Thursday, April 22, 2010

I took this photo yesterday evening just before the sun was going down. The lone tractor plowing the fields showed just how lonly it can be being a farmer and how long their workingdays can be.

The day started out cold with a clear blue sky, but unfortunalyy the weather forcast was right in that clouds would be created during the day and showers might also be arriving. But it will be better than yesterday anyway, it started to snow as soon as I drove to get x-rayed :-) :-) When i drove to the hospital the snow came down as small marbles, almost like hail.

There were no wind and the evening was quite nice.

Bertil followed like he usually does :-)

I wa sreally lucky when getting to the hospital, I didn´t have to wait at all. As soon as I came in (I was half an hour early) they called me to the machine and within five minutes I was outside again. How often does that happen? After that I drove away and bought the firelogs I wanted, there were still a few pakages left. I imagine I´m the only one buying them now especially since they raised the price that much. During this time the sun had started to shine and it was really nice outside. But as soon as I drove home the snow came again and lots of it :-) :-) I was at home ten minutes after I originally should get x-rayed :-)

We went down to the creek this morning. It was just above 0C (32F) but unlike now no wind.

Thankfully there were almost no traffic, since we all now have summer tires it´s quite nasty to drive on snow. Those tires are made for warm weather, not icy snow so they really are useless in that weather. But the snow melted on the ground almost directly and when I came home the sun started to shine again :-)

Apparently I was chosen as the new leader of the union board at work yesterday. Well I wasn´t surprised but I thought that they might choose not to have a board at work at all. They never seemes to be happy with anyone anyway :-) :-) :-) My first task when getting back to work is to negotiate wage propagation, that will make me popular in those hard times :-) :-) :-)

The moss has frozen during the night.

Well it´s time to go out to get some sunshine I think. I´ll take a cup of tea with me too, but it´s so cold outsie that I´ll have to drink it fast :-)

Have a great day now!

The Bleeding Hearts (or as we call them Lieutenant hearts) are on their way despite snow and cold weather.


Tyra i Vaxholm said...

Det ser ju riktigt skönt ut hos dig, skön tackar. fina bilder som vanligt :-)

Anonymous said...

The photos today are so pretty. Thanks so much. And you lucky dog! I was at the clinic yesterday and had to wait almost two hours before the lab could take me in for 9 viles of blood. I'm glad they left enough in my body to get back home. The entire lab was cramped with people, about 30 were driven in by MedVan, probably from a nursing home. It was packed. I am glad I left the afternoon open because here in Florida, one never knows if you will get in quickly, like you did, or wait forever. Lieutenant Hearts? They are beautiful. Wonderful post today Christer!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Tjänare Tyra!
Det var riktigt skönt torts kylan :-) Men nu blåser det så in i h..sike att det är direkt obehagligt att gå ut. Man får vara glad för det lilla :-) :-)
Ha det gott!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Z&M!
I thought these photo´s looked cold enough :-) But now the winds does it unpleasant to be outside.

Yes I´m so lucky :-) :-) and a bit surprised how fast it all went. But I have to admit that they usually never lets us wait especially long otherwise either.

Have a great day now!

Alen Trädgård said...

Så härligt det ser ut på promenaden:) Här har blåst rena isvindar i dag så det var snabbt in igen:) Det är så härligt när allt nu börjar att poppa upp här och var i rabatterna. Ha det gott/Monne

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Tjänare Monne!
Det var nästan helt stilla i morse, men sedan kom vinden. Det blev så kallt att det inte gick att vara ute ens med mössa och vantar.

Javisst är det gott! Men nu verkar allt stoppat upp för ett litet tag, snön igår hjälpte väl till med det kan jag tänka.
Ha det gott!

Kat said...

Enjoy that sun!!

I find even cold days are tolerable if there is no wind. The Bleeding Hearts picture is wonderful!!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

hi christer....your bleeding hearts look very different than mine. i will be interested in seeing them when they open up. i have a little over 2 acres here and have used every square inch of it so it seems very large. we need rain so bad. i am hoping we get some soon!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Kat!
So right and this morning was really nice. But then the wind came and most of the day became so nasty cold I stayed indoors most of the time.

Soon the bleeding hearts will be even better :-)
Have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Joyce!
This bleeding heart is the highest of them, but there are a couple smaller ones too that looks a bit different as small. I´ll try to take some photo´s of at least one of them later.

I do hope Ypu´ll get rain soon! I´ll try to make some of ours fly over the ocean to You :-)
Have a great day now!

Sharlene T. said...

I'm anxious to see your bleeding hearts, also.

Have fun on the wages negotiations. That should perk up your spring!

Have a great day!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Sharlene!
It´ll take some time until they flower though, these are just around 2 inches high at the moment :-)

Yes the wages negotiations will surly brighten up the days :-) :-) :-) Especially since the world economy has been so great these last years :-) :-) :-)
Have a great day now!

Berit said...

vilken härlig skogspromenad...fina bilder!!hur går det med höften nu då??

förresten ljusnelotta har hört av sig till mig:)

barazile, livpåIrland said...

Hej Christer!
I've read back through your blogg a bit and I admire the photos and the dogs and the cat, also the plants, I love to learn the names of more plants although I'm not a gardener, my time is not my own, so plants get swamped by weeds...
I like trees and bushes, they grow and grow, and bulbs, you just plant them and they come back up every year.
Glad you had no wait at the hospital.
I hope spring comes real soon to you!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Tjänare Berit!
Ja det var så skönt på morgonen! Men sedan kom vinden och det blev rätt obehagligt ute. Verkar bli detsamma idag. Helt stilla ute nu, men snart skall det börja blåsa kuling säger de.

Ha det gott!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Liz!
I´m glad You like the photographs!

Trees and bushes are my favourites, there´s never any riskt that one thinks they are weeds :-) :-) I like bulbs too, I just think it´s awfully boring to plant them :-) :-)

My biggest hope is that we soon doesn´t have to wake up to frost every morning, it has started to become a bit boring now :-)
Have a great day now!