Monday, June 15, 2009

There was no sunrise to take pictures of this morning, but the sky was so beautiful anyway.

It has been and still is a wonderful day today. Sunshine and birdsong all day exept for the early morning, then it was only birdsong. The day just rushef through and I went home a bit early because they called to tell me that my pakages with the rubber carpet and the protection carpet, that goes under the rubber, to my pond had arrived today. Even if it not is going to be a big pond the pakages was really heavy. I wonder how much my friends rubber carpet weighed. Their pond is like a little lake :-) :-) I know that it arrived with a lorry and there were no room for anything else on it :-)

They have let out cattle in a new field today. My dogs are afraid of cows so they were nowhere near the fence.

But the big bull had an eye on us anyway :-)

I mowed the lawn too this afternoon. Since there were no wind to speak of the flies and mosquitos had a great time stabbing me on places I didn´t reach. The Horse flies has come too now, I felt that when they startied to bite me in the neck. But I don´t think that we´ll have so many of those this summer. It has been so dry since winter here that most wet areas has dried out. I live beside a bog so usually we have quite many of those kinds of flies, but dry springs usually helps us with that problem :-) If one has horses these flies are big problems, our laws says that horses (and cattle) must be outside all summer and when the horse flies comes they can suffer a lot from them. So I know people that lets their horses stay indoors during days and lets them outside during nights instead. Not legal but better for the horses I think.

This is the spot I´ve chosen to have the pond at. In front You can see a small Katsura. The frost took all leavs so it looks rather naked as it is now. In the back to the left there grows a rose, Rosa multiflora a japanese wild rose. This one spreads so much in The US that it´s forbidden to plant in some states and if one finds it in the nature it must be killed. here though the klimat makes it so much friendlier. The flowers are small but there are loads of them. You´ll se in a couple of weeks when my are in bloom. In the back to the right there is a big apple tree.

All irises are beautiful I think, but this one isn´t as beautiful like the one I showed yesterday.

A while ago I started to wonder about the clouds in heaven. How come do they exist like they do. I know about dust gathering small water droplets around them, but why does they become a cloud? Why not just a thick fog around the planet? What keeps them together so to speak? Is it some kind of gravity doing something?
Another thing I´ve been wondering about is the asteroid belt out in space. They say that planets was made of asteroids that collided and that gravity sort og drew other aseroids to them. The bigger they became, the stronger gravity became and more asteroids fell on the new planet. In space these asteroids collide all the time, but they don´t make a new planet, why don´t they? Have gravity forsacen them :-) I know that this has nothing to do with the rest of my blog, but it sort of just came up in my head when I looked out the window right now :-)

How Teodor can find it comfortable to sleep like this I don´t understand :-) He makes a mess on the shelf too :-)

Well I think I have time for a cup of tea on my kitchen stairs before the mosquitos find me.
Have a great day now!


jaz said...

i think the clouds form the way they due because of air currents. i can't wait to see your ponds progression. have you been reading about how to assemble one? will you be placing rocks on the bottom? i am about to add pea gravel in and around all of my rocks. teddy likes to go into the ponds but the medium sized rocks make it hard for her to walk. i am so allergic to bug bites. i got a small bite from a small mosquito 2 weeks ago and i am still scratching it!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi joyce!
I think that is one of the answers to why it becomes clouds and not just fog. But for some reason I can´t explain I think that there´s more to it.

I´ve been wondering about making a pond for several years now, so I have read quite a lot about it. But I´ll read some more before getting in to the digging. One can never read and learn to much :-)

I´m thanfully not allergic to mosquito bites, but I have a tendency to scratch until it bleeds the first two days after the bite :-) For some reason I think it´s better when it hurts than when it itches :-)

I´ve been thinking of having rocks in the bottom of the pond, but i´ve not decided that yeat.
Have a great day now!

Roses and stuff said...

Myggor, fästingar och mördarsniglar - gör de någon nytta över huvud taget?
Det ser somrigt ut med korna på grönbete - men se upp för den där tjuren!

Anonymous said...

Our clouds today are black as ink and it's dark and rainy and the thunder is strong. It will be fun to watch your progression with the pond. And sorry you get those horrible horse flies. I am allergic to them and bee stings. One bee sting put me in the hospital many years ago. Enjoy your days off.

Visiting Voyeur said...

Good evening. I imagine you are asleep as I type this. Wonderful pictures and reflection. Do you ever lay out in the grass and enjoy the clouds and their many wonders. I ask that because sometimes I enjoy doing just that especially when my son was younger. Clouds to me seem sometimes to be magical things just like the stars that sweep the skies in the evening. Night Christer..


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I am almost as excited about your pond as you are! It is certainly going to be wonderful to watch you make it. Please do post another video of your walks also! The Iris is beautiful. I must go and catch up on the post I missed yesterday...
Teodor...he is a very secure kitty. He feels safe anywhere near you. :)

NinaH said...

Finally nice weatjher! Halleluja!;-)
I follow your pond project with interrest! Hope you survive bugs atacs!;-)
Interresting thoughts ´bout clouds etc. Made me start wondering & searching for answers to! ;-)

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Tjänare Katarina!
Myggor är ju mat för fåglar och så även mördarsnigel, fast de svenska djuren ännu inte lärt sig att hantera slemmet från den. Men i Spanien är ju den snigeln inget problem, där har de lärt sig genom tiderna.

Men fästingen? Man har faktiskt gjort studier på vilka som äter dem och kommit fram till att det på sin höjd är nödmat för fåglar. Ingen skulle alltså sakna dem om vi utrotade dem :-) Så jag tycker vi prövar det :-)

Det känns somrigt när man är vandrar förbi dem också :-) Vad jag vet är tjuren riktigt snaäll faktiskt, men korna får man passa sig för när de har kalver, de kan bli riktigt farliga när de ser hundar på fel sida elstängslet!
Ha det gott nu!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Z&M!
I´m so happy that I´m not allergick to insectbites. I have friends that are and as You they can be really sick when stung or bitten.

I have started to dig away the lawn now, but it was so warm today that I had to stopp after a while :-) But I have all the time during my long weekend to dig so thats no problems (if it not starts to rain again ofcourse).
Have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Chelle!
Nice to see You here again! I often lay in the grass and watch the clouds :-) I never get tired of it :-)
Have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Mona!
I have started to dig away the lawn on the spot where the little pond is going to be, I´ll take pictures when that is dfone.

I was thinking of making another video when walking but started to think that nothing had happened here for a long time. I sort of forgets that You don´t see this every day :-) :-)
Have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Nina!
Yes finally! But I´ve heard that rain is incomming again. Have to enjoy it the few seconds we have good weather here.

If weather isn´t to bad I´ll start digging deep comming days on the pond spot. I´ve started to dig away the lawn now :-)

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