Sunday, May 3, 2009

The light purple flower is a Ranzania japonica. It has looked as it would give up the last three years, but this year it suddenly got five flowers. Unfortunally the Yellow anemone and thew Wood anemone is growing in to it, so now I have to move it to make it survive.

Got up this morning brisk as a lark (swedish saying), life felt easy despite the fact that we were going to get cloudy weather today. My dogs were happy and we went to my job. Had my coffee and bent to pick up something from the floor and then hell invaded my lower back. I thought I´d never stand up straight again in my life :-) Standing up straight or bending is no big problem, it´s the thing between that is impossible :-) I tried to work for some time, but jumping up and dowh from a forklift or turning around iron beams that wiegh up to 300 kilos (660 pounds) doesn´t do anything good for ones back.

Here I sat on a tree stump and heard the Cuckoo for the first time this year. Strangly enough there weren´t an ant in sight! They usually start crawling up ones leg minutes after one has sat down outherwise.

When we came home we took a short walk out into the forest, I think my dogs deserve that when they have been with me at my work (very calm and quiet all the time) and they need to let go of a lot of energy. The sun started to shine through the thin clouds, but there was a nasty cold wind blowing. Well if it had been normal temperatures instead of summer heat I probably would have said it was a rather warm wind today :-) On the way home we walked on a road that the deforestation machines had made and I found a place that was absolutely still. I could see the wind in the trees around, but it never reached me. I sat there and just enjoyed the sun when I suddenly heard the Cuckoo bird for the first time this year :-) I heard it west from me and that´s the best. There is a lot of superstition about when hearing the Cuckoo bird for the first time of the year. In swedish this rimes. If you hear it from the west it´s the best. If you hear it from the north It´s going to be dry weather. If you hear it from the east it means You going to be comforted but if you hear it from south it means death is comming. Since my back aces I wouldn´t been surprised if it had been from the south that I had heard it :-) :-)

I wanted to show You this picture of the Ranzania too. It´s all out of focus but in some way a much better picture than the one on top.

Now I´m going to lay down with a heat pad on my back and drink a lot of tea. This is a muscle thing just because my hip makes me walk wrong. I´ll be as good as new in a couple of days I think.
Have a great day now, I´ll try to :-)


Anonymous said...

What a post. Love the tri colors of the flowers with the Ranzania, I think you are into a full Spring now and next is Summer for you Christer. You survived another harsh winter even though today you are hobbling around with a bad back. We all pull those muscles in mid life, can't be helped. It's God's way of telling us to rest. Enjoy your tea and love the photos, would hate the ants for sure. Our red ants can make me swell so much I go to the emergency room for help. So tell that cuckoo bird to go sing on your front porch.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Z&M!
Yes, got through the winter and now spring just passed by :-) I want spring to be a bit longer than this :-)It´s normally May that spring starts here.

I think Good could be a little bit milder when telling me to take it easy :-) I don´t do much otherwise anyway :-) :-)

The little black ants are okey, but the stack ants or the small red kind we call Piss ants are terrible! If one gets stung by Piss ants it hurts a couple of days.
Have a great day now!

Anja said...

Det var ju tidigt för göken! Kan inte dra mig till minnes att jag skulle ha hört göken förr än mot mitten av maj - början av juni - men, "jag kan ha fel...."
Ranzania jap. saknar jag i mina samlingar. Får kolla om Peter Korn ha någon till salu.
Bertil och Theodor (hur 17 låter det när du ropar på honom? Försöker :te-å-dåååår! te-å...gôrjobbigt;))!)

mvh, Anja

Anja said...

....alltså glömde slutet på meningen med B. och T.
Jo, skulle säga att de ser väldigt söta ut...

mvh, Anja

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hejsan Anja!
Det är sund att ranzanian är så svårgrodd. Har inte lyckats en enda gång med den!

Kan inte heller minnas att jag hört göken så tidigt förr, men våren har ju varit ovanligt varm så det är väl därför kan jag tro.

Jag ropar mes Teo bara :-) Fast oftast är han runt benen på mig så jag behöver inte ropa så ofta :-) bertil däremot kan behöva ett rop då och då :-)
Ha det jättegott nu!

NinaH said...

Doesn´sound that good to hear ´bout your back! Take Care!!
Lovely flowers!!

NinaVästerplana said...

Don´t start up with a lot of accidents now again...
you make mee worried!
Heter det så tro? Ser konstigt ut men du vet vad jag menar...
Take care o ha´t himla gôtt i vecka

woody said...

Oh we all hate the acheing back problem hope it gets better soon. And I was glad to see it didn't hurt your blogging ability you still put out a great one.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi NinaH!
Went up this morning feeling quite okey in my back for almost a whole minute :-) Then it sure came back. But I can feel that the heat pad helps so I will continue with that all day.
Have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Tjänare Nina!
Jag kommer alltid att klanta till det med olyckor, får bara hoppas att de inte blir fullt så våldsamma som de var förr i tiden :-) :-) :-) Jo nog heter det så.

Skall ha det så himla gott som ryggen tillåter :-)
Ha en riktigt härlig dag nu!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Woody!
One gets very handicapped when the back hurts, but I´ll survive :-)
As long as I can get to the computor I´ll write a blog :-)
Have a great day now!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Christer...thank you so much for trying to find an answer for me about the tree. Yes..I see those little round things. I have seen a pomagranete tree before but never in bloom so I have no idea. We have many of those tree's in California so you would think I would know more about them but I don't. :( So many wonderful little flowers to look at in Sweden..and the wild life. What must it be like to look out and see deer! Wait...I did see wild life..LOL. Sort of. I was sitting on my patio and looked up to the tip top of a very tall cyprus tree and there...parting the branches and peeking out was a very large coon. Racoon. His head looked huge ..and he was far away from me. Those trees are SO narrow and filled with so many thick branches and tons of dry stuff that tree's shed..I don't see how he got up there...but there he was! There are possum, and racoon and even now and then you will see a little kit fox running across the street. Also cayote. Not in my yard of course. One morning my brother in law got up to go to work and saw two cayote's killing the neighbors cat..there was nothing he could it was too late. Poor thing..
Still, a sweet little deer now and then would be nice!
Take care Christer..and again, thanks SO much! :)
I am not ready to hear that Cuckoo bird from the south.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Mona!
This one was difficult to see what it was because of the filled flowers. If any other answer turns up I´ll tell You!

I´d love to see a coon! I actully think that I´ve done that here in Sweden. It was when I had a dogyard that was like a small garden. I had to pass a prison on my way there and outside the gates something very much like a coon sat and watched the fence. The hunters in the neighbourhood said that someone had released som coons once and that they still were alive then. I´ve never heard anyone else seing one so I´m still not sure if it was a racoon I saw. But I understand that they aren´t as nice as they look :-)
No, don´t listen to the Cuckoo birds :-) :-)
Have a great day now!

jaz said...

BTW..i forgot to mention...i make a great strawberry rhubarb pie and you should stop ovee for a piece! joyce

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi jaz!
Wish it was closer :-)
Have a great day now!