Saturday, October 2, 2010

I have downloaded Live writer in to my computer and have spent the last two hours to try to figure out how to use it! They show how to add the blog but the picture they show doesn´t look like it does on my computer at all!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don´t have that kind of toolbar anywhere!!!!So how on earth do they mean I´m going to use this writer??????  I click on every guide line there is to ge started but nothing happens and there is absolutely no help to get. I hate when this happens! So later today I´ll start a blog on WordPress just in case this place drives me even more nuts than it has already :-) :-)
I woke up in the best of moods today, but Windows Live writer really changed that to quite the opposite!

Migrating geese.

It was quite cloudy and dark here this morning. But that has changed to windy, sunny and clear blue sky now.

I found a rather fun article in the newspaper this morning. I think You all know that it is in Sweden the Nobel prizes are given, but did You know that the Harvard University gives away the IgNobel prize every year? It gives no money nor honor and when You first read about this it´s rather fun, but when comming to think of it this can actually be worth knowing in the long run.

This year the prize in mathematic is given to Italian scientists that by a mathematical model found out that organisations actually works best if promotion is given randomly :-) That does show that all those expensive recruitment practices is totally unnessecary :-)

The Peace prize is given to English scientists that has found out that swear words actually can give pain relief and the Medicine prize were given to those that showed that a ride in a roller coaster reduced the sensaion of breathlessness when You have asthma. Well the last one could perhaps be useful if one is near a roller coaster. But come to think of it, if You have a small child suffering from asthma it could help to play roller coaster by lifting and sinking the child rapidly in th air.

Two seconds after I took this photo a big red fox walked out on the road n front of us. It saw us and ran away before I even go a chance to lift up my camera. So You´ll have to believe me when I say that it was very beautiful.

Earlier prizes has gone to a swedish scientist for his studies of the farts of herrings :-) It was the army that heard a strange sound when they were listening for foreign submarines in swedish waters :-) So they hired a scientist to find out what it was they heard :-) :-) One won the prize since he showed the beat way to make a comb over :-) :-) Someone has also won it for showing how we can make frogs float in the air by using magnets  and one because he or she showed how to make a mouth protection from a bra :-) :-)

There is probably lots more to know if You search on IgNobel on the internet :-) The prize award is held every year in an auditorium at Harvard and hosted by the humoristic magazine "Annals of Improbable Research". I think this prize beats the Nobel prize in every way :-)

It´s a cold morning over here so I have a fire in the stove and I´m already on my third cup of tea this morning :-)
Have a grea day now!


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Christer, so sorry to read about your battle with Windows Live Writer (dead writer for you said Grenville). I am at a loss to figure out the problem because I do have a toolbar on my program. One thought is could it have anything to do with using a browser other than Explorer (which we use) but that is only a long shot guess. Live Writer does have its quirks and frustrations for us, but I am able to get it to work for my posts. Perhaps fellow bloggers have a solution?

Glad you enjoyed the shroom photos and I had such fun doing them to post.

The last few photos were my favorite today.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Beatrice!
Grenville is absolutely right :-) :-) I laughed out loudly when I read that :-) :-)

I too was thinking it might have to do with the browser so I looked in explorer too, but unfortunately no difference at all. I just can´t figure why I didn´t get that tool bar when I downloaded the program?!

My favorite photos today are the little creek and the straw of grass :-)

Have a great day now!

Anonymous said...

Isn't that the Harvard Lampoon? I gave up on them when they made Linda Lovelace their Homecoming Queen. Well a RED Fox eh? Now that would have made my day. How big was it? I'm still having problems with blogger so not sure I will do anything drastic soon. My wife, the artist, over at Zoolatry is looking into it as it hasn't affected her blog and she uses ten times the photos I use. Must be something new they introduced. Now I'll go search for IgNobel Prize. Maybe there is one out there for me.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Z&M!
I can´t say if that is the Harvard Lampoon, it didn´t say anything about that in the article.

The fox was rather big, but smaller than Hector that weighs around 90 pound. I just saw it for two seconds before it was gone again :-)

Yes it must be something new. I can´t find any place to change it back to the old either, so I thought that Live writer would be a good thing to try. But that doesn´t work at all in my computer and I just can´t figure out why!

Have a great day now!

Kat said...

Your pictures today have a look of fall about them. I'm sure that fox was amazing. I know how excited I am whenever I see one around here. They too are red but not very big.

I really like WordPress even though I was forced to relocate. It has stats so I know which songs are being uploaded the most, and the music player is a breeze to use. I liked Blogger, but I'm happy in my new home.

caryn said...

Hi Christer,
Regarding Live writer, perhaps your initial download was defective. Can you dump it and download again?
The IgNoble awards sound like another award that a US senator gave out that was supposed to point out the many useless research projects that suck up our tax money. It wasn't supposed to be funny but very often was. He would probably have given one to the herring fart research project not realizing that the Navy does need to know what mysterious sounds are in case they are not friendly.
I love the sound of migrating geese overhead and seeing the long skeins of birds traveling across the sky. It seems so prehistoric.
Warm sun and cool breeze here today. Too nice to stay in and sand the walls but that's what I have to do. Have a great day.

caryn said...

PS: I went to the Ig Noble site. Quite a number of the prize-winning projects sound very interesting and I foresee many hours of technical reading ahead. I'm particularly interested in the one about collecting whale snot with a remote controlled helicopter and the one about making diamond film from tequila. I want to know which tequilas make the best diamonds because apparently not all tequilas will work. :-)

Robin Larkspur said...

Haha! the farts of herrings, and floating frogs!! How ignoble, indeed! Sorry you missed the photo of the fox, that would have been splendid. As always, beautiful pictures, and you make me smile! thanks!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Kat!
I feel they sort of has a sad feeling about them too, but that had nothing to do with me though. I was in an excellent mood until I started with Live Writer :-) :-) :-)

Next time I´ll see that fox I´ll be prepared :-)

I have really liked this place too, but now something new stops working as it should almost every day. Like now for instance, this is the second time I have to write this because of the now well known ERROR 505!!
I´ll give Blogger a couple of more days, but if things doesn´t change I´ll move!
Have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Caryn!
I think this Prize is much better than the Nobel prize :-) :-) But I had never heard about that Senator :-)

I too liked that whale snot collection :-) :-) But for some reason they hadn´t written about the tequila and diamonds. I must go there and read some more myself :-) :-)

It´s been rather cool and sunny most of the day here so we have taken lots of walks in the forest today, but it has been very nice to come home to a warm home again :-) :-)

Have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Robin!
It was a secret why he did research about the sounds in the beginning since it was the military that payed the bill. So most people looked upon him as a nut case :-) :-) :-)

It was a really beautiful fox but I only saw it for a couple of seconds. My dog Hector used to play with a young fox a couple of years ago, so he thinks all foxes must love him. So when he ran towards that fox it disappeared quickly :-)

Have a great day now!

SharleneT said...

So, it's a Windows app? Hope you can work it out... I hate when that happens, after you've put in so much work... I keep planning on going over to WordPress but just haven't had the time to invest in it... do have the website, so it's just getting cracking... gonna have to look into those awards, too! thanks for sharing... enjoy your fire and your tea...

jaz@octoberfarm said...

hi christer...the ignobels sound much less boring than the nobels! i grew up in a place called fox chapel so i love foxes. computers sure can be frustrating when they don't cooperate. beautiful pics again! joyce

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Sharlene!
It is so annoying!! It seems something failed when downloading the files, because I can´t find it in my computer!

I already have an account on Word Press so I don´t have much work to start the blog to be honest.

Have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Joyce!
You are so right, much much funnier :-)

What a beautiful name for a place to be called!

Computers are really fantastic and usually they work real good, but when they start to mess around I just hate them :-)

Have a great day now!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

hey christer...i forgot to ask you if the cheese was better warm? i am always so curious about different cheese. what did this one taste like? i am not too familiar with swedish cheeses. i know of gjedost, i think i spelled that wrong. and i love havarti especially havarti with caraway seeds. but havarti danish? and have we had this conversation before? it is sounding familiar. i have too much food on my brain!

oldblackcatboo said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the helpful comment! I have to wait until Monday to find out if I can get the financing that I need...I think I will get a laptop, possibly the Apple if I can get the cash.
If you move to Wordpress, please leave a link so that I can find you! You know how dense I am about these computer problems!
I love the photos! I too wish you catch a photo of the fox, hopefully next time. This morning I saw the huge hawk at my work place has returned....he comes every year (I'm assuming it's the same one) and watches the "little" dogs while I watch HIM!
Take care! - Cindi

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Joyce!
Well, sort of better :-) The taste got some stronger and I like that. But I can´t for my life say what they taste is like :-) :-) This cheese reminds some of a cheddar, it has the same texture and almost the same taste but not quite as good.

You almost spelled that right, getost. I love goat cheese but it´s not especially many of us that does :-) Its much more liked in Norway.

Yes Havarti is a danish cheese. The danes can really make great cheese! Danbo is another slightly more mild cheese that reminds much of Havarti.

I think that we actually have had this conversation before or was that with Valerie? :-) But I can talk for hours about cheese :-)

Have a good evening!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Cindi!
I wish I could have afforded an Apple! They are very expensive over here unfortunately. But internet companies usually offers computers to their costumers rather cheap (except for Apple computers then). I do hope You´ll find a way to get the money for a new one (and a better one than I got! It has had problem since I bought it)

Hawks are so beautiful! Over here my neighbors looks after eagles that can try to catch small dogs and cats if they get the chance. But during the ten years I have lived here I have only seen one eagle, a young Golden eagle.

have a great day now!

NinaH said...

Hm.. Moving your blog...?.... Hope one can find you anyway....
Hope also that thing at work will work out well... for you....
Tihi... ´bout that IgNobel prize! ;-)
Have a nice end of your week end- you & your animals!;-)

decareis said...

Hello Christer, okay?
I have not had much time to come to the net and I have not read his blgue, a pity!
Even more, I'm angry because my blog walk driving me crazy! heheheheeh
I believe in beautiful fox, because long ago I saw a beautiful cross in front of the car, it was night and the lighthouse car she appeared beautiful, red and assustanda running on the road! heheheheeh
Good night!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I have AOL and I am scared silly to even stray the tiniest bit. I get mad at them..but on the other hand...I stay..for 13 years now.
Explorer keeps inviting me to use them as my home like knowing where I am and where to go for help.
I hope you get your problems solved.
The rest of what you wrote...lost me.. :) but for me, that is not uncommon. I was one of those that didn't read comic books when I was a child, I just looked at the photo's and made up my own stories in my head. That could probably stand a bit of analyzing. Doesn't bother me at all. Great photo's and I totally believe your story of the BIG RED FOX!! :) I do! :)

And...just so you know..I put your name in the GREAT pumpkin! The prize is going to Australia I think. I haven't heard from the winner as won't get her prize off to her until I get an address!
Enjoy your 4th cup of tea...and have a great day!!!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Nina!
I will of course leave a link on this place to the new one :-) I have already put some photos there just to see how things work and will continue to try out that place before I eventually moves.

Yes, I really like that prize :-) :-)

Have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Andrea!
I have had big problems to download my photos to the blog lately so I am rather annoyed by now!. But it seems that we are many having problems now.

We have lots of foxes here, but I have never been able to take a photo of any of them :-) :-) :-) They are so beautiful!

Have a great day now!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

HI Mona!
I like to test new places here on the Internet, but when they start to disagree with what I want it drives me crazy :-) :-) :-)

I had never heard about that prize before, but yesterday I could read about it all over the different medias :-)

I really hope that I can take a photo of any fox at least one time :-) :-) I often see them on my way to work, but it is a bit to dangerous to take photos and drive at the same time :-) :-) :-)

I hope the winner will contact You soon then! Congrats to her :-)

Have a great day now!

decareis said...

Hello Christer
I also have had problems with the blog, first he made a lot of confusion with my original text and yesterday, there was no way it put the picture correctly!
A pity!
Have a nice day!
Today, here, tivevemos a night of heavy rain and wind, I think the the day did not improve!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Andrea!
I haven´t had the text problem here, but I´m just waiting for it to happen! They have changed the way to download photos and also how to make it bigger. If You click on the photo when You have downloaded it to the blog it looks like normal where You can make it bigger or smaller.

I think we had storm winds here tonight, it sounded like that anyway. But now the sun shines :-)

Have a great day now!