Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Despite the hard frost we´ve had, there are still some flowers in bloom. Here however a flower from anothet plant has fallen down and placed itself on a dead Nepeta.

There´s no turning back now, autumn is here to stay. The wind is blowing hard and soon rain will start pouring down. That, at least, makes sure there´ll be no frost tomorrow morning.

Miss Whilomotts gohst as this flower is called is ready to drop its seeds.

When I and my dogs passed our neigbours house on our way out to the forest for our walk, the wife og the house got out and gave me a chokolat spunge cake :-) They will have guests tomorrow and so she thought a spunge cake would be nice to offer to the guests. For some reason she failed utterly with it, so she decided to make a new one and give the other to me :-) I can tell You that it tastes delicious :-) :-)

Four pouds of sliced pork is rather much when it comes to frying it :-) Since I alos decided to fry it on my fire stove I couldn´t use the kitchen fan. So now my little cottage smells like fries pork :-) :-) It´ll take some time to get that smell out of here, but on the other hand it smells rather nice. The only problem is that I get hungry all the time :-) :-)

Now there´s a fire in the stove and I´m indoors enjoying it :-)

I´ve noticed a big difference in the quality of different firelogs I´ve bought. Some burn so slow that they sort of just glows, crap to be honest. Others burn like they were made of petrol and burn quickly. So quick actully that the stove doesn´t get especially warm at all :-) Next time I´ll try those that can be bought by the local chimney sweeper. They are a bit expensive to be honest, but people say that they are the best. At the moment I have those fast burning ones, so I´ll have to use rather a lot to get it warm toninght. Well I can always strat the radiators if I feel the need.
Have a great day now!


Barb and Steve said...

Mmmm sponge cake sounds good! It is a rainy day here today. I think we will get frost this weekend. We will be going to Oregon where it will be a bit warmer though. Have a good day!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Barb!
Spongecake never seemes to be wrong, especially rainy and windy days :-)

Have a great time in Oregon!

jaz said...

hi christer....nice gift from the neighbor! i give people food all the time and they love getting it. i sure hope teddy will get over this bad disease. i feel so bad for her! great pics today!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sponge cake, I want some. . . but still trying to figure out how one person could eat all that pork. Maybe you should have frozen half of it. I love the true red colors in that one photo. . . great Autumn feel to it, don't you think? Thanks for posting it.

NinaH said...

Hej där i fläsksvåleoset!;-) (Great smell!!)
Great present you got to- a chocolate cake! Just like that!!;-)
Perhaps Miss Wilmott can come here and take her famous "ghost walk"?! You see: I lost that plant here! Lychnis from me to you & Miss Wilmotts Ghost from you to me... perhaps?;-)

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Joyce!
Better neighbours are hard to find! They always look after me in some way.

I sure hope that Teddy will be cured fast now when You know what´s wrong with her!
Take care and have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Z&M!
It tasted soooo good :-)
Well I didn´t eat all that pork at once :-) :-) I had had it in the freezer so long now that I had to do something with it. So now it´s fried and most of it went back to the freezer again.

Yes, the sun really made that already sparkling red even more sparkling!
Have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Nina!
My neighbours are so kind :-)
I´ll collect seeds for You then! They usually germinate real good!
Have a great day now!

from our front porch... said...

Oh, I hope by the time you read this you are feeling better. Beautiful pictures!!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Misha!
Thanks! I do feel some better now, so tomorow it´s away to work again!
Have a great day now!