Tuesday, October 2, 2018

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

So this is it.

It looks like someone has cut through the stem of the sunflower, but since everyone has been so careful not to break it before I think that it´s just the winds that has been to strong lately. 

So this is it, my last post on Blogspot. At least for this time. I have had a couple of blogs here on Blogspot, the first one when I started my gardencentre/nursery five years ago and I have always had smaller problems here, but no problems like I´ve had these last weeks. So Now I will be moving to a new blog with almost the same name (instead of writing Cranelake I by accident wrote Crane lake :-) :-)  ). I´ll put in a link in the end of this post to my new blog home.

It´s been a rather nice, cool sunny day here but the winds have been strong all the time. Our walk before the sun went down was both warm and cold. When we walked in the shadows I wished I was closer to home and when we walked in the sun I wished the day would never end :-)

I´m having a fire in the stove and a pot of tea by my side. The wind is howling outside and I feel that it will be nice sitting inside close to the stove listening to the wind and reading blogs on the computer. I feel a bit sad leaving this place but glad that I did find a new place with hopefully less problems loading my photographs. To be honest, my blog wouldn´t be much without them :-)

So now I say adieu from The cottage by the Cranelake and I wish You all welcome to The cottage by the Crane Lake instead :-)
I´ll start posting there on Thursday
Have a great day now!

Monday, October 4, 2010


By the way, I was wrong about how much I can download in that blog! It´s 3 GB, nothing else :-)
Just follow this adress and You´ll see my photos :-) :

The cottage by the Crane lake.

It is time to start thinking about Christmas now. Well not really Christmas but what photo I´m going to have on my Christmascards this year. Back in the days when i started doing my own cards, well i didn´t make them myself but I did choose the photo that they then put on the cards, I always choose the worst or most peculiar card I had taken during the year.

My first card had a photo of my green Citroen covered in snow on my parking space. Another showed our very, very green outhouse at our summerhouse, naturally covered in snow :-) I have had a blurry photo of my hotel room when I was in Paris and I have also had a photo of the inside of a street car :-) :-) These Christmas cards were so popular that when I stopped making them people got angry with me :-) :-)

But last year I had a rather good photo with mushrooms in it. I have had some bad photos taken this year, but not bad enough I´m afraid and I haven´t seen anything peculiar to photograph either. Well I still have time for that but it looks as if I have to use a good photo this year too. But as I said, there´s still time :-) :-)
Some of You that follow my blog and I have the addresses to will get one in the ordinary mail, but I will take a photo and show here for all you others out there.

I have also felt the urge to do any kind of crafts, like building a cupboard or a ship or something :-) :-) :-) Nothing of that will happen because I´m not especially handy to be honest :-) :-) :-) But there´s nothing much to don here in the winter when it gets dark already at 4:20pm. I am writing a little story for my nieces children though, but in the speed I´m writing it they will be grown ups before I´m finished with it :-) :-) :-) So I´ll better visit the closest crafts shop to see if they have something easy, yet funny to do during the dark winter nights.

But for now I´m happy with the fire that is burning in the stove and for the cup with hot tea I have here by the computer. Only Bertil is active, the rest of the animals is sound asleep somewhere in my little cottage.
Have a great day now!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I think we had storm strength on the winds last night. I could hear the roaring sound from the wind in the trees but since my cottage was sheltered by the forest the wind never reached my home. I love that sound especially when I´m falling asleep late at night. But I guess it´s a totally different thing if You live in tornado areas. Then I can imagine that the sound of storms are quite worrying.

They are cleaning out the ditches in the area. 

The entrance to the Forbidden Forest. I call this place so because this is the only place out here where I can feel that I´m not welcome. I did walk in there once and something made me feel really unpleasant. I tried to go in there one more time but I got the same feeling, so now I avoid to come even close to it.
This is one of the most delicious mushrooms You can find here! It´s the Hedgehog mushroom (in swedish it´s called Thorny mushroom). It has gotten its name because of the "thorns" You can see in this photo. They aren´t thorns really and falls of as soon as You touch them. It´s sooo delicious!

It´s still blowing quite hard outside so we went down to the creek as the road there also is sheltered by the forest. It was a cool morning and the sun was fighting its way through the clouds when we started our walk. Bertil didn´t follow us this morning, he had been out all night so he was sound asleep when I shut the door behind us. 

The sun broke through the clouds just before we were leaving the forest :-) I was hoping for that when we started our walk, because it´s a magical feeling down there when that happens in the morning.

We had almost reached the end of the creek in the forest when the sun finally broke through the clouds for real and after that it got quite pleasant when we walked out to the open fields. Just before we´re leaving the creek there´s a spot where the ground almost always is a bit muddy and lots of tracks from the wild life can be found. It has been rather dry here lately so I could only see one track from what I think came from a Red deer. It was slightly smaller than a track from a moose and a bit more slim, moose often spread their toes when walking so it can be rather wide.

This and the following photos were taken yesterday afternoon on our walk towards the bog.

I have made a new blog at Word Press now, but that doesn´t mean that I´ll start using it now though. I like how it works there but there´s one rather big problem for me since I show a lot of photos. I´m only allowed to use 1 megabyte for other things than text. That means that I barley can put in four photos every time I post something there. I could of course make several postings in a row to get around that problem. But as it is now I do hope the problems here at Blogspot gets solved soon!

I had not a single problem when downloading my photos today! It was done quickly too?! I do hope the downloading problem is gone now!

I have a fire in the stove, a pot of hot tea by my side, one cat (Teodor) sleeping on the kitchen sofa on the other side of the kitchen table and Orvar sleeping just behind the chair I´m sitting in. Hector sleeps upstairs in my bed and Bertil in the sofa in the living room. It´s a pleasant morning.
Have a great day now!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

I have downloaded Live writer in to my computer and have spent the last two hours to try to figure out how to use it! They show how to add the blog but the picture they show doesn´t look like it does on my computer at all!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don´t have that kind of toolbar anywhere!!!!So how on earth do they mean I´m going to use this writer??????  I click on every guide line there is to ge started but nothing happens and there is absolutely no help to get. I hate when this happens! So later today I´ll start a blog on WordPress just in case this place drives me even more nuts than it has already :-) :-)
I woke up in the best of moods today, but Windows Live writer really changed that to quite the opposite!

Migrating geese.

It was quite cloudy and dark here this morning. But that has changed to windy, sunny and clear blue sky now.

I found a rather fun article in the newspaper this morning. I think You all know that it is in Sweden the Nobel prizes are given, but did You know that the Harvard University gives away the IgNobel prize every year? It gives no money nor honor and when You first read about this it´s rather fun, but when comming to think of it this can actually be worth knowing in the long run.

This year the prize in mathematic is given to Italian scientists that by a mathematical model found out that organisations actually works best if promotion is given randomly :-) That does show that all those expensive recruitment practices is totally unnessecary :-)

The Peace prize is given to English scientists that has found out that swear words actually can give pain relief and the Medicine prize were given to those that showed that a ride in a roller coaster reduced the sensaion of breathlessness when You have asthma. Well the last one could perhaps be useful if one is near a roller coaster. But come to think of it, if You have a small child suffering from asthma it could help to play roller coaster by lifting and sinking the child rapidly in th air.

Two seconds after I took this photo a big red fox walked out on the road n front of us. It saw us and ran away before I even go a chance to lift up my camera. So You´ll have to believe me when I say that it was very beautiful.

Earlier prizes has gone to a swedish scientist for his studies of the farts of herrings :-) It was the army that heard a strange sound when they were listening for foreign submarines in swedish waters :-) So they hired a scientist to find out what it was they heard :-) :-) One won the prize since he showed the beat way to make a comb over :-) :-) Someone has also won it for showing how we can make frogs float in the air by using magnets  and one because he or she showed how to make a mouth protection from a bra :-) :-)

There is probably lots more to know if You search on IgNobel on the internet :-) The prize award is held every year in an auditorium at Harvard and hosted by the humoristic magazine "Annals of Improbable Research". I think this prize beats the Nobel prize in every way :-)

It´s a cold morning over here so I have a fire in the stove and I´m already on my third cup of tea this morning :-)
Have a grea day now!

Friday, October 1, 2010

I sort of has difficulties deciding on what to write about today. There are thousand of things I can write about but I just can´t make up my mind :-) I could write about the weather, but You all already knows that it´s getting cooler and that we´ve had rather many mornings with frost here already. One good thing with the frost is that almost all mosquitos and moose flies now are gone :-)

But why not start with something that really annoys me :-) I ordered some lily bulbs some time ago even if I know the lily bugs most certainly will destroy them sooner or later, but they did look good on the photos I saw :-) Now they have arrived but not to the closest post office!! No they have sent them to a place on the other side of the county??!! Now I´ll have to drive several miles extra to get them home so I can plant them in my garden. How on earth do they think??

You know the huge problem we had at work? I wasn´t supposed to have anything to do with it since the big boys in the union took over. Naturally I have been involved rather much since then :-) I had hoped that we would come to a result today, but now it seems it will go all the way to the courts instead. I´m not looking forward to that at all. I´ve met and like all persons involved in this but I really only knows very little about this but both sides has told me more than I really wants to know, if You understand what i mean. Well I know this can happen so I´ll better see this as good experience for the future.

Since I really can´t do anything more I´ve decided to forget the whole story until that day I might be called to court. So now there´s a fire in the stove and soon I´ll make a cup of tea and some evening food. I´m thinking of making hot sandwiches with lots of cheese :-) I bought a new kind of cheese yesterday and I can´t decide wether I like it or not :-) It has a strong taste but sort of odd :-) perhaps it´ll work better as warm than cold? Some cheeses are like that, meaningless and sort of anonymous as cold but with a strong character when mixed in food.

We haven´t see Bertil for almost tw days now, but he met us on our way home today. As You can see Hector got happy to see his little friend again :-) I really had problems getting any photo in here today at all! I´m getting tired of Blogspot now I´m afraid!

It´s SciFi night at channel six today, my favorite TV day :-) I´ve always wondered if there is life on other planets and I have always wanted to be able to travel there. To go where no man gone before :-) I love that they now have started to find planets orbiting around other stars, but unfortunately they all have seemed to big or/ and to far from their suns to have a chance to have any life. That is until now actually. Astronomers now says that they finally have found a planet much like our Earth. Just the right size at just the right distance from its sun. I want to go there :-)
Have a great day now!