Friday, October 1, 2010

I sort of has difficulties deciding on what to write about today. There are thousand of things I can write about but I just can´t make up my mind :-) I could write about the weather, but You all already knows that it´s getting cooler and that we´ve had rather many mornings with frost here already. One good thing with the frost is that almost all mosquitos and moose flies now are gone :-)

But why not start with something that really annoys me :-) I ordered some lily bulbs some time ago even if I know the lily bugs most certainly will destroy them sooner or later, but they did look good on the photos I saw :-) Now they have arrived but not to the closest post office!! No they have sent them to a place on the other side of the county??!! Now I´ll have to drive several miles extra to get them home so I can plant them in my garden. How on earth do they think??

You know the huge problem we had at work? I wasn´t supposed to have anything to do with it since the big boys in the union took over. Naturally I have been involved rather much since then :-) I had hoped that we would come to a result today, but now it seems it will go all the way to the courts instead. I´m not looking forward to that at all. I´ve met and like all persons involved in this but I really only knows very little about this but both sides has told me more than I really wants to know, if You understand what i mean. Well I know this can happen so I´ll better see this as good experience for the future.

Since I really can´t do anything more I´ve decided to forget the whole story until that day I might be called to court. So now there´s a fire in the stove and soon I´ll make a cup of tea and some evening food. I´m thinking of making hot sandwiches with lots of cheese :-) I bought a new kind of cheese yesterday and I can´t decide wether I like it or not :-) It has a strong taste but sort of odd :-) perhaps it´ll work better as warm than cold? Some cheeses are like that, meaningless and sort of anonymous as cold but with a strong character when mixed in food.

We haven´t see Bertil for almost tw days now, but he met us on our way home today. As You can see Hector got happy to see his little friend again :-) I really had problems getting any photo in here today at all! I´m getting tired of Blogspot now I´m afraid!

It´s SciFi night at channel six today, my favorite TV day :-) I´ve always wondered if there is life on other planets and I have always wanted to be able to travel there. To go where no man gone before :-) I love that they now have started to find planets orbiting around other stars, but unfortunately they all have seemed to big or/ and to far from their suns to have a chance to have any life. That is until now actually. Astronomers now says that they finally have found a planet much like our Earth. Just the right size at just the right distance from its sun. I want to go there :-)
Have a great day now!


jaz@octoberfarm said...

hi christer...i am glad bertyl returned! they finally determined that teddy had a bladder infection. that is why she kept getting the high fevers. so far, she has been fine thank heavens. it was this time a year ago when she was so sick. what kind of cheese did you buy? i love all kinds of cheese, the stinkier the better! enjoy your sandwiches! joyce

Valerie said...

Me too it all!

Love, love, love me some cheese! I really like blue cheeses...the stronger (stinkier, like Joyce said!) the better.

And I would so love to go visit the "goldilocks" planet. Speaking of which, did you know that "flaxen-haired beauties" was actually a term coined to describe Scandinavians? At least that's what I learned when I googled the phrase yesterday to describe my daughter. Which I suppose she is! Both flaxen-haired and part-Scandinavian!!!

Poor sunflower. He's about done-for in your cold climate. They are still blooming strong here in Kansas!

Enjoy your cheese, tea, and SciFi!


P.S. If you need anything else to help you "warm" up, drop by my blog and check out our summer beach pictures! LOL

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Joyce!
I don´t want to lock him in, he would hate it and me then :-) But its always worrying when he doesn´t come home at least at night. But he may be small, but very tough so i think that he can handle a fox if he meets one.

Bladder infections can be horrid! Not strange she felt so bad! I do hope she doesn´t get it back again!

It´s a new cheese to me (even if it says on the package that it is an old variety) called Sjuhärad. That would be Seven districts in english. I must try it warm so I´ll know if it´s worth buying again :-)

Have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Valerie!
My favorite cheese is actually a danish one called Havarti. It smells so bad that it is impossible to have it in the fridge :-) One time when I lived in Gothenburg I placed it on the balcony when it was cold enough. But I had only had it there for a day when my neighbor knocked on the door and said that I must have a dead pigeon on the balcony because it smelled so bad :-) :-) :-) But that cheese must be eaten cold, otherwise the taste becomes disgusting :-) :-)

No I had no idea that it came from over here :-)Google is a great source of knowledge :-)

I´ll pop over to You shortly!
Have a great day now!

Anonymous said...

Well Christer, when you go to that newfound distant planet please take the dead Sunflower with you. I think we've all had enough of this Sunflower for one year. I should remind you that while I served in Labor not one ever went actually to court. They all settled out of court. It probably happens as much over there. Big scare and when you sit there knowing you could lose all in front of a Judge or Jury people start negotiating in good faith. Not one of mine ever got to the courthouse steps but some came close. Bertil has a big butt!

oldblackcatboo said...

I think you are right not to think about the labor problem until the time comes to tell your story if you have to. Put it out of your mind if you can. Now me personally? I'd fret about it forever! Ha!
I'm so glad Bertil is safe and sound, I let my cats out for one summer a couple of years ago and one disappeared for a month and 3 days!
I had signs and flyers all over the place and ads in 2 newspapers! Finally he was found in the next city over. I wish he could tell me the tale of his adventure! (I had him micro-chipped so that's how they got him back to me)
Take care, Cindi

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Christer, the mushroom photos are coming, possibly later tonight if I get in the posting mood. We finally have great internet connections once we sitted to a different hotel. Today was an all day rain, so we went driving to find out next accomodations and glad we have that settled when we leave here and head further down the Maine coast this coming Monday.

Sometimes posting photos can create problems. We do notuse the Blogger editor and use Windows Live Writer and also Live Photo Gallery (Microsoft) for some basic editing functions. And you can post directly to your blog. It can also be irksome at times, but works well..most of the time.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Z&M!
You never know with other planets, sunflowers might be toxic for life over there :-) :-) So I´m afraid that sunflower will be photographed many more times until it´s all dead and gone :-) :-)

It´s the same here, almost no go to the court. But this time it´s really close to happen. Well, nothing I can do about it so now I´ll just sit and wait to see what´s happening.

Have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

But I have to say that nothing is big on Bertil :-) :-) He only weighs four pound :-)

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Cindi!
I´m good at pushing away bad things in my head :-) Especially since this is work related and I never think of work on my free time :-)

My cats are born outside and has always been outside, even during winter so they would go nuts and drive the rest of us that way too :-) :-) if I forced them to stay indoors all day. So all I can do is hope for that nothing happens to them while being out in the wild.

Have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Beatrice!
Internet connections can really drive one mad :-) I remember in the beginning when I was connected via the telephone, as soon as someone called me on the phone the internet connection died :-) :-) :-) But now days I have to say that it is mostly excellent.

I´ll have to check those to things out! If I think that it will work ok I´ll try it, otherwise I´ll leave Blogspot. It´s so annoying when things that used to work great is changed and then doesn´t work at all!

Have a great day now!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

What is happening with your blogspot account. Why can you not download the photo's. They have a new system of doing that what your are having trouble with? Or is it something else.
I had a blogger friend that took the time to send me explicite directions ...and I am delighted with Blogspots new way of posting photo's. Let me know

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Mona!
It is the new system that doesn´t work as it should. They tried it here before and then it worked great. But now it stops downloading the photo half way through or it can take ten minutes to download one photo!! So I do know how it works, when it works :-) :-)

Have a great day now!