Sunday, September 26, 2010

It is still there and as You can see there´s another flower on it that soon will open up. I can have a sunflower photo in the top of my blog for many days to come :-)

Most of the fog has disappeared today, but the clouds are still here and a strong wind has come instead. The automatic lights with light sensors are still shining in the village and it´s almost nine am. That is the only thing I really don´t like when autumn comes, it gets dark early and a cloudy day like this it never gets really light at all. Today the sun went up at 6:07am and will go down at 6:02pm.

It´s a mix of photos from yesterday and today and they don´t come in any special order to be honest.

This isn´t showing the truth to be honest. It was so dark this morning that I had to adjust my camera for extra light sensibility.

Soon "the Portal" will open up again.

I have just finished paying my bills this morning. It seems I got all the bills I actually can get at the same time this month :-) :-) Even though I always set aside money for my bills every month, it feels kind of sad to see all that money disappear within minutes :-) :-) I use the internet to pay my bills so I always check my computer for viruses before I get in to that site.

When I entered the my banks site I got a message that they really didn´t like my choice of browser (as You might remember I changed from explorer to Safari some time ago), so I said to the bank (in my head then, I really can´t talk to the bank via my computer :-)  ) that I used whatever browser that I like and I can always change bank :-) :-)

There are lots of browser that we can use now days. I like Safari because of its design and because I think it is less vulnerable against internet viruses since it really is a Mac program. Almost all viruses are made to get in via explorer since it is the biggest in the market. But there´s also Linux (I have only heard good things about that one), Firefox (well Firefox and I never agreed on anything but I know many that thinks it is perfect), Opera (have no info on that one) Google chrome (but I think Google is becoming to big and powerful now days. With power comes corruption and I don´t care if they want to do good, sooner or later that will change I´m afraid) and many more.

I have started a fire in the stove because it will be a cold day today. I have a pot of tea by my side and after that I´ll vacuum my home. It´s amazing how much sand and gravel my dogs can carry in their fur :-) :-) :-)
Have a great day now!


Anonymous said...

I still like the close up shot of the Sunflower. You could make that one your logo and post it for all to know you are posting. I have seen that portal open and close now many times. I look forward to either. We left internet banking when we had to change banks, the previous bank automatically continued to deduct our car insurance for the business cars. It was a hassle to undo. We had to hire an attorney. Even so, when they finally stopped they sent us a bill for overdrafting. Small but we paid to get rid of them. My partner thought suing in small claim would bite them and make them feel like every other person they screwed. But that takes time away from work. Banking will get worse everywhere before it gets better. Have a nice cold day over there with lots of hot tea.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Z&M!
I perhaps like the sunflower even more now when it´s fading. There´s beauty in aging too.

I never let the bank take money automatically! We have that kind of problems here too, but suing isn´t any use here. Even if we win we really don´t get any money out of it. It´s an ocean between our systems that way.

I put in my bills myself and the amount I´m going to pay. I don´t trust banks at all and looks upon that system as legal organized crime :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day now!

Susie på Stjärnarve said...

Som liten "egenföretagare" så har man ju massor av fakturor att betala. Jag gör det naturligtvis själv över nätet och har ALDRIG haft ett enda bekymmer med banken, däremot så har postgirot (numera Plusgirot) varit vänliga och skickat pengar till oss under åren som egentligen skulle till Konsum. Efter ett otal felbetalningar med en massa krångel och tel.samtal så meddelade jag Konsum (som skrivit otydligt nummer på sina inb.kort) att nu får dom själva leta efter sina pengar. Jag orkade inte bry mig längre.
Det hela har slutat med att vi ligger på plus :-) och att inbetalningarna slutat!
Älskar dina vackra bilder MEN så mycket höst är det väl inte ännu!? Här har vi faktiskt haft sensommar en vecka nu och gårdagen var helt otroligt vacker!

decareis said...

Good morning Christer
Yes you should always have your anti virus updated well, but the biggest banking fraud on the Internet are cloned by page.
The pages are identical to the bank, and when accessing the page cloned and put our password there, you are done the damage.
From there, the robbers transferred the money from our account.
I get tired of cloned pages of the banks, here in Brazil.
Here at PT, Marco has also received cloned page of the Bank, but was alert!
Important to always check the extension of the page, the minimums details, because they are too perfect, sometimes just changing one letter.
Take care and attention

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Tjänare Susie!
Jag har klarat mig bra också, men så använder jag aldrig autogiro. Jag känner de som gjort det och haft väldiga problem med att bli av med det om de bytt till annat bolag. Men det var ju bra att ni bägge ligger på plus :-) Då kan det ju vara värt visst besvär :-) :-)

Tyvärr är det så mycket höst här i lilla sibirien. Vi har helt avlövade trän här också nu. Det är en enorm skillnad här inne i landet och hos er som bor nära havet. Tror att vi sammanlagt nu har haft sju dagar med frost på morgonen.

Ha det gott!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Didi!
We have also had that problem with cloned pages. But I haven´t heard about anything like that for a long time now. I don´t know how it works in other internet banks, but I have a security box where I have to put down a number code every time I have to do something on that page. I then get another code back that I have to write on the web site. If I write the wrong code I´m not allowed to do anything. I some times writes down the wrong code just to see if I´m allowed to continue :-) So far I have always been stopped by the security system of the bank. But if I would be allowed to continue I know that something is wrong :-)

I´m always alert!
Have a great day now!

ana_didi said...

Christer Good morning!
This bank doesn't agree with your choice of browser is very insolent. You do well to say a few truths to it, even if only in your head :)
Pictures delicious as always!
In the photo of the strange yellow mushroom, green plants beside him ... what name?
I want to see this plant more closely and I don't find in Google because I don't know the name.
The day that I clean up that camera, I'll take pictures for you to see the mechanism of it, is very interesting :)

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Didi!
Now I see that I have called Andrea Didi :-) :-) I´m sorry about that!

I got a bit annoyed to be honest. If they have a web site it should take all kinds of browsers!!

That plants is a moss. We have several different kinds here and I think that one is the most common and can be found everywhere. I´ll try to remember to take a special photo on that one next time!

I´m looking forward to see the mechanics of that camera :-)

Have a great day now!

ana_didi said...

Hi Christer,
Thats ok :) Didi... Dedea (the nickname of Andrea) maybe have a similar sound for you :)
You're right, the sites are often poorly made, unprepared, not professionals. But the way you said it was great fun :)
The problem with mosses and mushrooms is that they are a very large family ... I'm lost!
Soon I shot the photos of the machine, I confess I am afraid the damage that salt did it. I even thought about donating to any collector or museum of photography.
I like her very much but I think it's a pity stay here spoiling. This machine should not be rare, but it's still a pity.
Some time will look into photography museum and think about the case.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

hi christer...ahhhhh, the portal is about to open again! my favorite time of year! i could live somewhere where it is dark all the time. i am the opposite of most people. i really hate sunlight! maybe there is some vampire in me. i would like to meet the person who likes to pay bills. i don't know that one exists. my sunflowers look pretty much like yours right now. we are supposed to get rain but i will believe it when i see it. i have plants which i have had since i redid my gardens in 1990 and they died this summer. no matter how much i watered i could not keep up with the drought. they were talking about the stink bug invasion on the national news this morning. apparently they have invaded 29 states so far and are still spreading! ugh! joyce

oldblackcatboo said...

Are those Daisies!? No, it can't be, maybe something that looks like a daisy.
I use a credit union for my banking. I have to put in a password, verify a photo, and then answer a question online. It can seems like a lot to go through but it does make me feel safe. Also it's only a block from my work and my employer has his business account there so I can deposit the full amount of my paycheck immediately. I hate banks, I used to work for a bank and I could go on and on about them but I don't want to get in a bad mood! LOL!
Take care! I have to get back to cleaning now! - Cindi

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I love the photo's taken even when it is dark because that is exactly what you are seeing.
Seeing your pictures I can almost feel that the cold and snow is on it's way.
California ALWAYS gets bright. Even when it is winter...and the tree's, at least many of them, are bare of leaves...the sun shines.
I love rainy weather and look forward to it, but right now we are in a heat wave! 107 here yesterday. YES! 107!! My plants were I laid the hose on them and ran cool water to their roots. If I spray them they would fry just like an egg in a frying pan! So I just lay the hose on the ground and let it run very slowly to keep them from from crisping. *sigh*

Pillow cases? only have one pillow!! LOL

A craft book?? LOL Well, now THAT I can see.

Mele brings in all sorts of things on her long fur (which drags the ground as you know!) One day she came in, jumped up on my lap and a big spider just crawled out of her fur! My poor doggie and her spider both went sailing across the room in one direction and I went sailing across the room in the other. She brings in dead grass, twigs, and mud when she walks in the flower beds (which is every single day) It is her duty to patrol the yard and check behind every bush.
What a mess! So..yes, I can absolutely believe what two large dogs can bring in! You bet!
Take care, enjoy your tea and YOUR SEASONS! *Very HEAVY sigh!*

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

p.s. Your comment to your bank had me in stitches!!! Too funny, Christer!!!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Didi!
I think it was because she wrote Brazil and then my brain worked by its own :-) :-) :-)

I think that if You have some furniture polish on the camera it will hold better against the salt. I know how tough salt can be, I grew up by the ocean :-) Everything gets damaged by the salt I´m afraid.

Have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Joyce!
Yes, it won´t take long now until it´s open and the way to the magic kingdom behind it is closed again :-)

It´s funny, but I usually don´t mind the darkness during winter if I have a chance to see the sun during the day. But I never stay in the sun during summer :-) Then it´s enough to see it from the shadows :-) :-)

I am still having a hard time to understand how long You have had it this hot! It can´t be normal. The water we pour down to the plants evaporate just as quick as it gets on the ground.

I have read about Your stink bugs and I can say that I´m very happy that we don´t have it over here! It´s impossible to win against them when they are so many! I hope You at least can decimate their numbers!

Have a great day in the heat now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Cindi!
No, but it is a close relative to the Chamomile. But I just can´t get that name out from my brain :-) :-)

We have a little box that looks like a calculator where we put in codes and get other codes back. I feel safe about our system too, but I think Your´s sounded even safer!

Over here our paycheck goes directly in to our bank accounts, so we just get a paper that tells us how much we earned. The money is on my account already at 00:01 am that day.

I usually gets in a bad mood when talking about banks too. Legal organized crime is what it is! :-)

Have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Mona!
The only problem with dark photos is that some people actually can´t see anything on them :-) I noticed that when I looked at the computer at work.

I can´t believe it! 107 degrees?! That´s a temperature we never even reaches here during hot summers :-) :-) :-)

I have lots of pillows :-)

I decided long ago that I would never get a dog with long fur, even if they look wonderful :-) and I will never ever get a cat with long hair either. It was enough with the last cat I had with long hair :-) It took hours to get everything that stuck in his fur out of it :-) :-) :-)

I think I will tell my bank what i think about them one day :-) :-)

Have a great day in the heat, I´ll have one here in the cooler weather :-)

SharleneT said...

Lovely pictures, again, today... But, you can tell that Fall has come to your part of the world... We just had our first rainfall in weeks and it didn't last very long... it's always something for us gardeners, no?... enjoy your tea and stay warm...

Anja said...

Hejsan Christer!

Det syns verkligen att du tycker om dina omgivningar - du fotar dem så fint!/Anja

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Christer, the posted photos have me thinking that soon I will see falling and changing leaves at the Frog & PenguINN. But autumn is the most colorful time with so many yellows, reds, and other colors that it's OK with me.

Yes, you can never be too careful when doing online banking and bill paying and I also update my anti-virus programs often. Also there is a completely free one available from Microsoft called Security Essentials and the PC shop which recently repaired a problem with my notebook CD drive highly recommended it. I downloaded it an run it on my computers and so far no conflicts with Norton Internet Security program.

I use Internet Explorer. Tried Firefox, but decided not to keep it on my PC. Never tried any other ones.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Sharlene!
Yes, autumn has come for real now. Some trees has no leafs at all now and we´ve had frost again. I wish i could write we´ve just have had our first rainfall for weeks :-) But I can say that we´ve had sun for a long time today :-) :-) :-) I think I soon can plant water lilies in my sandy soil in the garden :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hejsan Anja!
Jag älskar att bo här :-) trots myggor, bromsar, blinningar, fästingar och älgflugor :-) :-)

Ha det riktigt gott!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Beatrice!
I just wrote a long answer to You and something got wrong (like it does really many times now days) and all disappeared!!!! Now I´ll try to post this answer for the fourth time!!! I´ll never give up :-)

Yes autumn really is the most colorful period of the year. Especially here since we have no "flashy" wild flowers neither on the ground nor in our trees. Autumn is so beautiful!

I haven´t heard about that program before. I must check it out! Another great anti virus program is Avast (it´s for free too). I had it for years on my old computer and it took some viruses now and again :-)

Have a great day now!