Monday, May 25, 2009

We went down to the creek this afternoon. The waterlevel is slightly higher after a couple of heavy rains tha last few nights. But the water moves so slow that it´s really clear now. The ocra color on the bottom comes from iron in the ground, so it´s basicly rust.

I always biked everywhere when I lived in Gothenburg. To and from work , to and from my dogyard and to and from where I was running every day. I biked almost 25 european miles ( 155 miles) every week and of course I got a bit careless after a while. Every once in a while I hit something or fell from my bike but never more serious than that I could continue after a couple of minutes.

After the dandylions butter-cups are taking over everywhere.

I remember what happened just before I decided it was best not to bike any more. I used to bike through the harbour in Gothenburg on my way to work. Early mornings and late nights I could hear the Nightingale and the raod was usually quite empty. On one place I could chose to follow the road directly to the bicycle path or I could chose a shorter way beside the sludge piles from Gothenburgs treatment plant. If I took that way it was a must to bike with my mouth closed or I would outherwise have a lot of flies for involuntaru dinner :-)

Haberlea rhodopensis is a close relative to the Saintpaulia. It can live here if it´s not to wet during winter.

Usually I took the way by the sludge piles, but there was a road gate that could be closed. 99 times of 100 it was open, so I just biked on as I usually did. One afternoon I was a bit late and biked faster than I used to do. I crossed the road to get to the sludge pile road and just a couple of meters before the gate I looked up and saw that the gate was closed. I breaked as hard as I could but realised that I wouldn´t stop in time. On the left side there were a lot of trees on the right side there was a field with Common club-rush. Well I didn´t want to hit a tree so I choosed the Club-rush. What I didn´t see whas that the gate continued a couple of meters (4-5 feet) out in to the club-rush. So when I think I will get a slow stop in the grass, the stop is sudden and hard. The handlebar was so high that my fingers stuck in the gate while I myself went over and continued way out in the muddy area behind the gate :-)

Cealndine poppy (Stylophorum diphyllum).

I came of course a bit late to work that day and all my work mates had a lot of fun that night asking me over and over to tell what I had done :-) My fingers was swollen and it was a bit hard to work, so I did a lot of paperwork that night. I did feel a bit stiff the day after but decided to bike to work anyway. Once again I was a bit late and biked really fast. I don´t know why, but once again I looked up just before the gate and saw that it was closed again :-) The only thing I was thinking of when flying over the gate was how I should explaine how I could do the same thing just one day after I did it the last time :-) :-) Do I have to tell You that my work mates were extremely happy when they heard what I´d done :-) :-)

It´s just a matter of days now until the Tree paeony flowers. It looks as if this one is pink.

I decided to stop biking to work a week later. My bike started to behave strange when biking home. It sort of braked by it self. I stopped a couple of times but couldn´t find anything wrong with the breaks. On my way down a small hill there was a bump and I used to jump as long as possible everytime I passed it. In the middle of the jump one of my wheels falls of. Nothing got broken and I always used a helmet when biking and I think that without it I wouldn´t be writing this :-)
Have a great day now!


Anonymous said...

Ouch no wonder you quit riding a bike a few more crashes and you would be riding a wheelchair. But it does sound like fun zooming around the city on two wheels. Makes for a good blog and we are glad you are still here to tell the tale.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Woody!
You should only know how many times I crashed with my bike :-) even worse than these times :-)

I loved biking all over town and Gothenburg is a bike friendly city.

jaz said...

you know christer....i think it was a good idea you quit biking!!! does this have anything to do with the hip replacement???? :) the ribs smell really good and are almost ready!

Anonymous said...

I think jaz guessed it, now we know why you need hip attention. And I thought it was because you were are hipster. Oh well, biking was fun when I was younger but hills became such a chore in my 50's I gave it up too. I loved to coast down hill and around bends. Only once did I get in trouble when I was almost hit by a car. Thank God the driver knew to swerve as I didn't see him coming. We all have our bike stories I guess. Great photos again. I Like that camera.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi joyce!
You should only know some of the crashes I did :-) But no, my hip problems started when I one early morning fell and like a gymnast sat spagat and said to my self that I couldn´t do that :-) :-)

Can imagine that the ribs will taste great!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Z&M!
No biking didn´t start my hip problems, an early morning incident resulting in sitting spagat did that :-)

Don´t think that there is much of an hipster in me :-)

I always got in trouble while biking. I sort of drifts away in my own thoughts and perhaps doesn´t give the enviroment the attention it needs. I did crash into a car once and that is a story worth telling too :-) :-)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Yep..time to stop biking. :) I used to love it but sold my bike and never got another...I think of it now and then..but I am at the age my kids are bike for Grandma! Oh well. Those were the day! Did you take pictures of Hobbes? I imagine you did..but sure and do that...and let us see the new car. A new door is going to open I think!
welcome to "Piglet."

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Mona!
I still love biking, but until my hip is fixed I can´t do it. My heel gets in to the bike it self because my fot is in the wrong ancle.

Pictures of both Hobbes and Piglet will come in tomroows blog :-)
Have a great evening now!