Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It was to dark to take any photos today, so these are a mix of old ones. I have no idea if I´ve shown them before :-)

It´s tough times for the wild animals now. Even if they are fed on many places some just stops and dies. Like the hare I found this moring by my garage (for those not knowing what a hare is, it´s like a rabbit but two or three times as big). There wasn´t a single mark of battle against any wild animal and no blood. It just lay there on its side looking very peaceful. The sad thing is that even if You find them before they die and tries to give them something to eat, they won´t touch it. It´s like they new that it will go faster if they just sit down and wait.

Well, if I had been a B- novelist (I´m not sure if there is a word like that, But there are b-movies so why not call less good books for b-books :-) ), I would have enough of stuff to write at least two novels. A dead hare beside the garage can mean a lot :-)

Can You see the rainbow? It was ice crystals flying around in the sky that the sun used to make it.

Since the end of the world films are quite popular nowdays I can think how this hare could be the reason for another of those stories. For instance this hare could be the start of a world wide plague ( I think rabbit fever can give us humans problems too). No one understands where from this plague comes and as a last resors they call in the stunningly handsome young scientist and misunderstood genius. He has to lead a team of other scientists that all are jealouse of him, all but one that is. That person is his ex. Can You see the problems that gives?!

At the moment the Young genius is laughed at because he has this idea that the next plague will come from, not birds or pigs, but from hares :-) :-) Naturally half way through the book he then finds out about a lot of dead hares that they all have forgotten to tell him about. Now his genius really shows and he starts to find a cure. This is much harder than he thought because they have to find the first dead hare ( it´s always something isn´t it :-) ) in this village naturally, that ofcourse the lokal nut head has saved in his freezer.

After a while he starts to talk nicly to his ex and they find that their arguments were based on a misstake and a new romance is starting between them. Comming this far I´m not sure about the ending. Americans like happy endings but we Europeans do like sad endings even more I think. So either he gets saved by his ex just when a jealous colleague tries to kill him and shortly after that he finds the cure for the plague.

Or he almost finds the cure when the jealous colleague does kill him, believing he already has found the cure and tries to steal it. His ex then takes over and finds the cure but in deep sorrow jumps from a bridge! I like this ending :-)

But what about the other novel You ask. Well that one I´ll save to another day when I have nothing to write about :-)

Have a great day now!


jaz@octoberfarm said...

hi christer....after your book becomes a hollywood sensation, will you still remember your original blog friends? hehe!!!! it is just starting to snow here. we walked down the street last night and took the funicular down the mountain to go to a restaurant to eat. it was the first time in 4 days we had been out of the house. the sidewalks were so bad we could hardly walk. the roads are awful. and now starts more. i am very happy with this winter!!! joyce the crazy snow person!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Joyce!
I´ll never forget my original blog friends :-) :-)

So You have a funicular! I´ve always wanted to go on one of those :-)

Well I guess my complaining days over the snow is over now :-) Our snow came atlkeast over several days :-) I´m glad I know You always makes food, then I don´t have to worrie that You´ll be without!
have a great day in the snow! :-)

Anonymous said...

Do we really have to hear about the 2nd novel? Isn't boring us with the first one enough? hehehe. I love to kid you. I'm very sorry about the hare dying but I don't understand why they wouldn't take the food, if offered. Why they do not have a fight for life like most animals. It seems to me that if they did eat the food, chances are good more would be there daily until winter is over. This is how we are treating our ferrel cats here in Florida. Five of them now sit quietly on my sidewalk waiting for me to leave food in dishes every morning when it's cold. This morning they sat looking at me from a distance and in record time raced to the food dishes once I closed the door. They were starving, I guess. I would think the Hares would act the same. Have you tried to feed them?

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Z&M!
It all depends if I remember this the next time I don´t know what to write about :-) :-) I actully thought of a third one :-) :-)

It seemes when they have come to a certain level they just shut down. My neighbour has tried to feed some that died the day after (well they didn´t all show up on the same day if You know what I mean :-) ). All other animals like deers and birds and such eats villingly when we put out something, but not hares. Strangly enough no hare has been eating anything in my garden either this winter and there´s plenty for them to eat there like twigs from the bushes. Perhaps rabbit fever has come to the village? so that they already are really sick? But this one looked really healthy to be honest, clear eyes and really nice fur. It´ll be a hare free spring I´m afraid if this continues.

great that You feed those cats! Out here all stray cats gets adopted on the farms. They like the cats there so they don´t have to use rat poisson.
Have a great day now!

rox said...

just gorgeous !

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Rox!
Can´t but agree :-) I wish I could like it more when being outside :-) :-)
Have a great day now!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Ok. It's hard to call it the great Swedish novel. In America we call it the great American novel and all writers dream of a best seller and a movie deal. Ah well.
Say, stranger things have happened.

It was coolish today..but comfortable. Planted a rose bush in the front yard. My forth one since I moved it. six trees and four rose bushes! :) The winter pictures are lovely, as long as I don't have to live it it. It's just so pretty!! :)
Thanks for throwing in a photo of the animals...old or not.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Mona!
Over here we are more talking about the great generation novel, the one that comes once in a generation. Well, even if what I wrote is terrible exiting I hardly think it would become that :-) :-) :-)

I would have to use dynamite to get able to plant anything here now :-) :-) The ground is deep frozen for at least one yard down :-)

Have a great day now!