taken down some of the english townhouses, but built new ones instead. This little village has a very interesting history that I´ll tell when I post pictures here.
Have a great day now!

NinaH said...

Great Cattleya!!
Bad weather today? We had a lovely day here.... Don´t hit me now!!;-)
It´s so beautiful with old wooden things that got that patina on it´s surafce... like those old pools in your picture!
Sounds that you & the dogs have a real "Tometebolycka" in the evenings!;-)
But hm... One can´t be out of tea!! Thats life elixir!;-) If it ever happens again remember: there are great shops for tea online!;-)

Anonymous said...

It's getting dark again over there but it makes for really colorful pictures especially of the old fence line, woods and trees. Glad you finally bought some tea . . . I could see you shaking from here.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi NinaH!I don´t notice the weather that much to be honest. We don´t have windows where I work :-) :-) But what I´ve heard we had rain today too and a lot of fog.

Yes those pools are beautiful and since it´s not barbed wire it doesn´t matter if it still stays on the pools.

One can survive but just barley without tea :-) :-) I think I´ll get it faste if I just drive away to the store than buying it on the net :-) :-)
Have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Z&M!
It does givce things a nicer look when there´s little daylight, but soon it will be to dark to take any pictures at all.

The first cup of tea after this short stop was heavenly :-) :-)
Have a great day now!