Saturday, March 27, 2010

Now finally my snowdrops opens up their flowers. They are the only thing flowering here yet, so it´s good we have all the migrating birds to look at so we can feel that spring is on its way :-)

Today the weather forcast is quite accurate. Somewhat cold and rainy. It´s strange really because they usually gets it right when it comes to bad weather :-) But the rain eats the snow and ice rather fast so I think it´s ok even if I prefere sun and warm winds :-)

I never got around to walk to my mailbox yesterday, so I went there on our morning walk instead. I had gotten todays local morning paper to my surprise. We usually gets it when something big happens in Falköping, but I read it through thoroughly without finding that anything actully were happening in that town :-) Perhaps the paper was put in the wrong mailbox? Well I´ll probably never know, but it was a nice surprise to have the morning paper to read while eating breakfast :-)

There´s to much water in the creeks right now. Yesterday morning there were water where old Erna stands in this photo.
But the ice that stopped the water from flowing its natural way under the gravel road melted.

This rather cool and damp weather has made both me and my animals rather lazy. Hector is sleeping in my bed, Orvar just benieth the stairs in the kitchen, old Erna in the livingroom and my cats close to the stove where there´s a fire burning. I should really plants all ,y small tomatoe and tomatillo plants in seperate pots now, but I don´t have the energy for it. Come to think of it, I don´t think I have soil for it either :-) I think I´ll drive to the supermarket in Skara tomorrow and buy some.

All ditches were almost filled with more water than they could take.
I tried to go to the creek but as You can see the way was blocked with water. If I try to reach the creek from the other direction the roads are so muddy that I´ll have three brown dog when I come home :-)
But for now my only concern is to keep the fire burning in the stove. Perhaps make a pot of tea and to take a little nap too :-)

Have a great day now!


Alen Trädgård said...

Man blir så glad av att se snödropparna titta upp nu, har precis varit ute och skolat om lite plantor och innan jag gick in så gick jag en runda i trädgården och det är helt otroligt vad mycket som redan är på gång. Gulltörel,akleja, fänrikshjärta.............. Ha en bra helg/Monne

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Tjänare Monne!
tog också en runda för en stund sedan, men så mycket har inte hänt här. Lite nya blad av vivor och kanske några aklejablad, men inga krokusar eller så. Men det kommer :-)
Ha det gott!

Anonymous said...

Christer, how is the hip now, better? I see you are walking more even though the roads are soft. Don't chance a fall in bad weather. I'm sure it will start warming up over there soon. Have a great weekend.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Z&M!
I feel just fine in the hip area, so I do hope it is that too :-) They´ll x-ray it next month and then we´ll know for sure. But it does feel just fine.

I´m walking rather slow and takes many breaks during my walks and I do avoid places where I can get my feet stuck under so I fall again :-) :-) But I promise that I don´t take unnecessary risks!
Have a great day now!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

hi christer....your snowdrops bloomed. is almost summer!!! i have a few crocuses that have bloomed but nothing else yet. it is going to be very warm here by the end of the week so many more blooms will soon appear. have a relaxing weekend! joyce

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Hi Joyce!
Well, Í´m not sure about summer though :-) :-) Not a crocus in sight here and it´ll stay cool and rainy here so I´m not sure I´m going to see any for yet a while.

It´s almost to relaxing here at the moment :-)
Have a great day now!