Sunday, June 14, 2009

This iris is definatly something I´ll have by the pond.

It has been a waonderful day today. Some clouds but a lot of sun and rather warm. So I went home a bit early today. When it was half an hour left I had painted all I should paint today, so I thought I should go home and start to take away the lawn where the pond is going to be.

The Field violette is a weed, but who cares :-)

Directly as I sat down in the car the dark clouds started to gather and then the rain came. It was heavy showers on my way home, but then the sun came back in time for my walk with my dogs. The birds are all occupied gathering food for their young ones, so there´s not a lot of bird song at the moment. But it´ll start again when these have flown out of the nest and it´s time to start a new family.

As soon we came home the rain started again and now thunder could be heard from the south. It never came close, but the first thing my neighbour asked was if we had thunder here. He probably had forgotten to unplug the computor again :-)

Lupins comes in all colors.

Every time I thought of going out to remove some of the lawn the rain came back :-) So i´ve given up the idea for today :-) The rtubber carpet hasn´t come yet anyway so why start stressing, I have all summer to make this pond. But I have already started to plan what kind of plants I´m going to have around the pond. Ferns of course and irises, but not to much flowers I want a wild kind of look to this pond sort of as it is around the deep hole in the ditch I´ve shown pictures of.

The white rose of Finland.

Time to go out into the sun again. It might not rain if I don´t think of the pond and the lawn :-)
Have a great day now!

When I was out walking I saw this blue area and wondered what it was.

It was thousands of very small Veronicas.


Anonymous said...

Seems we all got the rain today. When you want your pond to fill it will probably be all sunny days.Hope you can start it soon it is plain to see you are itching to get it in.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Woody!
You´re probably right there :-) But if sun comes I don´t mind. It would be worse if it was cloudy and no rain then :-)

If it´s not raining tomorrow I have to mowe the lawn, but the day after that is probably for getting rid of the lawn at the pond spot.
Have a great day now!

jaz said... that a golf club in your white rose of findland? those lupines are gorgeous! keep saying i hope it rains....then maybe it won't!!! joyce

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi joyce!
Yes it´s a golf club :-) Once I got the idea that I should start with playing golf, I lived near a golf court. But then my hips started to break down so I didn´t start. I bought a bag that included a lot of clubs and some broken on an auction (my neighbour told me it was really good clubs). The broken ones were the only ones I saved, the rest went to my friends son that just started to play golf.

I´ll try to say that tomorrow then, I need to mowe the lawn :-)
have a great day now!

Anonymous said...

That first photo is gorgeous. Looks like a painting it's so beautiful. And I like the pink flowers that look rather wild. Nice blend of colors against the country fence. Is that what we call here a "swimming hole" you are hopeful about digging out or is it just for plant decoration?

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Z&M!

That iris is loved by all that sees it!So theré are going to be some happy people this autumn now when I´m going to split it in smaller pieces this autumn.

Whish I could do a swimming hole, but that would cost rather much I´m afraid. The filter to such an hole is very expensive unfortunally. So I´ll just make an ordinary pond, but I want to give it a more wild look. Not so many flowers with other words. The main reason I´m making a pond is because I want dragon flies in my garden :-)
Have a great day now!

Kat said...

Finally, a flower I know! I have lupins in my garden too, and they are beautiful.

I love your pictures. It is treat to visit every day!

A home far away said...

Wow så fina blomster du visar och lupiner är en klar favorit hos mig!

Ha en fin kväll
Kram Gunilla i Singapore

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Kat!
I´ve tried to get more lupins into my garden but they just die all the time. But if a seed gets in to a place I don´t want it at it grows like mad :-) But I have shown many plants from the US, but prhaps they come from other regions in Your big country.

Have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hej Gunilla och välkommen hit!
Jag har allt kikat in hos dig då och då, men jag tror inte att jag kommenterat än.

Ja lupiner kan man inte få för många av :-)
Ha en härlig dag nu!

HelenJ said...

En damm utan iris är ingen riktig damm, sen spelar det ingen roll om den ska vara formell, trädgårdsanpassad eller naturlik =)

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Tjänare Helen!
Så sant, man måste ha irisar i och vid dammen :-) Jag hoppas kunna få tag i en svärdslilja, den vanliga gula. Jag tror faktiskt jag har en kritvit i trädgården, men jag har vissa irisar som vägrar blomma så än vet jag inte var jag planterat den :-)
Ha det gott nu!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said... has to be like living in a fairytale land...a story book. It's all so many flowers...just beautiful. And the perfection of those Iris' lovely.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Mona!
In a way it is, but unfortunally one gets used to it and forgets how beautiful it is here.

Irises are so beautiful! But I have problems with the bearded ones, the ones You call gardenirises I think. They simply wount flower here. I do everything right as far as I know, but they aren´t happy anyway :-)
Have a great day now!