Monday, August 23, 2010

I have shown photos from the ruins of the convent in Gudhem before, but I do like that old ruin.

I´m late as usual on mondays :-) I don´t know why but I always am nowdays :-) I haven´t even eaten anything since I came home almost three hours ago so this will be a short blog today.

It has been one of those days when time has just flown away. It didn´t start to well since I had driven rather far on my way to work when I realised that my wallet still was at home and had to drive back again :-) But otherwise they day has been rather good. They say the sun shined most of the day too, but it was hidden by clouds when I finished work. Now they say heavy showers will dominate the comming day.

I went to the grocery store in Kvänum on my way home and they sold a new kind of peach and nectarine. They are almost flat and tastes delicious! There are kernels in them but they look very different, they are almost round and I have no idea if they´ll germinate but I just have to try it. If they do it´s not sure the fruit will look the same, but if they taste even close to these I don´t mind. I know that I´ve tried peaches and nectarines here before and that they sooner or later will freeze to death here. But this time I will have some in pots all year round, if they germinate that is :-)

The nunns had to have a guest house wether they liked it or not. At one time they had to many guests so they moved to a place far away :-) But they moved back ten years later. The cellar is still totally intact though but I never went down through the open door as You can see to the bottom right.

Have You ever seen peaches and nectarines looking like this before?

Well it´s time for some food and a pot of tea now.
Have a great day!

My tea pots. I wasn´t looking for any special kind of tea pot so the left one fits me perfect just because it´s so big. The right one I thought was so uggly that I just had to have it :-) :-)

But I do like this coffe pot! I saw it through the window the last week of my vacation and hoped it would still be there when I could get there again. It´s swedisg china and the maker is Rörstrand. If I turn the lid slightly to the right the lid stays when poring coffe.


Kat said...

Great old ruin. It reminds me of castles in Ireland with the same arches, one of the few still intact pieces. I like the bench so you can sit and take it all in.

Chris in the Emerald City said...

Hi Christer,

I have seen those peaches, but never tried one. They are Chinese flat peaches, also called Paraguaya or donut peach. Very interesting, I'll have to get some when I find them next. I just read that there is a variety sold by Stark Brothers called a Stark Saturn that is self-fruiting within three years.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I like those pots. They have character. Very nice. And you know I love the tour of all the castles. We don't have castles here so again, I so miss Europe. Nice variety today Christer.

Alen Trädgård said...

Vacker gammal ruin. Jag hade nog inte gått ner i den där källaren, skulle fått klaustrofobi direkt tror jag:) Underlig frukt har du köpt också, ser ut som om den är missbildad:)) Men huvudsaken är ju att den är god. Ha det gott/Monne

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I love the coffee pot with the roses...naturally!
I am surprise that you didn't climb down into that cellar as you are somewhat of an adventurer. Anyone who can walk out into the bogs on a foggy day...well...I'm just surprised is all! :)

I can almost feel the snow coming when I look at your photo's. They look cool...
Do you get Fall colors in Sweden?

It is hot and dry here and the temps will keep rising all week long. Right now it is only about 94 but by tomorrow it is supposed to be over they say..and who am I to doubt them!

I love the photo's of the old beautiful...and no, I have never seen fruit shaped like that before. Seen some odd shaped pumpkin's and squash..but never peaches and nectarines...very interesting!

I am off to catch up with you. I keep falling behind on so many of my bloggy friends..
Take care, Christer...
(did you see the fantastic dish Joyce made??? YUM! That woman can COOK!


Ann said...

Christer-Happy Monday-you may be late but you are always worth waiting for-enjoy the week and last days of summer-it is in the air here in New England-already of bit of color and the light and smells have changed-the wheel continues to turn. Angie

caryn said...

Hi Christer,
Love the tea pots. Your coffee pot reminds a little of an old one that my mother left. It's Royal Albert with the roses on it. Pretty common. I keep it filled with water and leave it on the living room window sill so that when I remember to water the plants there will be water available. Sometimes I remember, walk away to get the water and then get sidetracked by some other task and the plants don't get their drink.
The donut peaches taste wonderful, I think, especially when they are cold and the weather is hot. Right now the weather is cool, cloudy and drizzling sideways. That's okay because we really need the rain.
Have a great day.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

hi christer....those are great pots! the coffee pot s really nice. we do have those peaches and nectarines. the peaches are called donut peaches. i just saw them at the store this morning when i was grocery shopping. that convent is wonderful! i should would like to own land like that and incorporate those ruins into my grounds.we finally got a bit of rain!!! we need so much! joyce

Flourishment said...

Hi there, do you go to such places (like the ruins) as part of your job or is that something you do for fun? Just curious. You took some nice shots..

YES! Those are donut peaches/nectarines. I think I've even heard them called "Saturn" peaches or something. Aren't they fun?

Nice teapots. I know someone that collects teapots but never actually uses them. It's neat that you do use yours.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Kat!
It´s funny how always the arches stands when most of the rest has fallen. I do like the benches too!

Hi Chris!
I thought they came from Paraguay :-) :-) So that was the name on them :-) :-) They were really delicious! I hope that is right, about the self fruiting!

Hi Z&M!
I don´t think this has ever been a castle though. Just a veri big house with a church within its walls. But I really like old ruins!

Tjänare Monne!
Nä, jag får alltid för mig att dörren skall falla ned och jag bli inlåst :-) Visst ser den missbildad ut, men rackarns god är den :-)

The rest of You I´ll answer later.

Susie på Stjärnarve said...

Lycka till med odlingen - hoppas att dom växer och sätter frukt!
Här kan man ju odla persikor men jag har faktiskt inte ens försökt. Lite dåligt kanske!?

NinaVästerplana said...

Visst är klosterruinen i Gudhem vacker.... jag går nästan hellre runt där än i Varnhem. En enda av mina frösådda aprikoser lever ännu o ska få en plats i solen i höst!
Ha´t himla gôrgôtt

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Love your teapots (I have a weakness for them too) and love the photos of the ruins. I could picture gardens nestled into them.

Hope you are well dear Christer.

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Mona!
I saw that coffee pot and thought I had to have it :-) There were more but not of the same quality. I´ll try to find out how old it is.

It´s something with cellars that I just have big troubles with. I hate to go down there :-) Even my own cellar with lots of lights is a place I rather not visit :-) :-)

It is actually surprisingly warm here, or was because it is really cold and nas´ty weather outside at the moment. Bu I too thought these photos looked cold. I hope it gets a bit cooler over at Yours!

I think Joyce should try to publish a cook book!

Hi Angie!
Thank You :-)
The smells really signals autumn over here too and leafs are starting to get red and yellow now. I do hope for a long, warm autumn and very, very short winter this year :-)

Hi Caryn!
I think my coffee pot is quite common too, but that doesn´t matter :-) I have almost no pot plants since I always forgets to water them, so my coffee pot will be used for coffee :-) :-)
I opened up one of the peach kernels and there were two seeds in it. So hopefully I´ll have atleast one tree next year :-)

Hi Joyce!
First I thought it was something wrong with the peaches :-) But then I saw the price and understood it was something special. I had to pay 3,5 US dollars for four Donut peaches :-) The same price for the nectarines but they were more and smaller.
It would have been something to own a ruin like that :-) I can see the ruins with lots of roses and vines on it :-)

Hi Flourishment!
No, I work as a powder painter so this I did on mu spare time. I live close to a couple of old ruins. The area is filled with historic remains from the stone age and forward in time. They believe this is the cradle of Sweden. I will use my teapots :-) But I can understand if collectors doesn´t.

Tjänare Susie!
Jag har hittat fröer i en kärna som jag öppnade nyss, så det ökar ju chansen till att fån ett litet träd framöver :-) Det var ju någon här som sade att de läst att de sätter frukt efter i genomsnitt tre år! Inte dåligt alls, persikor är dessutom så otroligt känsliga mot krusbladssjukan så ibland är det lönlöst.

Hejsan Nina!
Visst är där vackert, men jag är förälskad i Varnhems klosterkyrka. Tycker den är så vacker. Har också en levande aprikos, men den är inte min längre :-)

Hi Sharon!
Imagine lots of climbing roses and different vines in that ruin! Would be beautiful!

Have a great day now You all!