Saturday, May 16, 2009

This geranium is new to me. It´s called 'Blekingetösen' ( that would be the girl from Blekinge, a county in Sweden). This is a Unique geranium.
I´m not in the mood today! One might ask me what I´m not in the mood for and I would answer I really don´t know :-) I´m just not in the mood! I should be in the mood for anything really, because everything went my way today.

Came to work and there was already a young man there that should help me all day moving heavy steel beams and some other things while waitng for me to paint them. For once there actully were a note waiting for me that told me what to paint during the day! It helps to be nasty towards the owner when he doesn´t do as I say he shall :-) Well they forgot to tell me what colour I should use to the different things, but one can´t get it all :-)

Vinca minor (Lesser Periwinkle). They are usually light blue or white and I got this purple on a plant swapping day.
So I had to phone the ordinary painter very early (woke him up actully), so he could tell me that we only had one colour because the rest had not come yet :-) Normally when some one new comes to help and we never met before, they can be quiet all the time. That isn´t especially fun. But this guy had no problems wit that what so ever, so it was really fun to work today.

The sun has shined all day and just until we were going home, there were no cloud on the sky. It was when I came home though. The wind started again too! I really think that we have more wind nowdays than we had before. It feels like it never stops any more. When it does it´s on hot sunny summer days and then all blood sucking insekts come. We have some really nasty flies here and when they bite it hurts really much. Wet summers there are so many that it´s impossible to walk close to the forest and the bog.

There woun´t be any apples on this branch anyway. It shouldn´t be brown in the middle but yellow. The frost was to tough last night.

When it is as its worst it doesn´t matter if it´s close to boiling outside. One has to have thick sweaters, jeans, preferably rubber boots and the socks over the jeans, gloves and a mosquito hat when walking there. But thankfully I can still walk on the fields and most summers aren´t that wet. If it´s not the flies it´s the ticks that drives one crazy :-)

Can You see the little lady bug on the second lowest leaf?

Well it´s time for another cup of tea, but I wount like it, I´m really not in the mood You see :-)
Have a day now! :-)


woody said...

Life is hard when one is not in the mood.But hey a cup of tea will usualy drive the mood away.You may be coming down with the lost socks fever. But you still put out a nice blog.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Woody!
Nope, the tea didn´t help so I´ll try a cup more to see if anything changes after that :-)
But I so have news about my socks! Must write about it tomorrow.
Have a great day now!

NinaVästerplana said...

I think I know why you not are in mood! För att du missade bakluckeloppisen i Surte... så synd om dig! Nu måste jag leta redq på inlägget du gjorde om hur man gör en surjordsbädd....
Pressenning.... stalltorv o torvblock runt kanten.... men det var nåt före....
Får försöka ta mig in på Trädgårdsblogg... när ska jag lära mig att spara sånt i min trädgårdstipsmapp? mutter, mutter...
Ha´t himla mycke bättre

Anonymous said...

I wasn't in the mood until I read your blog & saw more great pictures! I'm now in the mood to get out the camera and the little garden shovel and go out to the backyard for some sun, planting and photos. Thanks Christer!


NinaVästerplana said...

Vete sjutton om jag blev så mycket klokare.... Karin i Marum beskrev hur de gjorde dagliljebäddar med botten av pressenning.... du har ingen botten alls men pallkragekant.... kan man tänka sig att det skulle kunna funka o lägga min gamla trasiga pressenning som kant om jag gräver undan jord först o sen fodrar med presssenningen runt om o fyller på med torv o jorden jag grävt upp....
Har köpt en massa växter som jag inte vet hur dom vill ha de´ ... får nog läsa på först....
Är inte ledig förrän 22dra o får inga mer pengar förrän 27de ;-)
Vit o blå presidentsippa, gul skugglilja, varigierad iris..... fanns mycket skojigt där!
Ha´t etc

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Tjänare Nina!
ja det var visst en succé hörde jag. Kan ju vara det som ligger i botten och gnager. Eller så är det för att de faktiskt skötte sig på jobbet, så att jag inte fick chans att skälla ut ägaren igen :-) :-) Minns inte att jag skrivit om blötbädd faktiskt. Men principen är enkel. På ett ställe måste pressenningen vikas ned bra mycket lägre än resten så att du får en avrinning regniga dagar eller somrar. Plus att du alltid måste ta bort grässvålen där du lägger torvblocken. Annars får du bara problem med massor av ogräs direkt.
ha det gott nu!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Abby!
Glad I helped You with Your mood :-)
Have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Nä! Absolut ingen trasig pressenning någonstans. Tänk dig det hela som en balja. Fyll upp torv till hälften, sedan fyller du på vatten så att det blir en sörja av det. Låt det stå och dra ett tag. Sedan fyller du på med mer torv, sedan vatten. Samma procedur tills du fyllt torv en bra bit över kanten på blötbädden. Men kom ihåg en avrinningskant!
Maila mig om du vill att jag skall förklara mer!

Zoey and Me said...

Christer, "Lost socks fever" can be cured by adding Vodka to the tea. It will rid you of your mood and enhance your finding the socks. If you don't find the socks in the first five minutes, drink another tea and Vodka. Repeat this until you either find the socks or you don't care about finding them any more. It's the change of mood that counts, right? Nice blog today, glad I could help you!

Valerie said...

Hi dear friend!

Lots of talk about altering moods, perhaps the tea will enhance a positive mood!

I love, love, love that geranium. "She" is beautiful. Your description of wet, bug-biting summers reminds me of Michigan or Minnesota. Those horse flies and misquitoes will eat you alive!

Late last night the storms moved out and left calm, clear skies in their wake, but of so chilly! Sort of refreshing in a way, but feels much more like fall than spring! (57 degrees farenheit)

Blessings, Christer,

P.S. I just had to share with my mother-in-law and husband's aunt on Mother's Day all about you and my newly acquired Scandinavian history!!! They were impressed.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Oh my gosh...Val is just like me. I have been sharing about Sweden and what grows there..and all about you! I just did that an hour ago when we had company. I was telling about your beautiful dogs and two cats and the things that grow out of the trees..that are different do the same thing. :) are becoming famous here in the states!!! :)
At least in Val's and my family!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Z&M!
Great idea :-) I´ll try that next time :-)

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Valerie!
It is a beautiful geranium, I agree! But I have another one as beautiful as this one, but with scented leafs. If it starts to bloom I´ll post a picture here.

Those disgusting fles are all around the world I think. In Finland they have even worse onws than we got here, they really hurts when biting.

Glad that You impressed them with Your history knowledge :-)
Have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Mona!
I hope I will remain the same old Christer now when I´m getting famous :-) :-) :-)
Have a great day now!