Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The sky looked the same yeaterday like it does today.

I slept with my bedroom window open for the first time this night. My cottage is very well isolated and yesterday evening it was so warm in my bedroom that it was impossible to sleep. It was so quiet outdoors that I almost could hear it, if You know what I mean. But after a while I could hear the fan from my neighbours heating system (it sort of takes cold air from the outside and under high pressure it makes the air warm and blows it into his home), and a couple of times I could hear my cats playing. But outherwise nothing.

The trees by the creek are a little behind in getting leafs compared to those nearer home.

The waterlevel is very low now and the little rain that has come woun´t help at all.

When I almost were asleep suddenly I could hear a kind of sad whisteling. It came quite regular but I had no idea what kind of bird it was. After a while there came an answer, a somewhat more highe pitched whisteling. The new whisteling sound came more often and I wondered if it was two birds telling where their territorys were or perhaps a couple telling each other where they were. After a while it sounded as if it was comming from inside my bedroom and that was a bit confusing. I then realised that the lower whisteling sound came from my nose and the higher one came from my oldest dog :-) :-) Every time we breathed this whisteling sound appered and since she breathed slightly quicker than I, her sound came more often :-) :-)

Here and there the Yellow marsh marigold has started to spread along the creek.

The Yellow marsh marigold is quite beautiful and nowdays they are quite common in gardens with ponds or weat beds. There exists varieties that are white, has varigiated leafs and some that has filled flowers.

I slept like a log and didn´t wake up until my neighbour drove to work. There were a slight drizzle outside and it felt so nice lying there under the cover listening to the rain. It wasn´t that nice to get up from bed however. It was as cold inside as it was on the outside so the first thing I did was to lit a fire in my kitchen stove. It still drizzles outside so I refuse to take a walk until the heat from the stove has spread therough my little cottage. My cats and dogs are scattered in my home sleeping on their favourite places. Hector on my bed, Erna in her basket just beside (still whisteling with her nose :-) ), Orvar on the bottom of the stairs to the kitchen, Teodor in the basket where I have the handkershiefs I dry my dogs with during rainy weather (they don´t smell nice:-) ) and Bertil on the couch in the livingroom.

We have lots of different Violets in my neighbourhood. This one grows near water and woun´t make it in an ordinary garden.

This is a little favourite of mine in my garden. I think it is a Soldanella montana but it can be a Soldanella alpina. The flowers are smaller than a little finger nail.

These haven´t quite opened yet but when they do they will become slightly lighter in colour.

Now it´s time to make some coffee and put some more firelogs in the stove.
Have a great day now!

Toedor and Bertil fights over the right to this hole in my garden :-)


Anonymous said...

what a funny story. soooo your nose now makes music Christer? I think that hole in the garden must be warm, maybe an underground spring gives a nice vibration. He looks quite comfortable, doesn't he? You posted some really good nature photos again and I like how green things are becoming there. Glad your aches and pains are gone and all you're left with is a nose orchestra. Did the lady singer win last night? You make it a good day now.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Z&M!
I was a bit sneezy in the nose, so that made this whisteling sound when I breathed :-) Probably the same cause with mý old dogs whisteling too :-)

Oh I wish I had an underground spring there, but unfortunally it´s just a hole after my dogs have dug up dandylion roots (they love to eat those). But the hole is almost that big so the cats can hide in it totally. They lay there and spy on each other :-)

The first smifinal for the Eurovishion is May 12 and the second the day after I think. The final is on that saturday. Now they are only showing the songs so we know how they sound. But I promise to tell how it went .
Have a great day now, I will! See You thursday!

woody said...

Happy Cinco De Mayo and thanks for another enjoyable blog. Here the whistleing in the night is more like lions roaring as Alice Murphy and I snore away in bliss.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Woody!
I just learned abut Cinco de Mayo from Your blog. Great blog of Yours today!
Old Erna snors quite a lot nowdays, but this night she was saticfied with a little whistle :-)
Have a great day now!

Valerie said...

Good morning, Christer!

I 2nd Woody...Happy Cinco de Mayo day! Funny how Americans have taken to celebrating a holiday that really has nothing to do with them and that they get all wrong! (Most Americans believe it is the celebration of Mexican independence....wrong!) Regardless, this household in all of its marvelous Polish/German and Danish-American-ness will be preparing cheese enchiladas, refried beans and cheesy-cornbread casserole. "Must remember to make ice for frozen margeritas!" LOL

Yesterday and today's postings were once again comical, insightful, and beautiful. You have such a way with the camera and words. Hoping that no new body parts have "woken up" and that no more confusion results from nighttime nose whistling!

Take care my friend,

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Valerie!
I had never heard of what happened the fith of May in Mexico before, so I learned something new from Woodys blog today :-) Wish I had something mexican at home to eat too.

Thank You, I do my best wit the camera and my words :-)
No other bodyparts woke up and now the back and shoulder have quiet down so much that I´ll go to work tomorrow. I have to know what to paint on Saturday and Sunday and then my weekend starts on wednesday. Think that my back and shoulder will be quite okey by Saturday then.

Wit the weathet we have todfay I´ll probably have my window closed, so then I´ll understand if iot is our noses that starts to make strange sounds :-) :-)
have a great day now!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I LOVED this post. It will probably go down as one of my most favorite! The breathing...LOL I have done that exact same thing..and the animals with all their favorite spots to sleep!! Your life is PERFECT for you. What a nice neighbor you would be..interesting and kind and full of information. PERFECT! :)
I love the color of the new green...and watching it spread..it absolutely delights me! Those itty bitty violets..so sweet..thanks for sharing all of this!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Mona!
I was a bit confuced when I realised that the whisteling sound camne from the room :-) :-)

I hope I´m a good neighbour. I think it´s better if we talk with each other if anything disturbes us. My neighbour thinks the same, but to be honest he is a bit too kind. He even saves trees he wants to get rid of just because I like the shade they give :-)

Spring is fantastic! After the cold and white winter it´s so nice when all colours comes back again. It´s easy to be a good photografer then :-)
Have a great day now!

jaz said...

i think you need to blow erna's nose! what a funny story. i have been married many times and never found a husband that i could tolerate his snoring. but at night when my pup flops down next to my bed and snores louder than any husband ever has, i fall into the deepest of sleeps. it relaxes me knowing my pup is happy. hmmm...why don't i feel the same way about husbands..hehe!!! i am going to try a new recipe for poached rhubarb. i'll let you know if it is good. joyce

Fleming said...

Are you a well-known writer in Sweden? As an American newcomer to your blog, I think your writing is so fine that you must be a professional.

I'm reading your blog from the beginning (oldest first), so my question may be answered in posts I haven't read yet.

I know that you're a TV star because I read about Swedish television filming you. :)

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi jaz!
We do accept a lot more from our pups than we do from the humanswe love :-) :-)When my old Erna´s snoring I find it cute, that never happened when it comes to humans that I loved :-) :-) :-)

Poached rhubarb? I´m waiting for the result!
Have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Flemming!
No I´m not a well known writer over here, I´ve never written anything that someone else has been publiced.

Tv- star is really a bit much :-) Perhaps semiknown garden personality :-) Unless I would do something really stupid and illegal, then the newspapers would write Tv-star has done this or that :-) :-)

I just enjoy writing, that´s all, but thank You!
Have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Has been publiced or has been read by some one else I meant to write :-) :-)

Anja said...

Wow! för din Soldanella!

Kom att tänka på när du räknar upp alla dina familjemedlemmar att ingen annan än du drar hem pengar...;))! Bäst å se till att inte bli arbetslös - typ!

mvh, Anja

Tess @ Six Feet Under Blog said...

HI! Stumbled upon your blog-nice photos and as I read through your comments I find out you are on TV? Cool! Love the cat photo. :)

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hej Anja!
Ja den soldanellan är jag glad för, den växer i samma rabatt som shortian jag fick av dig :-)

Nej det gäller verkligen att jag kan behålla jobbet, fast kostnaderna för mig och mitt hem är ganska så låga så jag klarar mig bra även på mindre pengar (fast det berättar jag ju inte för chefen :-) :-) ).
Ha en riktigt bra dag nu!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Tess!
Thanks! I´ll try my best with my camera :-)
I was for a short time in a gardenprogram when I started a gardencenter some years ago, nothing more. But I can say that it was very funny when douing my parts of the program, we laughed all the time :-)
Thanks for stopping by and welkome back!

Visiting Voyeur said...

Beautiful Marsh Marigolds. Your plants bring me excitement that my flowers should be popping up any week now. My Morning Glories already have popped out of the ground.

Oh and I have become a big fan of Toedor. Looks like a cat with lots of character to me. Hope you have a nice one.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Chelle!
Thankfully it has become much cooler here now, outherwise the spring would have ended by now. I really like the warm weather, but I want spring to be as long as possible, so now the flowers popps up a bit slower :-)

We can´t sow Morning glories (or as we call them "The flower for the day") directly in the ground here if we want it to bloom too. We have to sow them indoors quite early in year and plant them outside late May if lucky.

We have some relatives to them though, the worst weeds there are over here ( but relly beautiful with white or pink flowers)and I think they just have shown them selves on the ground now.

Yes Teodor has a lot of character :-)His brother is more a background cat I would say.
Have a great day now!