Thursday, April 1, 2010

Today thirteen years ago my old Erna was born. I think that memory probably will be the last to leave me when things starts to get foggy in my brain :-) It was an evening of horror :-) and if Yoy want to read what happened just click here: “When Erna was born.” So this morning they all got a big portion of boiled pigs liver in their breakfast. They love it and will get some in their dinner too :-)

I woke up early this morning and heard how the rain was pounding towards my bedroom window. Naturally I wasn´t surprised since the weather forcast said sun directly in the morning and most of the day. I was thinking about my friends that was going to sell spices on the market in Falköping. Since I have nothing else to do I had promised to visit them. But an acing throat and stuffed nose almost made me stay at home.

This is my friends spices. They had one more place on this market where they sold different kinds of crisps.

To my big surprise it stopped raining when I came to the market and the sun started to shine through the clouds. After visiting my friends I walked around and watched what they were selling otherwise. Lots of candy, doughnuts and t-shirts. Nothing of that followed me home though, but I did buy a broom (that I have to keep hidden today since this is the day swedish wiches flies to Blåkulla on their brooms :-) :-) ) and also a sausage made from reindeer. Doesn´t taste that different to be honest, but I like it.

On my way home I took some photo´s of Falköping that I don´t think I´ve shown before. Now it´s time for a cup of tea. After that I think I´ll go to bed for a while. I do hope some sleep will make this cold go away fast.

Have a great day now!



jaz@octoberfarm said...

hi christer....i think i could have done some damage in that market. i would buy a bit of everything....except not reindeer sausage! beautiful buildings in falkoeping! hope your cold leaves you soon! joyce ps....happy birthday to erna from me and teddy!!!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Joyce!
There was one place with almost only dragons made of iron. But I forgot to take a photo unfortunally. They were really well made.

I have to say that the sausage is really tasty. They also sold Moose sausage and hog sausage. But they are a bit expensive so I bought just the one :-)

I do think Falköping is beautiful. I found some really fun looking villas in there, but people aren´t to happy when people taking photo´s in those areas. I could be a thief. But I´ll go there again later and take some photo´s I think :-)

I´ll tell Erna!
Have a great day now!

Anonymous said...

Woof! Woof! A 13th Birthday and she's stuck celebrating it with you, eh? Well, that's not so bad if she gets her treats. Lovely archetecture and I do want to shop at that spice mart. Looks inviting. I always pull over when I see a vegetable market on a side street or farmers market in a square. They are wonderful and usually everything is fresh. Happy Easter Christer!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Z&M!
Yes she is and she doesn´t want to be elsewhere either :-) Lots of little treats today You see :-)

Happy Easter!

barazile, livpåIrland said...

Hi, nice to see photos of Falköping, I have a Swedish friend who teaches in Falköping. I met her her in Ireland, when she came to Limerick to study for a year or two.

Your Erna was born within a week of my second daughter, my daughter was 13 last Saturday! I think I'll keep the story of the birth to myself though...

Glad that the spring and the sun is making itself known in Sweden at last, may you have many more sunny days!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Liz!
Sometimes the world gets so small :-) How big are the chances really that You who lives in Ireland has a friend here in Falköping :-) :-) But yes, the twon is really beautiful!

I noticed that they were almost the same age when I visited Your blog yesterday :-)

Yes finally. It´ll rain some more the comming days, but it´ll be southern warm winds so I won´t complain :-)
Happy Easter!

Sharlene T. said...

Thanks for sharing the great pix of Falkoping and the Spice Market. I would still be there, filling up my organic shopping bag. Please take care of that cold, this is not the time of year to play games. It could easily segue into something more serious. I love visiting your cottage and wish it to not stop...

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Sharlene!
Falköping is a really beautiful little town and thay have saved a lot of the old buildings, many other towns and cities has not.

You should only know the wonderful smells that meets us when walking in to their storage :-) :-) It´s heaven :-)

This morning it feels like someone has shredded my vocal cords and just tossed them back again :-) :-) No fever though. So today it´ll be most resting inside and lots of tea drinking.
You are always welcome here!
Have a great day now!

Berit said...

du måste gratta Erna från mig...hmmm är kvasten kvar?? jag fick inte tag ingon igår så jag kunde inte flyga iväg:)
Ha det gott /Berit

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hej Berit!
Erna är grattad och ja kvasten är kvar trots att jag glömde den ute i natt :-) Läste ju att en del tänkte ta dammsugaren istället :-) :-)
Ha en riktigt glad påsk!

Kat said...

Thanks again for the buildings and many thanks for the market pictures. I love visiting with you and getting to travel. The towns are some of my favorite shots!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Kat!
I did think You might like these photographs :-)
Have a great day now!