Saturday, February 13, 2010

It´s nasty cold outside mostly because of the strong wind. The smoke from the chimneys flies out horizontal insted of straight up :-) Teodor really wante to go out this morning despite the cold, but only few minutes later he started to shout so I could let him in. But it wasn´t from the door I heard the sound, it was from just outside my kitchen window a couple of meters up in the air (the same in yards) :-)

Today my dogs got to choose what way to walk and in to the woods they headed. We walked on the road that has some open fields by one side. Suddenly they stopped and just looked out on the field. I think the three mooses got as surprised as we did :-) I got the camera, but You know how digital cameras works. First it has to decide weather it wants to start at all, then it has to decide if it wants to get adjusted like I want and last but not least, it actully has to take the photo.

When all those stages had been done the mooses had run far away :-) But I did manage to make one of the photo´s big enough to let You see them. It´s not good but You can see them :-) To be honest we were all lucky that they decided to run away and not attack us. But since there were three dogs I think they thought it was best to run. Angry and scared mooses are really, really dangerous.

If the wind doesn´t slow down I think I´ll stay indoors all day :-) I´ll also see the olympic opening ceremony on tv, I prefered to sleep instead when they sent it live :-)

Have a great day now!

I wish I owned this old root cellar.


Anja said...

Hejsan Christer!

Själv försöker jag tänka 'katastrof-beredskapligt' (egetsnickrat ord;)!)dvs, ju jävligare desto viktigare att ignonera det - annars går man under.
Alltså jag pratar om vädret - ifall du undrade.
Jag försöker vara "hysteriskt" framåtblickande, tar 5 km promenader och intalar mig själv att det är sköööönt - jag får ju AD-vitaminer - typ! Jag springer på Berget och försöker bedöma om snödjupet har sjunkigt något - men, nej! Samma gamla 40 cm...
Nu känner jag - uppriktigt sagt - att - nä, för 17 - jag SKALL INTE SPRIDA MASS-MISS-MOD! NÅGONGÅNG måste det väl för h-te bli VÅR!/Anja

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Tjänare Anja!
Misstänkte att det var vädret du menade :-)

I vinden vi har idag är det svårt att intala sig att det äör skönt, när dessutom kamerans ovilja gjorde att jag inte fick någon bra bild på älgarna blev det riktigt illa :-) :-)

De säger att ju mer snö vi har, desto bättre skickar den ut värmen från solen ut i rymden igen. Men det kanske innebär att vi får en riktig vårvinter i år :-)
Ha det gott!

Anonymous said...

Where is the root cellar? Near your cottage? I like that picture of the Moose. They don't look angry. Not in the picture at least. Maybe after you snapped it they got scared. Most animals are jumpy around humans and dogs. I enjoyed the opening of the Olympics but have to say it was tainted, in my view, by the sad loss of the Luger from Georgia. That is a treacherous course and should be banned, in my opinion. They are now saying it was his fault. So if it is, why are they covering the steel beams with padding today? I will watch the competition later today and maybe make a big pot of chili to hold us for the weekend. It's raining here and all the fishing boats are in. I feel sorry for the snow birds who come down here each year to fish our waters. Well, hopefully they can party over at Disney. Enjoy your weekend. Is it the last one before surgery?

Barb and Steve said...

Hi Christer, I've heard that moose are dangerous to be around. Stay warm by the fire today!

Kat said...

Great root cellar! How amazing just to take a walk and then see moose. I fear Gracie would have taken off after them.

it's still so cold for you!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Z&M!
They had run far away when I finally got the chance top take the photo. So they had realised that we were no danger. Otherwise mooses can be really dangerous.

How on earth can they blame him?? He had lost control and if one does that the organisors must see the danger before anything happens!!

It was a bit embarrisoing that the forth thing didn´t rise though :-) :-)

I have the next weekend too, I´m heading for the hospital on Sunday.
Have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Barb!
Yes mooses can be really dangerous if scared or made angry. They kan kick all ways and they are really big :-) But mostly they run away if they hear anyone comming.

Have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Kat!
Yes I like that root cellar even if it needs repairs now. It´s just a few yards away from my home and I pass it every day on the walks we take.

Thankfully my dogs doesn´t have the feeling for hunting. Unexperiensed as they are three mooses would easily injure and perhaps kill them. But huntingdogs knows how to handle them though.

Yes, it´s certanly to cold for me :-)
Have a great day now!

NinaVästerplana said...

Jag tänkte först.... men kan han inte ha veden i garaget o ta in lite i taget.... då slog det mig. Nä! Det är ju just det du inte kommer o kunna! Du kommer o behöva ha hemtjänst ett tag efter operationen hörru ;-)
Så typiskt katter o klättra upp för o komma ifrån den kalla, otäcka snön, tur du hörde honom....
Jobbar du nästa vecka också? Du verkar ju annars o ha en del o göra med förberedelsearbetet hemmavid.
Ha´t himla gôrgôtt

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

We saw moose when we were on our trip in Idaho. Huge things. We were staying in a camp ground, in the winter, and when we got up in the early morning, one was standing out in the water not far from our little motorhome. The camp host had made friends with one of them and it came in the evening right into his camp. I love animals but not when they are wild.

What on earth was Teodor doing up on that ladder?

The root cellar looks interesting. When we lived in Oregon our root cellar was right under the house. Even the shelves were dug into the dirt with boards laying on them.
Happy Valentine's Day to you too, Christer! :)

Have you found out what day your surgery is yet?
Stay warm,

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Tjänare Nina!
Det skulle dock vara en syn att se mig balansera ett tio kilos paket på huvudet när jag går med kryckor i snön :-) :-) :-)

Modern kommer att vara hos mig ett tag, men skall jag vara ärlig behövs det ingen hemtjänst om jag mår lika bra som förra gången. Mådee hur bra som helst och var igång lite för mycket på grund av det då :-)

Ja inte har jag råd att stanna hemma en vecka inte bara för att förbereda det här. Det blir magert nog som det blir ändå senare :-)

Ha det gott!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi MOna!
It´s those that sort of becomes friends with people that are the dangerous ones. Mooses are unpredictical. Hughe and beautiful though.

Teodor wanted my attention. If I stand by that window and he wants to get in, he simply climbs up the ladder and shouts :-) It happens that he also climbs up the outside wall to other windows where I am and shouts there too :-)

Most older root cellars over here is placed a bit from the house, some very far from the homes, but close to the field were for instance they had grown their potatoes. But I know a few places that has them like You had.

Yes on monday 22/2, almost only a week left now :-)
Have a great day now!