Saturday, October 31, 2009

I love these colorful mornings.

It´s a cold and silent morning. No wind and no sound. Not a bird, car or cow could be heard this morning. At least not until I came home when a flock of ravens flew over my head and made some noice.

The old ruin.

I love to walk around here feeling I´m the last human in the world :-) When I get that feeling I often wonder how long I would make it if I actully were the last man on this planet :-) I think I would make it rather good actully. I know how to grow food and I have an old book somewhere that shows how to make and use traps to get some wild animals. I actully think that I would enjoy it :-) :-)

Orvars paw print frozen in time.

But I must have at least one dog and one cat. That could be a problem, but perhaps I could tame a fox? People that have had a tame one says it´s something between a dog and a cat in behaviour, so then I would get two in the pakage of one :-) :-) I think I would have a badger too, they are really nice too they say :-)

I had already started a fire in the stove before going on our walk, so when we came back I started to make pancakes to breakfast. We europeans makes thin pancakes, but in general I think it´s much the same as the american ones. I made rather many because this is one of the few things I also give my dogs when making some. They get theirs without the raspberry jam though, that´s all mine :-)
Now it´s time to make a pot of tea and after that a nap I think.
Have a great day now, I will!

My breakfat. Pancakes with raspberry jam :-)


NinaVästerplana said...

Så vackert..... nästan lite synd att jag aldrig vaknar i tid för att se uppgångarna ;-) Får trösta mig med nedgångarna.... men nu är det bara på mina lediga dagar jag ens hinner se dem!
Dina pannkakor ser läckra ut, i Holland har de också goda.
Ha en riktigt trevlig helg med mycket bus o godis

lady of the lake... said...


I was jumping around and found your blog.
Interesting and nice pictures.
Whit your surroundings and interest in animals i think you would found James Harriots books entertaining. He was a English Vet from Yorkshire, and wrot wonderful stories!

Why we celebrate Lucia are interesting. Like most of our traditions its an European pagan and church mix.

And it begun whit the sun cult, and later the Romans beliefs.
The Romans had lot´s of gods and many of them were named after planets.
The planet we call Venus (Greek name) are called Lucifer = "the light bringer" in Latin
Venus can be seen on the sky, just before the sun rises and because it was so dark in December just before the sun began to come back, they celebrate Venus/Lucifer so the light should come back.

Because of the Roman concur in all of Europe, the tradition rubbed of.
When then the catholic church spread around in Europe, they forbid all pagan traditions but we wore stubborn here in the north. We Had not yet a united leader and the new believes traveled slow.
So we kept our old traditions so the church have to come up whit new celebrations om the same day´s as we celebrate the old one´s.
So instead of Lucifer ( as you know, are a name of the devil) they celebrate Lucia the catholic saint.
When we change to protestant in Sweden we forgot lots of the other saints and it was to expensive to have a lot of holidays (holy day) for all of them so we took one day a year and called it all saints day (this weekend)
But we cherished Lucia and kept her because like Venus she comes whit light in dark times...

We had also an old tradition like jack o Lantern (witch origin lies in Celtic Samahine fest)
We did and sometimes do in southern Sweden lantern from sugar beets.

It´s very intresting to study the roots of tradition.
Like the fact that we still in the Nordic countrys celebret Jul, Juul and Joul insted of Christmas.
You know Juul is one of Odens old name and he brought the souls of killed warriors home on the darkest night of the year,and gave them life agin, and he also looked for the future in a mix of goat milk an grin, thats why we put out oatmeal or ricepudding whit milk to santa.

I´m sorry if i took over your blog, whit my long input and if it´s in bad English.
This is a very big interest of mine and i can go on forever.

Best wishes
Lady from the lake
soon whit my own blog

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Tjänare Nina!
Nu hinner jag knappast se vare sig sol ned- eller uppgångar, bara på helgerna. Så nu blir det till att ta mängder med bilder på helgerna istället, annars blir det bra tomt på min blogg :-) :-)

Men är inte det samma pannkakor över hela europa, de tunna? Fast med andra tillbehör kanske?

Här blir det inget bus eller godis. Barnen i byn är för gamla och jag har inget godis hemma :-)
Ha det gott!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Lady!
Welcome to my blog :-)

I had no idea that there were a custome with making lanterns from sugar beets! That was totally new to me. Must have happened down in Skåne I suppose ánd That Juul was another name for Oden was also new to me. I agree with You that it is interesting to find out the roots to our traditions!
Have a great day now and welcome back!

Anonymous said...

So Christer, do you eat the pancakes right from the pan? We serve them on a plate and stack them five high here. I put Vanilla ice cream on mine, just on top of the jam. And lots of coffee and bacon. Now that just made me hungry for the second time this morning. The top photo is definitely a keeper for your book. Not sure you would like living alone, a hermit, no one to communicate with and share your thoughts. Who would read this excellent blog?

Anonymous said...

I think Alice Mary and I shall dine on pancakes this morning also and we got some good bacon also so that will be nice. thanks for the idea.The last dog I had was a great Dane and he just loved raspberrys on late summer walks I couldn't pick berrys fast enough to please him and he would eat them right from the bush.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Z&M!
I eat them from plates too, but more than five at a time because of the thiness I can have plenty :-) Pancakes are more looked upon as desserts over here, so no bacon to eat at the same time. But on thursdays when we have yeloow pea soup we always eats pancakes afterwords.

I think I would be happy talking to my animals all the time and not humans, I´m a bit of a loner after work. But I would miss blogging and the contact with You all!

I have an even better picture like the one on the top, but one can see a star on it too. But since I can´t take that many pictures during the week now, I´ll save that one for later :-)
Have a great Halloween now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Woody!
As I wrote in my answer to Z&M, we eat pancakes more like a dessert over here with jam and prhaps whipped cream or/and ice cream. But we do have one variety we make in the owen. It´s much thicker and filled with salty pork (or bacon). Then we have lingonberry jam to it. It´s one of my favourites :-)

My dogs eats directly from the bushes too :-) It´s a constant battle who will get most berries, them or I :-) :-) :-)
Enjoy Your pancake breakfast and have a great Halloween!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

If I miss one single day visiting you, I miss SO much! :) I love the pancake! :) looks great! Would I kid you? :) Looks delicious to me! :)

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Mona!
I´m glad that You like this little blog of mine!
That pancake and lots more :-) were really delicious :-) :-) I always put in some vanilla sugar in them, that makes them even more delicious :-)
Have a great day now!